AWW Issue 214 November/December 2020


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Features Using Epoxy Resin with Wood
by Brendan Stemp
The use of epoxy resin has become popular in woodworking both as a means of stabilising decayed or damaged wood so it can be worked and as a feature in a project that combines different materials. Brendan discusses the do’s and don’ts of working with this product to avoid expensive mistakes and time-consuming cleanups.

Club Drumbeat
Busselton Men’s Shed (WA) started with a small shed and a shipping container, Tom’s Shed, Kew (VIC) is an offshoot of the activities of St Hilary’s Anglican Church and Putaruru Woodcrafter’s Club (NZ) can trace its origins back to the formative days of hobbyist woodturning in New Zealand.

The Rocking Kangaroo
A maker and retailer of a wide variety of wooden goods, Kangaroo Valley Woodcrafts (NSW) is best known for its Rocking Kangaroos, an Australian innovation on the traditional rocking horse design.

The Warren (Auckland NZ)
Tim Boyd runs a community woodworking workshop and classroom in an inner city area of Auckland, focussing on the repurposing of secondhand and discarded materials.

Greg Mallett’s Journey
Greg had a woodworking career as well as a home workshop until diabetes made him blind. Through the assistance of Vision Australia and his involvement with the Rocherlea Men’s Shed, Greg has not only resumed woodworking but is also preparing to teach others with visual impairment.


Floating Rim Wooden Bowl with Epoxy Resin
by Brendan Stemp
Having discussed the principles of working with epoxy resin in the preceding article Brendan describes the construction of a bowl with a floating wooden rim supported by a ring of epoxy. The turning of the bowl follows standard techniques and is not covered in the article.

Making a Large Ring
by John Di Stefano
John uses his own free on-line software to dimension the segments for a large wooden torus, ie. a ring with a circular cross-section.

Scrollsawn Sconces and an Epicyclic Gear Light
by Newton H Williams
Newton’s Art Deco wall sconces would suit a number of decor settings. His epicyclic gear light is definitely a conversation starter. As a project it is a challenge for a scroller while the completed item would appeal to cyclists and anyone with a fascination for large industrial gears – yes, the gears move.

Large Fruit Bowl
by Charles T Orr
Charles uses the extension bed on his lathe to turn an oversized segmented fruit bowl.

Notes on Woodturning Part 55 – Making a Pirate Cutlass
by John Ewart
Suitable for a child’s toy or stage prop this wooden cutlass is an interesting exercise in turning a rectangular section on the lathe.

Marketwares #39 – A Dowel Christmas Tree
by A David Bertrand
If you are not into live Christmas trees that shed their needles nor their green or metallic look-alikes, but still want somewhere to hang your collection of Christmas baubles for the festive season, then a dowel christmas tree may be perfect for your needs.

Basket Illusion
by Larry Ganter
Lance explains Harvey Myers’ technique for transforming turned platters and hollow forms into items that look like colourful woven baskets.

Making a Tenor Ukelele
by Russell Downie
A popular instrument to play, the ukelele is also a good choice for your first stringed musical instrument, due to the relative simplicity of its design and construction.

Wooden Puzzle 5b – Double Cross Made with a Scroll Saw
by Eric Lysaght & Richard Collins
Eric makes quite a different version of last issue’s Double Cross Puzzle using a scroll saw.

White Throated Magpie Jay (Pyrography)
by Carolyn McCully
This image explores the potential of the narrow flexible Skew Pen. With its knife-like edge it can create very fine lines and also burn deep into the timber, generating new effects to experiment with.

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AWW Issue 214 November/December 2020
AWW Issue 214 November/December 2020