The magazine dedicated to the Toy-Maker.

Issue #5 2007/2008

This fifth issue has projects ranging from dolls hair salon to Norman castle and play harbour.
Primary material is wood or manufactured wood product.

Feature articles:

Play Harbour for Boats, Cars and Helicopters
by Robert Allison
Put away those plastic parking stations for Matchbox cars. This play set is a lot more exciting. Filled with real water, the harbour is busy with floating toy boats, while cars and trucks drive around the highway and over the opening bridge. Helicopters arrive and depart from the helipad.

Norman Castle
by Gerard Fritsch
Based on Conisbrough Castle, this well-built fortress will withstand many a siege.

(Note: There was a slight error in drawings/plan of the Castle at time of printing. An updated plan is supplied with the issue. Also click here to download the Full Size PDF)

Pioneer Cottage Dolls’ House
by Allen Homewood
Brick packing strips became the inspiration for this wonderful heritage dolls’ house.

Hairdressing Salon
by Robert Allison
Ideal for the budding hairdresser or just for children playing dress-ups, this is a complete salon with work station, trolley and salon chair.

Big B Double Truck
by Norm McKay
This is a big outdoor toy at around 1200mm long. Build the trailers as flat-tops, high sides or cargo vans.

Noah’s Ark
by Gordon Brook
Recycling a failed turning led to Gordon’s innovative approach to making a boat hull. Its wide shape won’t suit a racing vessel but as the Ark, there’s plenty of room to store the animals.

1/12 Dolls’ Barbecue
by Mark George
Get into summer with a modern barbecue, complete with gas bottle.

Scroll-Sawn 3-Drawer Toy Car
by Bernard Williamson
This wooden toy car, complete with working wheels, has a secret. Three, in fact. Press the small buttons at the rear and out pop three drawers – perfect for trinkets or a child’s ‘treasures’.

Dolls’ House Furniture – 4
by Stan Nemeth
Simple Dog House
Deluxe Dog House
Picnic Setting with circular table and two seats
More scrollsawn furniture, this time with an outdoor theme.


Pyramid Puzzle
by Art Burrows
Amuse adults and children alike with this ancient puzzle.

Making Wheels with a Disc Sander
by Peter Fogelman
Using a simple homemade jig attached to a disc sander, Peter shows how you can make wooden wheels of almost any diameter.

Budget Router Table
by Derek Thomas
If you’re prepared to forego the bells and whistles you can make a practical router table for relatively little outlay.

Clockwork Toys
by John Ross
What did we do before batteries? Clockwork, of course! These toys have an interesting history and are still being made in large numbers today.

Located in Sydney’s Queen Victoria building, Hobbyco had been in George St, Sydney, since the 1930s, and served as one of Australia’s premier toy and hobby stores.


Peninsular Senior Citizens Toy Repair Group
Operating since 1975, this is one Club that is serious about toys. They spend the whole year collecting discarded and broken toys, restoring or repairing them and donating them to various charities.

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