AWW Issue 224 July/August 2022


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A Story of Excellence in Australia – Part 1
by Paul Gregson, Associate Editor
The Rise of Laurentius Antonius Johannes Otto aka Laurens Otto. Laurens was introduced to woodcarving by his father, Peter Jnr, and grandfather, Peter Snr.

A Woodworking Journey
by Georgie Crossley
A bird carving class with Carol Russell led Georgie to take up carving including spoon carving, then woodturning with Rob McKee and Gary Beck and furniture making with Damion Fauser.

Club Drumbeat
The Barossa Valley Tinkers Shed (Nuriootpa SA) is a non-gender-based community shed that has restored a 19th century wagon; The Blue Mountains Women’s Shed (NSW) converted a storage shed for its premises; and the Maleny Woodcrafters (Qld) is a part of the Maleny Arts and Crafts Group.

Australian Wooden Boat Builders and Designers on Show
The latest update on the Australian Wooden Boat Festival being planned for February 2023.

Cutting Timber
by Tony Forbes, Product Development Manager for Carbatec
To make the most out of your workshop machines, Tony recommends considering the different machines available for cutting timber and making a choice or selection that best suits your needs without requiring additional funds or space.

Measuring Chatoyance
by Paolo Pisani
Chatoyance adds to the beauty of a finished wooden item. Paolo discusses what chatoyance is and how it can be measured for different species.

Wangaratta Scroll Saw Weekend
by Helen Harris
At the end of April fourteen scrollers met at the Clubrooms of the Wangaratta Woodworkers for a weekend of scrolling, including three challenges.


Design and Make Your Own Animated Bird Mobiles
by Geoff Roy
Bird mobiles that flap their wings are easy to make if you are working from a plan, but if you want to experiment with your own designs a little maths is involved in determining the position of the string attachments. Geoff shows you how to make your own designs work properly.

Pastry Pressers
by Mike Darlow
Pastry cooks love a pastry presser sized to suit their baking pans as it enables each pastry disc to be pressed into the pan recess in a single gentle movement. Mike describes how to turn this simple and very useful baking tool.

Carving a Small Boat Sculpture
by Carol Russell
Carol provides a step-by-step guide to carving one of her boat sculpture designs, requiring only a few basic woodcarving tools. This project suits carvers of all skill levels and produces a carving that is both attractive and tactile.

Whittled Curiosity Pieces
by Gary Beck
Gary explains in words and photographs the basic whittling methods for forming captive rings, chain links and a caged ball, all using just a whittling knife. Once you have mastered these methods you will be able to make a large variety of whittling designs.

Woodturning Tips
by George Hatfield (Associate Editor)
George continues this series of articles with further discussion of detail turning with a gouge. He describes how to achieve the best off-the-tool finish when turning faceplate work.

Superb Fairy-wren
by Carolyn McCully
Carolyn burns this attractive bird motif onto a wooden tray with an upturned lip. With so much detail in a relatively small image, Carol notes that it is important to develop your tonal range early in the burning process.

Wooden Puzzle 13 – The Ring
by Richard Collins
In the last issue Richard described how to make a four segment (quarter) puzzle as a rectangular block or a turned ellipsoid. This time he turns a wooden ring puzzle instead of an ellipsoid and to do so, he redesigns the locking mechanism so that none of the components pass through the centre of the ring.

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AWW Issue 224 July/August 2022
AWW Issue 224 July/August 2022