AWW Issue 227 January/February 2023


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The World’s Largest Wooden Pendulum Clock
The story of Kevin Bird’s 5.8m tall 1.5 tonne wooden clock now housed in an ‘extra tall shed’ on a property in Nannup WA.

All Wood 1/4 Scale 1934 Morgan Super Sports Wheeler
Having presented his 1/4 scale MG TC Sports Convertible in AWW #182 August 2015, Wayne Nicholls has continued his model making. His latest effort is a 1/4 scale model of the unique-looking British-built Morgan 3-wheeler.

Studio Woodworkers Australia – A Celebration of Woodworking Craftsmanship
Studio Woodworkers Australia was incorporated in 2011 as an Australian association of professional designer makers.

Club Drumbeat
Eden Men’s Shed (NSW) provided a boost for the local community during the 2019-2020 bushfires and the COVID period; the Whyalla Woodies Incorporated (SA) occupy the old single men’s quarters for BHP employees; and the Bindoon Men’s Shed Inc (WA) undertakes a wide variety of projects for local organisations and businesses.

Gal & Natalie Mordehai – Marko & Marzie Designs
Young furniture designer makers, Gal and Natalie, have grown their hobbies and interests into a successful business with standard ranges and a custom service for larger pieces.

Championing Marquetry in Australia – The Marquetry Society of Victoria Inc
Founded in 1977 with a nucleus of members of the Marquetry Society of Great Britain, the Victorian Society has been promoting an interest in marquetry for over 40 years.

To Higher Ground …
by Patt Gregory, Principal of Woodwork for Women
In the aftermath of local floods, Patt closed her business and has now re-opened but with a much broader focus. Instead of just teaching woodwork to women, she is using her experience to teach others how to be successful teachers.

Hand Tool Preservation Association of Australia (HTPAA)
Started in 1983 and based in Melbourne, the HTPAA is involved with the National Trust’s Caine Tool Collection, an extensive collection left to the Trust in 1968 by Thomas Caine.

Championing the Triton – The Triton Owners’ Club of the ACT
Established in 1997, TOCACT is one of the few original Triton Clubs still operating as a Triton Club.


Wooden Puzzle 17 Introduction – Rotating Spheres
by Richard Collins
Richard’s puzzle for the next issue is a sphere. The identical hemispheres can be rotated but how can they be disassembled? Several different designs are explained.

More Box Lid Designs
by Lance Winters
In a follow-up to his article on making inlaid lids for jewellery boxes in AWW #222 April 2022, Lance describes five new designs and how to make them.

Turning a Slimline Pen
by Georgie Crossley
Wooden pens are great gifts and don’t require a lot of wood, making them perfect for using up some of your offcuts. Georgie describes the turning of a slimline pen.

Perpetual Calendars
by Geoff Roy
Geoff discusses the application and function of perpetual calendars and how many of the designs can be made in wooden form.

Dressing a Rocking Horse (Pt 3) – Applying the Hair Kit
by Gavin Robinson, Kangaroo Valley Woodcrafts
In this last installment on how to dress or refurbish your rocking horse, Gavin describes the steps involved in applying the mane and tail.

Make Your Own Electric Guitar
by Jake Davey
It would take more than a magazine article to discuss the full process of making an electric guitar, but Jake gives an overview in the hope that it will encourage readers to take on such a project.

Small Wonder (Rose Pattern) Pyrography
by Carolyn McCully
This image combines leaves, roses and a unicorn, each with its own set of challenges in outlining and shading.

Wooden Puzzles 16 – How Was It Made?
by Richard Collins
These puzzles represent a departure from Richard’s typical offering in that they do not come apart. However, they do present a conundrum – how were they made?

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AWW Issue 227 January/February 2023
AWW Issue 227 January/February 2023