AWW Issue 228 March/April 2023


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Tabletop Spinning Wheel
by David Bryant
Having restored a tabletop spinning wheel from the late 1700s, David undertook to build a new version to a similar design.

The Story of ‘Girl & Grain’
by Katie Stafford
Shifting from a career in advertising to running her own furniture making business has enabled Katie to realise her childhood desire to ‘make things’.

Australian Scroll Saw Network Exhibition 2023
Details of the upcoming biennual Exhibition and examples of entries from the 2021 Exhibition.

A Dream Woodworker’s Workshop
by Stan Ceglinski
While Stan has designed and built many structures over the years, this project provided him with the rare opportunity to design and supervise the construction of a spacious workshop on a rural property, with heavy timber posts and beams and fully-equipped with industrial grade machines.

Club Drumbeat
The Forest Community Men’s Shed (NSW) makes a variety of items for community projects; Leongatha Men’s Shed (Vic) has recently completed a large new building for its operations; and the Pine Rivers Men’s Shed (Qld) caters for diverse interests.

Geoff Foley – North Queensland Woodworker
by Judi Docen
Geoff has spent most of his life working with wood – construction, cabinetmaking, turning, carving, marquetry and intarsia

Building a Traditional Japanese Fishing Boat
by Douglas Brooks
Having researched Japanese wooden boats for over three decades, Vermont-based (USA) Douglas is currently holding courses on how to build the traditional honryousen fishing vessel.

Sourcing Timber for a Japanese Wooden Boat
by Mitch McDermott JTA
Mitch from Japanese Tools Australia took on the task of reseraching and sourcing suitable timber for Douglas Brooks’ boat building classes in Australia.

A selection of pieces made by members of the Triton Owners’ Club of the ACT Inc (TOCACT).


Wooden Puzzle 18 Introduction – Wooden Cross Puzzle Revisited
by Richard Collins
The Wooden Cross Puzzle was invented in 1981 by Nobuyuki Yoshigaharai and was covered in three of Richard’s early puzzle articles. After several years of devising new locking mechanisms, in the next issue Richard revisits the Wooden Cross and presents new designs to challenge the puzzle solver.

Three Woodturning Myths
by Mike Darlow
Mike questions the veracity of three adages stated by some woodturners and explains the reasons for his viewpoints.

A Burl of a Bowl … Love It or Hate It
by George Hatfield, Associate Editor
George recounts one of his early experiences of turning a bowl from a found Blue Gum burl.

Prairie Thunder
by Peter Kornek
Peter describes the carving of two bison bulls shown fighting each other during the mating season. Each bull is quite different and the off-balance pose of one of the bulls posed additional challenges.

A Wooden Case for a Stone Block
by Harry Ellis
It’s not every day that a woodworker is asked to make a sturdy wooden case to house a block of stone but this happened to Harry. He was requested to make a storage and transport case for the foot stone of an old historic burial site.

Easter Coasters
by Carolyn McCully
Carolyn presents a collection of four Easter-related patterns – a rabbit, lamb, chick and duck. Each one offers different challenges in burning a lifelike image. They can be burnt as single pieces, as a collection of four or as multiples of one of the images.

Wooden Puzzle 17 – Rotating Hemispheres
by Richard Collins
While the majority of Richard’s puzzles have required the skills and equipment of a boxmaker or a cabinetmaker, this puzzle is very much aimed at the woodturner. If you want to turn something different, consider making one of these attractive and fascinating puzzles.

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AWW Issue 228 March/April 2023
AWW Issue 228 March/April 2023