AWW Issue 223 May/June 2022


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Features Carving Out A New Life
by Carol Russell
After years of making and restoring furniture and teaching woodworking, Carol has taken up a variety of carving including spoons and small gestural sculptures from Tasmanian timbers.

Australian Wooden Boat Festival
Cancelled in 2021 the biennial Australian Boat Festival in Hobart, claimed to be the largest event of its kind in the southern hemisphere, is to be held 10-13 February next year.

Club Drumbeat
Logan Make and Do Woodcrafters Association Inc (QLD) started as a pilot project and now has over 100 members; Millicent Men’s Shed (SA) is located in a mill town and the workshop is a place where retirees can come together and work on projects; and Fremantle Men’s Community Shed Inc (WA) was the first Men’s Shed in Western Australia and now has well over 300 members.

Breathing Life into Your Workshop
by Tony Forbes, Product Development Manager for Carbatec
Tips on how to select dust collection and control for your workshop. Sustainably & Responsibly Sourced Timber A leading supplier of Australian timber products, Porta has an ethical approach to the sourcing of its raw material – timber grown in public production forests in Tasmania.

HNT Gordon Subscriber Giveaway
HNT Gordon have donated one of their innovative bench Tail Vices and one of their Flat Sole Spoke Shaves as subscriber giveaways.


A Woodturner’s Repair
by George Hatfield (Associate Editor)
A 30-year-old air freshener was saved from the tip when George turned a wooden bottom to replace the freshener’s broken ceramic base.

Woodturning Tips
by George Hatfield (Associate Editor)
George continues this series of articles with a discussion of detail turning with a gouge.

Whittling Away
by Gary Beck
In addition to the Shaker furniture mentioned in the last issue, Gary does a variety of woodworking including whittling. Since his early efforts as a10-year-old, Gary has progressed from a Boy Scout’s Bowie knife to a trusty Stanley knife, to purpose-designed whittling knives.

Smaller Sharpening Angles for Woodturning Tools?
by Mike Darlow
Further discussion of the ideal angle for sharpening woodturning tools.

Water Droplet Automaton
by Geoff Roy
Geoff discusses his design of a water droplet automaton with flower-shaped ripples. The automaton could be made with hand or power tools and conventional woodworking machines. Geoff describes how he made his model using a CNC machine which was particularly useful for cutting out the ripple surface from a sheet of plywood.

Diadem Half-Hour Glass Clock
by Newton Williams
The fourth in a series of projects, this sand glass clock rotates on the half hour. The level of the sand gives an indication of the minutes that have passed since the half hour and the electronic chiming mechanism announces the hours. This clock includes more complex backlighting (the third clock was also backlit) and two scroll sawn spinners, rotating in opposite directions.

Carved Red Squirrel
by Peter Kornek
A commissioned piece, this red squirrel was carved from Jelutong. Its relatively small size added a degree of difficulty in ensuring that the finer details were not damaged during the making. To create the desired colour, the wood was stained before being protected with an application of clear furniture wax.

Peacock Platter
by Carolyn McCully
This peacock is a pleasing image that is intended to be fun to burn without being too much of a challenge. While it works well as a monochrome burn, the addition of colour as shown in the article adds interest to the final appearance.

Wooden Puzzle 12 – Four Quarters
by Richard Collins
As shown in the article, this puzzle can be made in a number of forms including turned shapes such as a turned disc or an ellipsoid. The only requirement is that the overall puzzle must consist of four identically-shaped quarters.which can be made from the same or contrasting species.

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AWW Issue 223 May/June 2022
AWW Issue 223 May/June 2022