AWW Issue 225 September/October 2023


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The Life of an Artist – Brief Resume of the Career of Laurens Otto
by Paul Gregson, Associate Editor
In Part 2 of A Story of Excellence in Australia, Paul looks at the career of the youngest member of the Otto woodcarving and furniture making family, Laurens Otto.

‘The Beast’ Reborn
When the Shalays purchased a cabinet-making business on Kangaroo Island (SA) they inherited one of the oldest thicknessers in the country – a 1935 MN 90. Solidly built, it still had plenty of life in it but it needed a major upgrade. With the involvement of RDG International and a fitter in both Brisbane and Kangaroo Island a new spiral cutter head was fitted.

Dressing a Rocking Horse (Pt.1) – Leatherwork Restoration Kit
by Gavin Robinson
Kangaroo Valley Woodcrafts’ (NSW) leatherwork restoration kit enables you to replace the saddle cloth, saddle flaps, stirrup leathers, foam and saddle on your treasured rocking horse.

Club Drumbeat
The Beaconsfield Men’s Shed (Tas) has a number of members who have moved to the island in retirement; Eastern Region Woodturners Inc (Sydney NSW) has been operating for almost 40 years and the Avoca Men’s Shed (Vic) has produced a wide variety of projects.

Thicknesser, Jointer, Planer or Buzzer?
by Tony Forbes, Product Development Manager for Carbatec

Guide to Working with Timber Lining Boards
by Porta

Rising to the Challenge
The Hanwell Way Community Men’s Shed (WA) serves a variety of members with special needs, and their carers.

Bote-Cote Epoxy … Not Just for Boats



The Case for Spindle Turning
by Mike Darlow
Mike argues that developing a full range of woodturning skills and associated projects includes mastering spindle turning.

Planning a Segmented Turning Project
by John D Stefano
Building on his free software Segmented Turning Helper presented in AWW #215, John has now released the Segmented Turning Planner to simplify the design phase of a segmented turning project.

Woodturning Tips
by George Hatfield (Associate Editor)
George discusses the challenges involved in cutting inside deep bowls.

Sanding & Coating Issues
by Dave Giddings, the ‘Epoxy Guru’
Dave discusses a range of factors that can turn your desired mirror-glass epoxy timber finish into something that regrettably has to be stripped and redone.

Marine-themed Baby/Infant Mobile
by Bob Aitken
Two different designs for wooden mobiles with turned hangers and cut/carved marine life. One hanger is decorated with coloured epoxy while the other has pierced work.

The Wolf Pack
by Peter Kornek
Combining several carvings into the one setting – in this case four wolves and a mule deer – generates a more challenging piece and one that offers more interest for the viewer.

Back to My Roots
by Heinz Haselroither
Presented with a box of well-seasoned tree roots, Heinz explores the pleasure to be had in turning freehand rather than to set dimensions and profiles.

Fennec Fox
by Carolyn McCully
A North African animal – the fennec fox – has been rendered as a relatively-simple image which works well as an outline burn or as a more detailed shaded version.

Wooden Puzzle 14 – More Discs and Rings
by Richard Collins
In the last two issues Richard has described how to make a four-piece disc (no hollow in the centre) or a four-piece ring. In this issue he explores the concept further, producing discs and rings with two, three, four, five and six pieces.

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AWW Issue 225 September/October 2023
AWW Issue 225 September/October 2023