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Issue Number 151 June 2010

2010 Australian Woodturning Symposium, 14-18 July
by Bruce Bell
This is your last chance to book for this exciting new symposium with a focus on hands-on learning for the attendees.

25 Years On
by Art Burrows, Vic Wood, Neil Scobie, Neil Schulz, Sandra Menger and Buddy Smith
A collection of short essays on the changes in woodworking in Australia over the past quarter of a century.

The WALL in the Wilderness
This partially completed 100m long mural carved from Huon Pine has proven to be a popular tourist attraction in the Central Highlands of Tasmania.

Notes on Woodturning – Part 4A: Types of Skew Chisels
by John Ewart
John elaborates more on the types, design and use of skew chisels for woodturning.

Turner’s Oak
by Mike Darlow
This timber might be just the thing for your next turning project!

David Stanley is keen on both pyrography and carving while Darrell Smith has been experimenting with offset turning.

Samoan Turning Project Raises $15,000
by Ernie Newman
In the aftermath of the Tsunami, an Australian and an American join forces to teach woodturning to students in Samoa.

Brisbane/Sydney Timber & Working with Wood Show Guides
This year the Shows feature a new and expanded line-up of demonstrators as well as a number of competitions in which you can win prizes.

25th Silver Anniversary Giveaway Competition
This is the last instalment of our three issue competition in which Australian readers and Clubs have the opportunity to win great prizes.

USER REPORT — JET Slow Speed Wet Sharpener
by Alan Bendon
JET has entered the sharpening market with this new wet wheel sharpener with novel features.


Making a Curved Top Document Box – 1
by Neil Scobie
This new project is a blend of Neil’s Document Box and Treasure Chest and offers additional challenges to boxmakers.

Carved Netball with Dovetails on Compound Curves
When Barry Long got the idea that the stitching on a netball looked like a series of dovetails, physically making the dovetails proved to be a real challenge.

Turning Big Heavy Spheres
by Reg Watt
Turning a 35kg Ironbark blank into a ball shape (and repeating the process four times) was an uncommon exercise.

Adapting an Old Plane for Use with a Shooting Board
by Harry W Ellis
Making a simple carriage has given a new lease of life for this old plane and solved a few shooting board problems in the process.

Twin Eggcup
by Aaron Ehrlich
While researching egg cups, Aaron came across a couple of uncommon designs which will appeal to turners – an eggcup with two egg holders and a double-ended eggcup.

Carving a Cotton Reel Spinning Top
by Phillip John McKerrow
Phillip reflects on a childhood carving project which is still a fun toy today. Yes, wooden cotton reel tops are still available, though you may have to track them down.

Art’s Chopstick’s Box
by George Hatfield (Assoc. Editor)
George shows how to bore and turn a long cylindrical box, such as those used as presentation boxes for Certificates and Diplomas.

by Carolyn McCully
Carolyn burns one of our national icons (but in a nice way!). A little colour is added to the ears and face of the koala, but otherwise the rendering of the animal depends purely on the work of the pyrography pen.

Making Mortise & Tenon Joints
The seventh in our beginner’s series, we look at the importance of grain direction and how hand tools rather than power tools give better feedback on how the wood is being shaped.

New Products

Book Reviews
Puzzle Boxes
by Jeff Vollmer
Chip Carving
from the Editors of Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts
Zany Wooden Toys that Whizz, Spin and Fly
by Bob Gilsdorf
The Missing Shop Manual: Circular Saw and Jigsaws
The Missing Shop Manual: Drills and Drill Presses
The Missing Shop Manual: Lathe
The Missing Shop Manual: Table Saw
The Missing Shop Manual: Glue and Clamps
The Big Book of Weekend Woodworking
by John A & Joyce C Nelson

DVD Reviews
Working with Plywood
by Hendrik Varju

Issue Number 152 August 2010

The Art in the Cabinet – One Man’s Journey
by Paul Gregson (Assoc. Editor)
Paul reviews one of the most celebrated pieces of furniture produced in Australia in recent years.

How Many Ways Can You Hold a Carving?
by Gloria Banting
Running classes on a tight budget revealed a number of ways one could hold a blank for carving.

Club Drumbeat
Gippsland Woodcraft Group Inc (VIC) takes up teaching while the Blue Mountains Woodturners (NSW) complete their sixth giant chess set.

Pudgee Singh’s detailed wooden models of a crane, Mack truck and coach with horses.

Trend Timbers Opens New Showroom
Major Sydney retailer, Trend Timbers, ushers in a new era with a new showroom and location.

Notes on Woodturning – Part 4B: Smoothing and Shaping with the Skew Chisel
by John Ewart
John demonstrates the smoothing and shaping capabilities of the skew.

