AWW Issue 212 July/August 2020


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Scale Steam Traction Engine — Minnie
by Earl Hansen
Motivated by the successful construction of a beam engine, Earl found plans online for a working metal version of a traction engine and used these as the basis of his air operated wooden model made from Queensland hardwoods.

WineStains — New Uses for Old Wine Barrels
by Kristal Spencer
Noting the waste of wood from wine barrels when they reach the end of their working life, Kristal Spencer and Peter Ruchs set up WineStains to manufacture a variety of items from this mix of curved and flat boards.

Club Drumbeat
Clare Men’s Shed Inc (SA) undertakes a variety of community and private commissions; Portland Woodturners Inc (VIC) is located in a Craft Complex with painters, printers, knitters, weavers and leadlighters; and North Pine Trades Guild (QLD) provides the woodworking, metalworking and foundry for the Old Petrie Town Historical Village.

A Woodturning Adventure in Arizona
by George Hatfield (Associate Editor)
After numerous demonstration tours to the USA in the past, George visits the country again, this time spending the duration in Arizona.

Girl in Her Shed
by Annie Gillis
The daughter of parents who ran a wood merchant business, Annie always aspired to a career in woodworking and now runs her business Girl in Her Shed in Dongara WA producing a variety of wooden and metal giftware.

Rob Day’s Didgeridoos and Oddgeridoos
Fascinated by traditional didgeridoos and a professional taught player, Rob Day from New England Woodturning & Sculptures now makes traditional didgeridoos and his own designs, the Oddgeridoo and Steampunk Didgeridoo.

Kanau — A Little Known Timber from the Tropics
by Harold Gallasch, A1 Specialty Timber
Having first seen it in the craft markets in Rabaul in the late 1960s, Harold has now imported limited quantities of Kanau into Australia for his customers.


Wooden Puzzle 5a Introduction — Double Cross

Wooden Puzzle 4b — Single Cross Made with a Scroll Saw
by Eric Lysaght and Richard Collins
Eric explains how he made Richard’s Single Cross Puzzle using a quite different construction method on the scroll saw.

Marketwares #37 — Baguette Slicer Stand
by Alice Border
Cutting a baguette is easy, but if you want your slices even and parallel, then this slicer stand may be what you need.

Tea Light Set
by Don Phillips
A set of octagonal shaped wooden items for displaying and storing tea lights.

Fully Turned Rectangular Picture Frame
by Mike Darlow
Mike describes how to make a period style rectangular picture frame from turned sides and circular corner connectors.

Yarn or String Dispenser
by John Swinkels
John turns a practical yarn holder which would also serve as a dispenser for string or twine.

Pinrouter Projects — Fidget Toys and Biscuit Moulds
by John Swinkels
Using a more advanced design of homemade pin router to the one he described in AWW #180 April 2015, John makes a pair of fidget eggs and a set of biscuit moulds.

Notes on Woodturning Part 53 — Restoring a Campaign Table
by John Ewart
Restoration can present different challenges to those found in new work. John discusses the restoration of a turned campaign leg.

Using CNC to Make a Heavyweight Cutting Board
by Geoff Roy
Inspired by John Swinkels’ legged cutting board in AWW #204 April 2019, Geoff tackles a similar design using the capabilities of a CNC router.

Contemplative Rock Forms
by Carolyn McCully
To prove that not all pyrography has to be a highly detailed image, Carolyn ‘doodles’ rocks for a change of pace.

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AWW Issue 212 July/August 2020
AWW Issue 212 July/August 2020