The magazine dedicated to the Toy-Maker.

Issue #4 2006/2007

This fourth issue has projects ranging from civil war cannons to tractors and trains. Primary material is wood or manufactured wood product.

Feature articles:

Civil War Cannon
by Robert Allison
Transform any game of cowboys and indians with this monster toy! It will also help to decide who wins in other games such as pirates and soldiers.

A Limber for Your Cannon
by Robert Allison
While the Civil War Cannon is a complete project by itself, you can add to the realism with this limber.

Nicholas, the Red Steam Engine, and the Coal Truck
by Derek Thomas
Every grandchild deserves a red steam engine! This one runs on rubber tyres and pulls its own coal truck.

Boxed Edwardian Block Set
by Troy McDonald
Toy wooden block sets have been around for centuries and they are just as much fun to play with today. Rather than cutting up some offcuts to make a few toy blocks, Troy designed and built this project to replicate the sets available a century ago.

Bob’s Bulldozers
by Robert Spencer
These earthmoving toys were built for two young boys.

Dolls’ House Furniture — 3
by Stan Nemeth
Shopping Trolley
Dining Room Dresser
More scrollsawn furniture. These items are little more challenging than the earlier toys in this series.

Chain Reaction Alarm
by Aaron Ehrlich
An interest in history and a box full of bits led to the creation of this novelty alarm.

The Shoofly
by Viktoria & Chris Woolcock
A cousin of the traditonal rocking horse, the shoofly is easy to make and ideal for smaller children.

Wheel Barrow
by Andrew Burnett
This scaled down wheel barrow is ideal for imaginative play, carting toys from one place to another.

Squabble Stopper — A Two-sided Easel
by David Haskett
This blackboard is simple to make and will stop a lot of arguments.

Yacht Hulls
by Andrew Burnett
Whether you are making a boat to float on water or pull across the floor, it helps if the hull looks like the real thing. Andrew looks at different methods of shaping boat hulls from wood.

Cubby House Stove & Sink
by Stuart Lees
Add a kitchen to your child’s playhouse with this wooden stove and sink set.


New and Old Farm Tractors
by Gordon Brook
Five fun tractors to make: Basic Tractor Vintage Tractor John Deere/Fordson Farmall Cub International Tractor

Steam Toys Power On
by John Ross
Live steam is indeed alive and well, and steam-driven toys are increasing in popularity in the computer age.

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