USER REPORT – Making Patterns the Easy Way
by Sandy Barnett
Coyote Stencil Shop is an affordable software program designed to convert photographs into patterns or line drawings suitable for scrollsawing, pyrography, marquetry, carving and other applications.

Australian Recycled Timber Receives FSC Certification
Industry changes encouraged ART to gain certification for both new and recycled timber.

Adelaide/Canberra/Melbourne Timber & Working with Wood Show Guides
This year the Shows feature a new and expanded line-up of demonstrators as well as a number of competitions in which you can win prizes.

Selecting the Right Timber
The eighth in our beginner’s series, we look at the differing characteristics of timber species and how selecting the right timber will have a big impact on the success of your project.


Replacing the Universal Joint on a JET 16-32 Drum Sander
by Arnold Barkley
Loose screws can lead to a damaged universal joint, but you can make the repair in the workshop.

Stave Bowl Construction
by Phil Griffiths
Phil found that turned staved bowls are as difficult to make as they look, but with some ingenuity he managed to successfully produce them.

Sharpening Countersink Bits
by Peter Fogelman
With a drill press and a home-made jig, Peter is able to sharpen his bits to as-new condition.

Carving a Whale Tail
by Buddy Smith

Zebras (Pyrography)
by Carolyn McCully
This attractive pattern is a combination of delicate woodburning and white pencil colouring.

Cotton Reel Yo-Yo
by Keith McCarthy
Another childhood toy based on the humble wooden cotton reel.

Making Your Own Repetitive Pattern Inlay
by Reg Cooke
Reg shows how to make and insert a veneer inlay to your own personalised pattern.

Carving an Eagle
by Frank Rowe
This carved bird is made in three sections to minimise wastage and make the carving of the wing feathers easier.

Making a Curved Top Document Box – 2
by Neil Scobie
This project is a blend of Neil’s Document Box and Treasure Chest designs and offers additional challenges to boxmakers.

Mitre Jig with Adjustable Stop
by Don Phillips
Don develops a jig to cut exact 45° cuts on a table saw.

Split Turnings
by Aaron Ehrlich
Aaron demonstrates why split turning – an ancient method not commonly used by modern turners – deserves more attention.

New Products

Book Reviews
The Complete Woodshop Guide
by Charlie Self, Bill Stankus and Danny Proulx
A Field Guide to Australian Trees
by Ivan Holliday
Traditional Box Projects
by Strother Purdy
The Perfect Edge
by Ron Hock
Getting the Most from Your Wood-Buying Bucks
by American Woodworker

Issue Number 153 October 2010

Woodturning Couple – Sharon Doughtie & Pat Kramer
by Neil Scobie
Based in Hawaii, Pat and Sharon are both turners but with very different styles. They will be demonstrating at Turnfest in 2011.

Club Drumbeat
Richmond Valley Wood Crafter’s Club (NSW) opens its new clubhouse and Gippsland Woodcraft Group (VIC) celebrates its 25th Anniversary.

Turnfest 2010 at Sea World
by Terry Martin
A new venue this year allowed more participants and a larger programme.

DIY Woodworking Show Tasmania
Details of the inaugural Show to be held at the Silverdome in Launceston in November 2010.

Wild Wood Gallery Two Years On
After Neville Harper’s untimely death, Wild Wood continues to prosper under the management of his wife and daughter.

The work of Bill Pennell and George Hamilton plus the Woodturners of the Hunter’s new Chairman’s Table.

USER REPORT – Sherwood MB-13 Thicknesser
by Andrew Wilkerson
After being cautious about his purchase, Andrew was pleasantly surprised by the performance of his new thicknesser.

Mentoring New Carvers
by Buddy Smith
At only six years of age, Storm Poggioli shows that one is never too young to take up woodcarving or join a woodworking Club.

Melbourne Timber & Working with Wood Show Guide
This year the Shows feature a new and expanded line-up of demonstrators as well as a number of competitions in which you can win prizes.

Notes on Woodturning – Part 4C: The Skewart
by John Ewart
John demonstrates the advantages of a double-sided skew chisel.


A Karmic Creation
by Gloria Banting
Twenty years in the carving, Brett Jones’ guitar has a long story to tell. Brett is both a musician and an artist and with the guitar he fused his two passions into one.

Restored Apprentice’s Box
by Reg Cooke
After fifty-six years Reg’s old tool chest gets a new look and a new life.

A Woodturner’s Christmas Tree
by Heinz Haselroither
Looking for a smaller tree this year? Heinz shows that you can always turn one up on the lathe using last year’s offcuts!

Multi-start Threads for Wooden Boxes
by Michael Young
Multi-start threads for lids are much more common on proprietary containers than single-start threads but to replicate them in wooden form requires a few changes in technique.

Roy Ellery’s Log Books
by Buddy Smith
Using a scrollsaw and Proxxon carving tool, Roy transforms small logs into fairytale books.

