AWW Issue 220 November/December 2021


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More on Hide Gluing
by Paul Gregson (Associate Editor)
Traditional hide glue is still available and is used by woodworkers requiring a strong inexpensive joint that can be readily disassembled and repaired if the need arises. It can be used for new furniture intended to be handed down to the next generation as well as in the authentic repair of antiques. Paul discusses the latest methods of application.

Club Drumbeat
After 12 years the Sandgate & District Men’s Shed Inc (QLD) has a membership of almost 100, the West Auckland Woodturners Guild (NZ) is the oldest woodturning guild in New Zealand and Moore Men’s Shed Inc, Gulderton (WA) makes sandboards for sale to the public for use on the sand dunes in the area.

Space-saving Tips for Smaller Workshops
by The Team at Carbatec
Most woodworkers would like a bigger workshop but usually we have to make do with what we have. The Team from Carbatec have a variety of ideas on how to make better use of your space, some of which you may not have thought of.

H & S Chisels
by Trent Powrie
After a rollercoaster of fortunes in recent years, Trent is back to making chisels, mallets and strops under his company name, Harold & Saxon.

The Most Influential Woodturner
by Mike Darlow
While he wasn’t known for his woodturning prowess, Daniel M’Naghten may indeed be history’s most influential woodturner.

John Sully uses offcuts to make a variety of cutting boards as well as barbeque trolleys. He also makes lounge room side tables which include a shelf for remote controls and a magazine rack at the bottom.

Interior Timber Trends
by Rick Rutherford
The new millenium saw a decline in the use of timber around the home, but 20 years later there is a swing back to this material, in part because it is a reminder of a way of life before the pandemic.


Wooden Puzzle 10 Introduction – The Limpet
by Richard Collins
A dome-shaped piece of wood is rigidly attached to a rectangular wooden block, hence the name of The Limpet. How it is attached is shown in this short article. How it can be detached will be revealed in the AWW #221 February 2022 issue.

Woodturning in 1/12th Scale
by Graham Bourquin
Having built boats, made furniture, worked on house construction and done full-size turning, Graham now does most of his woodworking and woodturning in 1/12th scale. This is a popular miniatures and doll’s house scale and has led Graham to make faithful miniature reproductions of antique household items.

Discovering Japanese Saws
by Mitch McDermott, Japanese Tools Australia
Having learnt the hard way that there is more to a Japanese saw than buying one and cutting wood, Mitch discusses the design of Japanese saws, their benefits, how to select one that suits your needs and how to make a successful cut with the saw.

Woodturning Tips
by George Hatfield (Associate Editor)
A revised publication of a series of articles that George presented in AWW from 1998, this issue covers Stance & Tool Grip and Turning Between Centres.

Lathe-Mounted Drum Sander
by John Swinkels
There are a number of options available for sanding a workpiece flat and smooth, but being a woodturner John decided to see if he could make a lathe-based solution for sanding assembled pieces for segmented work.

Step-by-Step Bear Carving
by Peter Kornek
Peter has presented his bear carvings in previous articles. In this instance he started the project with the express purpose of taking notes and photographs so that he could give a step-by-step description of how he formed the sculpture.

Magnificent Stag
by Carolyn McCully
Adapted from a photograph, this pattern presents a challenge in burning bone and fur, and capturing the animal’s stance and the expression on his face. Carolyn burnt it on an artist’s palette as a change from the usual plywood or timber board.

Wooden Puzzle 9 – The Cage
by Richard Collins
A variation of the trapped object puzzle, this design has four corner pieces that trap a marble in the centre. One of these pieces can be removed to release the marble but first you have to identify which one. Then you have release the piece. Jigs and some trial and error are required to build yet another of Richard’s ingenious puzzles.

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AWW Issue 220 November/December 2021
AWW Issue 220 November/December 2021