Tools and Techniques from a Master Woodworker
with Jim Kingshott

Published by Fox Chapel Publishing Co. Inc., East Petersburg PA USA

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ISBN 978-1-56523-349-2

Extract from back cover of book:

Understanding how to make a tight mortise & tenon joint is the key to crafting strong, long-lasting furniture and frames. In this instructive DVD, originally produced in VHS format, Jim Kingshott shows you how to successfully lay out and cut a mortise and tenon joint using a back-saw, chisel, and other traditional hand tools.

In a friendly conversational style, Jim Kingshott welcomes you into his small, tool-filled workshop as he explains the tools, techniques and traditions of mastering the mortise & tenon. In the process, he passes along the many secrets that were handed down to him while freely sharing his own valuable insights obtained during 50 years at the workbench.

About the Author: Jim Kingshott has made furniture for British royalty, and for many years was master of apprentice cabinetmakers for the Royal Air Force.

Duration: 75min

DVD – English – NTSC

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