Making a Double Ended Salt & Pepper Mill
by R Ryan
An advanced version of the conventional turned pepper mill, this design offers two grinders in one. The mechanism is a combination of parts from two grinder sets.

Garden Lantern
by Don Phillips
While you can buy similar items from catalogues, Don made his own to produce a high quality product at a much lower cost.

Monochrome Protea
by Carolyn McCully
Carolyn burns one of our native flowers – on wood, of course! This pattern is monochrome so it is reliant on shading instead of colour to bring out the beauty of the flower.

Making Panels
The ninth in our beginner’s series, we look at the techniques involved in converting boards into larger panels. This is a common requirement of cabinetmaking projects.

New Products

Book Reviews
The Frugal Woodturner
by Ernie Conover
Power Carving Manual
by Frank Russell, Jack Kochan, David Sabol, Lori Corbett, Chuck Solomon and Dave Hamilton
Tree Craft
by Chris Lubkemann
Woodburning with Style
by Simon Easton
Make Your Own Woodworking Tools
by Mike Burton

DVD Reviews
Wood Science & Design
by Hendrik Varju

Issue Number 154 December 2010

Tom William’s odd bolts, Tom Day’s pyrography and wooden trucks, Ken Vodden’s segmented turning and Richard Lehne’s turned and pierced music box carriage.

Al Stirt – One of the Original Turners
by Terry Martin
Al Stirt was at the forefront of the revival of woodturning in the USA in the 70s and still delights his audiences today.

Collaborative Bowl of the 2010 Australian Woodturning Symposium
by Bruce Bell
The best kept secret of the Symposium, the Collaborative Bowl is an attractive mix of styles and techniques by the presenters.

Liverpool Boys High School NSW HSC Students 2010
Eleven students display their work.

USER REPORT – WoodRiver Diamond Grinding Wheel
by Brendan Stemp
A new concept in sharpening, the diamond grinding wheel provides an intermediate option between a conventional bench grinder and a wetstone grinder in both performance and price.

Torgny Jannson’s Passion – The Tormek Sharpening System
The search for a birthday gift led to a lifelong involvement in the development of the modern wetstone grinder.

Club Drumbeat
Innisfail Woodworkers Guild Inc (QLD), Redcliffe and District Woodcraft Society Inc (QLD) and Maryborough Woodturners and Woodcraftsmen Guild (QLD).

Australian Scroll Saw National Exhibition – Kiama 2010
by Neil Schulz
Held for the first time on the NSW South Coast and as a stand-alone event, the Fourth National Scroll Saw Exhibition was a great success.

Great Christmas Gift Ideas from The Australian Woodworker

Notes on Woodturning – Part 4D
Using the Long Point of a Skew
by John Ewart

Rockhampton TUTORandTURN
by Jim Schafer


Carving the Courageous Keith Payne VC
by Gloria Banting
Gloria discusses both the man and the carving produced by her husband, Kevin Banting. Included are many tips on how to carve a bust to get the proportions and details realistic and lifelike.

Two Jars from One
by David Flintoff
Before you throw out your next coffee jar, David shows you how to turn up some lids to make customised glass containers with wooden tops.

Turned Lectern with Document Stand
by Robert Allison
Used as a display stand in Robert’s lounge room, this lectern and separate document stand can be adapted to a variety of applications.

USER REPORT – M-Power Perfect Butt Profile Scriber
by Stuart Duffy
A simple but well engineered tool, this scriber may solve many of your marking out problems.

Hats Off to Little Carved Hats
by Buddy Smith
These cute hats require little material but are a great project with which to develop your carving skills.

Flannel Flowers
by Carolyn McCully
To achieve the hairy appearance of the stem and leaves, this pattern has been burnt in the negative, ie. the background is burnt with the flowers formed by the unburnt space.

Carved Woodman’s Stool
by W Lane
A video recording over 20 years old led to Bill’s chip-carved design based on a 16th Century Polish woodman’s stool.

Multi-Level Chess Board
by Aaron Ehrlich
This board does not require a change of the rules of traditional chess, but it does provide an interesting alterative to the standard game board.

Some Hand Tools are Essential -1
While today’s woodworkers tend to use a machine or power tool wherever they can, hand tools remain essential, both for the jobs that the power tools won’t do as well as providing a cheaper alternative to a seldom used machine. This is the tenth in our Beginner’s Series.

New Products

Book Reviews
The Missing Shop Manual: Jointer
The Missing Shop Manual: Router
Woodturning Spindle Projects
by Alan Holtham
Woodworker’s Guide to Joinery
Edited by Lyle Kruger & Pat Warner
The Table Book

Issue Number 155 February 2011

Club Drumbeat
Goulburn Men’s Shed (NSW), Colac Woodturners and Woodcrafters Guild Inc (VIC) and Mt Riverview Woodcrafters Inc (NSW).

