The magazine dedicated to the Toy-Maker.

The last in the series of six, this issue features projects ranging from a Roman fort and Bobcat to wooden stilts and a look at hot air toys.

Feature articles:

Roman Fort
by Gerard Fristch
After the interlocking Foreign Legionnaires’ Fort and imposing Norman Castle in previous issues, Gerard has come up with a simpler design this time, one that is easier to build but just as much fun to play with.

Ride-On Loader
by R Rees
An articulated loader designed for small children, this toy can be used inside or out.

Rock Crushing Play Station
by R Allison
This is a large toy that will give many wonderful hours of play to any child interested in Matchbox-style dump trucks, dozers, loaders and the like.

Toy Puffing Billy
by Derek Thomas
Derek explains how to make your own version of this iconic steam locomotive.

Hard-Working Bobcat
by Leigh Cripps
This is a simple robust action toy designed for hours of digging, loading and levelling.

by A Ehrlich
Originating in Canada in the late 1800s, Crokinole requires two or four players to compete by flicking discs across the circular game board. Make your own board to join in the fun.

Dolls’ House Furniture – 5
by Stan Nemeth Barbecue
Another scrollsawn item, the barbecue complements the picnic setting from Issue #5.

Loader and Articulated Tipper
by Norm McKay
The tipper is based on last issue’s semi-trailer while the dozer is a completely new design. Make one or both vehicles.

Reaction Timer
by A Ehrlich
Suitable for children and adults alike, this contraption will test your reaction times and generate a lot of fun for the whole family.

Wooden Stilts
by Eris Kennedy
A very traditional toy, stilts are easy to make, fun to use and keep the children active.

Pull-Along Inchworm
by Gordon L Brook
This animated ‘garden pest’ rolls, rocks and ‘arches’ its back through the use of offset axles, eccentric cams and flexible couplings.

Cannon Barrels without a Lathe
by John Hipkiss
The lathe is the obvious choice of machine to use when shaping a cannon barrel, but John has devised a method to make barrels on a drill press.

Hot Air Toys
by John Ross
These are hot air machines, not steam engines. John looks at the latest Stirling Engine models from Boehm, as well as their new Henry Wood ‘flame-gulper’ model. These toys can only be used under adult supervision but they are fascinating to operate and watch.

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