AWW Issue 226 November/December 2022


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Damion Fauser – Master Furniture Maker
After 20 years in the armed forces as an officer in the Royal Australian Air Force, Damion pursued his interest in woodworking and now designs and crafts furtniture pieces that are intended to be the heirlooms of tomorrow.

The Other Side of Laurens Otto
by Paul Gregson (Associate Editor)
In this third instalment of A Story of Excellence in Australia, Paul covers Laurens’ extensive involvement in teaching and exhibitions and his long friendship with master craftsman, Geoff Hannah.

Club Drumbeat
The Hills Woodworkers Inc (SA) group covers a range of woodworking skills; the Men’s Shed Junction Village (Vic) started with a group of men at the local retirement village and the Woodturners Society of Queensland Inc (Qld) has been operating for over 43 years.

A Passion to Carve – Robert Beazley
A fitter and turner by trade, Robert Beazley has been carving since 2006 and now excels at projects that are designed to intrigue, such as complex ball-in-cage puzzles, decorative bows and a variety of animals and human figures.

Dressing a Rocking Horse (Pt.2) – Bridle & Strapping
by Gavin Robinson
Gavin continues this series by describing the steps in assembling and attaching the leather bridle and strapping to a new horse or one that is being restored.

St Ayles Skiff Build
A news item on a local TV station led to the Nannup Men’s Shed (WA) successfully building a St Ayles Skiff. The skiff was designed in Scotland and the kits are imported into Australia by StrayDog Boatworks. The Nannup Men’s Shed made use of frames that an Augusta (WA) group had employed to build their two skiffs.

The Charm of Turning
by Tony Forbes, Product Development Manager for Carbatec
Tony discusses the differences between mini, midi and full-sized woodturning lathes and a starter tool kit for beginners.

Restoring the James Craig Jib Boom
by Dave Giddings, ‘The Epoxy Guru’
Restoring the jib boom of Sydney Heritage Fleet’s tall ship?the James Craig was an exercise in marine woodworking, the use of epoxy and a redesign to minimise future deterioration.


Wooden Puzzle 16 Introduction – Puzzles That Don’t Come Apart
by Richard Collins
For this instalment Richard offers four wooden puzzles that do not come apart. Three have an object trapped in them and the fourth has two components that cannot be separated. The challenge here is to work out how these four impossible items were made.

Turning Pin Cushions
by Georgie Crossley
Georgie describes a handy item which is quite simple to turn. It is a good project for beginners, it’s a welcome gift for any seamstresses among your friends and can be made for the local markets.

Darning Mushrooms
by Mike Darlow
Whether you are repairing a garment such as ripped jeans or a damaged sweater, or decoratively stitching fabric, the use of a darning mushroom is almost essential. Mike details the steps in making your own wooden mushrooms.

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
by Roger Jenkins
This Sulphur-crested Cockatoo is one of Roger’s range of full-size scroll saw Intarsia plans. Roger covers the steps in making one of these decorative items for your yard.

Woodturning Tips
by George Hatfield (Associate Editor)
In this final instalment in the series, George discusses the differences between peeling and scraping when turning wood and why you should consider choosing one over the other for certain applications.

Koi Bowl
by Carolyn McCully
Having finally taken a photograph of a koi that she was happy with, Carolyn burnt the image with the fish coming up for food or air. Keeping with the aquatic theme, she burnt the koi on a shallow rimmed platter and painted the whole bowl ‘pond green’.

Wooden Puzzle 15 – Cross-Halved Joint Puzzles
by Richard Collins
These puzzles are identical in appearance to Richard’s ‘impossible’ trivets in AWW #184 December 2015. Unlike the trivets, these pieces are designed to be disassembled. The addition of a locking mechanism (two are described) adds another layer of complexity to the project and this time Richard makes extensive use of custom-made jigs to ensure that the various components are accurately machined.

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AWW Issue 226 November/December 2022
AWW Issue 226 November/December 2022