AWW Issue 217 May/June 2021


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Club Drumbeat
The Balaklava Men’s Shed keeps its older members young by working on projects, the Barham—Koondrook Men’s Shed serves both sides of the NSW/VIC border and the premises for Bicton Men’s Shed has grown to five sheds and a container.

The Men’s Shed Chaplain in Western Australia
To better cater for the physical, mental and spiritual health of its members, the Men’s Sheds of WA (MSWA) has instituted the position of Chaplain to provide support for the WHO Officer/s (Wellbeing and Health Officer) in each Shed.

Timber Species from Papua New Guinea
by Harold Gallasch, A1 Specialty Timbers
Having had an association with Papua New Guinea since the late 1960s Harold has a firsthand knowledge of the country’s timber industry.

Why Clear Coatings Fail
by Dave Giddings
Dave discusses the commonly used clear finishes for exterior woodwork, how they fail and what can be done to improve their durability and life.

Fred Gee displays his cabaret of taxis and David Flintoff has built a grader and bobcat.

Notes on Wildlife Carvings
by Peter Kornek
A fan of North American wildlife, Peter discusses his approach to carving subjects and producing satisfying results.

The Vision Australia Woodwork Programme
by Woodwork Trainer, Brett Behan
For over 25 years Vision Australia’s Kensington VIC facility has been providing courses and woodworking facilities for Vision Australia clients who are vision impaired up to total blindness. and the markets.


Flower Head Turned Resin Art Clock
by Bob Aitken
Resin art clocks are currently popular but the base is usually MDF. Bob uses solid timber and has developed the design for a flower head clock.

The Smallest Jigsaw Puzzle
by Newton H Williams
An experienced scroller, Newton is always pursuing new challenges. This article relates his quest for the smallest 1000 piece puzzle which of course requires the smallest jigsaw puzzle pieces.

Marketwares #42 — A Nest for a Nest Mini
by Adell Blake
You can have your Google Nest Mini in the kitchen but supported up and out of the way of surface spills, hot items, crumbs, etc with this attractive wooden holder.

Mathematics, Models and Making a Fruit Bowl
by Geoff Roy
This contoured fruit bowl is an attractive item that is easy to assemble. However each rib is slightly different to the next. The design was developed with a spreadsheet and 3D modelling. The ribs can be cut on a bandsaw or with a CNC router.

Accurate Sliding Table Saw Mitre Sled
by Don Phillips
Make your own table saw jig to cut accurate joints with no gaps.

Modified Darlow’s Fishing Reel
by John Swinkels
John changes the winding reel on Mike’s design to free-spinning, notes the alterations required and discusses some non-turning methods used in its construction.

Book-Shaped Coin Bank
by John Swinkels
John makes good use of a donation of plywood rectangles to form coin banks with Silky Oak covers in the shape of a book.

by Carolyn McCully
Keen to pursue more human subjects and yet nervous about the results, Carolyn takes the middle course with this image of the back of a young girl with her arm on a deer.

Wooden Puzzle 7d — Captured Cylinder
by Richard Collins
While this puzzle is visually identical to the three captured cylinder puzzles in the last issue, it has a very different form of release mechanism, one that has not been used before in this series.

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AWW Issue 217 May/June 2021
AWW Issue 217 May/June 2021