AWW Issue 230 July/August 2023


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25 Years of Woodworking Shows
by Stan Ceglinski
Stan reminisces over the period he was involved with the major woodworking shows, his involvement with them demonstrating bushcraft skills and staging the Cross-cut Saw Race, and the colourful characters that he met and befriended.

A Class Apart … The International Moth Class Dinghy
by Ross Venner
Ross gives an overview of the almost 100 year history of the Moth Class and why it is still a popular choice for people building their first wooden boat.

Club Drumbeat
Goulburn Valley Woodworkers (Vic) grew from a local woodturning club, Grafton Community Shed (NSW) took over and expanded the premises of the Clarence Valley Woodworkers after that Club moved to a bigger building, and the Geeveston Community Workshop (Tas) was initially a Mens Shed.

Subscriber Giveaway
HNT Gordon & Co will custom make a Ringed Gidgee Curved Sole Spoke Shave for the winner of a subscription giveaway for The Australian Woodworker.

Women Makers Exhibit (Geeveston Tas)
This year’s Women Working With Wood Exhibition displayed work from women woodworkers across southern Tasmania’s Huon Valley. Sixteen women woodworkers paricipated in the workshop.

Australian Scroll Saw Network Exhibition 2023
The ASSN held another successful biennial exhibition, this time at the Hawkesbury Showgrounds at Clarendon (NSW) and hosted by the Hawkesbury Woodcraft Co-operative.

Let’s Make a Clock
A showcase of plans and parts available from suppliers for making your own wooden-cased clock or even a wooden-geared clock.

The Empower Programme
For over five years Shedding Community Workshop Inc has held hands-on workshops to share skills in carpentry and building. To disseminate information about how to run the workshops, Shedding is now offering an online course, Empower, to enable others to set up similar facilities in other localities.


Turning a Spinning Top
by Georgie Crossley
Wooden tops are fun to play with and they are an interesting and quick turning project. You can customise them in how you shape and decorate them. Georgie’s guide will get you started.

CNC Tips & Tricks Part 1 – Two-sided Machining
by Geoff Roy
When a workpiece has to be machined from both sides, there are tricks to ensuring that the machining is correctly aligned.

Needle Box
by George Hatfield
George describes the turning of a cylindrical box to hold sewing needles and similar items. Rubber O-rings are used to keep the top in place.

FJ Holden Scroll Saw Plaque
by Roger Jenkins
Use Roger’s plan to make a scroll sawn image of the iconic FJ Holden. The FJ is one of Roger’s growing collection of Australian scroll saw patterns for sale.

Why Are Epoxies Different? Pt 2
by Dave Giddings
In this installment Dave discusses epoxy glues, deep casting epoxy resin, coating epoxy resin, art epoxy resin and construction epoxies.

Bandsawn Christmas Tree
by Peter Kornek
Christmas trees are a staple at Christmas time but they don’t have to be large. Peter makes small table-top wooden trees bandsawn from Pine boards. Make some this winter so that you can use them yourself or give to friends and relatives when the Christmas season starts.

Cows in the Malanda Countryside (Pyrography)
by Judi Docen
Based in North Queensland Judi burns an image of local dairy cows in the paddock on a local species, Euodia. The timber was a change from her usual choice of Jacaranda.

Wooden Puzzle 19 – The Conic Section Puzzle
by Richard Collins
This is the last instalment in this series on wooden puzzles and presents what Richard considers to be his favourite design. Based on the conic section model known to ancient mathematicians, the Conic Section Puzzle is both attractive and difficult to solve, with a counter-intuitive means of unlocking the puzzle.

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AWW Issue 230 July/August 2023
AWW Issue 230 July/August 2023