AWW Issue 215 January/February 2021


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The Hough Carving Group (UK)
Based in Hough-on-the-Hill Lincolnshire a small group of woodcarvers led by John Lord have enriched their local communities with an output of intricate carvings.

Club Drumbeat
The new Mt Black Men’s Shed Inc (TAS) serves two towns separated by the geological formation of Mt Black, the Rockhampton Woodworkers Guild (QLD) makes good use of an abandoned Scout Hall and the origins of the Manawatu Woodworkers Guild can be be traced back to a tutor who taught private classes in woodturning in the early 1980s.

South Oz Scrollers
Probably the oldest woodworking Club in Australia dedicated to the scroll saw, the South Oz Scrollers have been an important part of the growth of scrolling in this country.

The Scroll Saw in Australia
Treadle and machine powered fretsaws have been around since the early 1900s but it wasn’t until the 1990s that the modern scroll saw gained acceptance in Australia. The continuing promotion of the scroll saw has been the function of the Australian Scroll Saw Network for the past 17 years.

Buying a Scroll Saw
We look at the operation and features of the scroll saw and what you should look for when purchasing one. Included in the article is a survey of scroll saw models currently available in Australia.

Segmented Turning Helper App
by John Di Stefano
Developed by John, this free app allows you to determine the length of a segment to suit any ring diameter, thickness or number of segments required to make a segmented turning blank.

John Bradley — Model Maker
In retirement John, a member of the Ravenswood Community Men’s Shed, has returned to the hobby of his youth and now makes scale wooden models of boats and a Spitfire.


A Chess Set Complete with Table and Chairs
by Earl Hansen
Though he has never learnt to play chess, Earl has always been interested in making a chess set. For this project Earl designed and built a complete chess ensemble, from the board and pieces to the table and matching chairs.

Bathtime for Yogi
by Peter Kornek
Peter uses laminated blanks for his carving, in this case a bear. The laminations ensure a more stable material and enable preliminary work on the indivdual boards to make the final carving easier.

Marketwares #40 — Racing Car and an SUV
by Steve Pickrill
These simple robust wheeled wooden vehicles are designed to appeal to toddlers.

Woodturning and Cricket
by Mike Darlow
Requested to make bowler’s run-up markers from wood, Mike expanded the project to turn other useful cricket items such as stumps, bails and a stump gauge.

Basic Bamboo Projects
by John Swinkels
Though technically a grass, not a timber, bamboo provides a tough durable material for use in a wide variety of projects. John uses woodworking tools to turn the dried culm into a long planter, succulent planter, scoop, bird feeder, dibbler and spatula

Wooden Puzzle 6 — Trapped Rectangles
by Richard Collins
Two rectangular blocks are connected by a short bridge that runs through a slot in another rectangular block. The joined blocks should be able to rotate and then slide through the slot in the bigger block, but they won’t rotate. Richard describes how to make and solve the puzzle.

Balance — An Elephant Pyrography
by Carolyn McCully
In this project Carolyn describes her methods for building up the multitude of wrinkles required to give a realistic skin effect to the elephant. In addition to the standard pen and spoon shader she works with a Medium Round Pen to create new shading and marking effects.

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AWW Issue 215 January/February 2021
AWW Issue 215 January/February 2021