Australian Scobie Plans

Contemporary Furniture featuring Australian Designer Neil Scobie’s distinct ‘North Coast’ feel.

As featured in articles of The Australian Woodworker magazine.

All of the Scobie Plans come with enlarged diagrams, all featuring full sized illustrations of joinery and other important details. The smaller project diagrams are full-size throughout. Dimensions are in metric units.

Neil’s designs are not difficult to reproduce, following the step-by-step guides provided. The plans include a complete cutting list for all the parts required.

The projects skill level is rated from 1 to 5 with 1 being able to be completed by Beginners and 5 being of a complexity for Experts.

Purchase of these plans does not convey the right to produce the item/s for sale.


Initially a High School woodworking teacher, Neil Scobie was an independent professional woodworker for more than 20 years. A highly respected Designer/Maker, he was also a woodworking teacher and demonstrator, as well as Australia’s most successful woodworking project plan designer. He was the author of a wide range of articles on subjects relevant to the craft and, in particular, was a valued and frequent contributor to The Australian Woodworker.
Neil passed away in 2016.

Each of the projects which form the Scobie Collection is an original design – a design which has been realised in Neil’s workshop, tested in practice, refined in the light of this experience, then transformed into a project within the constructional capabilities of a recreational woodworker.

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