Turned boxes by Tim Spurling and Mick Fitzgerald’s Australian Light Horse intarsia bear.

Flinder’s Three Months in a Leaky Boat
by Elyce Whitworth
Celebrate the 200th anniversary of Flinder’s historic voyage with a model replica of the Norfolk.

Expressions in Wood 2010
Details of the Hawkesbury Woodcraft Co-operative’s latest exhibition with comments by Paul Gregson, Associate Editor.

CNC Woodworking with Carba-Tec
The introduction to a series on CNC woodworking.

When You Go
by Graham Turner
What will happen to your tools and wood when you are gone? With a little organisation you can prevent them from being dumped at the tip.

Jimmy Clewes, Skilled Turner and Demonstrator
by Neil Scobie
On the list for Turnfest 2011, Jimmy is a major attraction wherever he demonstrates.

Death of an Australian Red Cedar
by Bob Whitworth

Treasures in Timber 2010
by Robin Cromer
A review of the annual exhibition by the Woodcraft Guild ACT Inc.

Derived from soybeans, SOY-Gel Paint Stripper proves to be very effective, without the disadvantages of traditional caustic strippers.

JET Machinery Maintenance
Jointer table adjustment.

Notes on Woodturning – Part 4E
Using the Short Point of a Skew
by John Ewart
How to correctly shape a bead with the short point of the skew.

Hibiscus Dining Table
by Stephen MacLean
The swelling at the base of Scribbly Gum provided the inspiration for this award-winning carved table.


Working with Budget CNC
The staff at North Sydney TAFE discuss their experiences with the new Shark Pro CNC Router.

Jarrah Entertainment Unit
by John Sully
The good thing about recycled Jarrah is that it is well seasoned. However it is still very heavy!

Hexagonal Wooden Rubbish Bin
by Roger Andersen
This project makes for a much more attractive waste bin than the average store-bought item.

Clear or Fuzzy?
by Steven Burrows
A quick guide to submitting digital photographs for magazine publication.

Making a Frame by Hand
by Harry Ellis
Harry dimensioned the stock, cut the angles and assembled this picture frame using only hand tools.

Applying Finishes to Pine
by Mac Simmons
There are a number of stains and finishes that can be applied to Pine and similar porous timbers to give them a more interesting appearance. Mac shows you how.

Making an 8-Piece Segmented Ring
by Alex Morey
Alex developed this method years ago for accurately setting out the eight overlapping pieces for a segmented ring, for use on a jar or bowl.

Glider Nest Box
by Ian Laver
Indulge in a bit of rustic woodworking and let your furry neighbours have the benefit of new custom-made accommodation.

An Exercise Step
by Adrian Burnes
No-one likes sets of stairs when they are in ill-health, but taking a step or two is useful exercise.

Bracelet Assistant and Quick Drills
by John Swinkels
This is a great gift for bracelet wearers.

Chess Timer
by Aaron Ehrlich
With some turning and electronics, Aaron produced this novelty timer.

The Old Dodge
by Carolyn McCully
Carolyn takes a break from flowers and animals and burns a piece of Detroit steel.

Some Hand Tools are Essential -2
We look at chisels and planes.

New Products

Book Reviews
Simply Wood
by Roshaan Ganief
Woodworker’s Guide to Handplanes
by Scott Wynn
Building a Strip Canoe
by Gil Gilpatrick
Canoe Paddles
by Graham Warren and David Giddmark

DVD Reviews
Bowl in Bowl
by Sue Harker
Screwples 8 – The Three Ball Conundrum
by John Berkeley

Issue Number 156 April 2011

Club Drumbeat
Ku-ring-gai Community Workshop (NSW), Sydney Woodcarving Group Inc (NSW) and Moe Woodworkers Group (VIC) scrollsawing weekend.

MGS-20 Multi-Position Guide Stop
by Neil Scobie
A new aftermarket accessory to further enhance the speed of the Festool Domino in making joints.

CNC Woodworking with Carba-Tec
Experimenting with interlocking joints

Merv Smolenski’s Wooden Train
by Reg Cooke
Having worked on the real thing for many years, Merv was in a good position to produce these faithfully detailed 1:20 scale models of carriages from the Queensland Railways’ Sunshine Express.

Good Ideas & Short Cuts
Wooden bases for stem glasses, drum sander stop indicator, lamp for deep boring and drilling holes on the lathe.

FLAI Type U Circular Saw Blade
by Stan Ceglinski
When the Wadkin Panelmaster at the Billinudgel Wood Working Company required a new blade, the FLAI Type U lived up to its claims.

Tenth Proserpine Turnout 2010
by Assoc. Editor George Hatfield
Organised by a Club with just seven members, the tenth Turnout had more special guests than usual.

Trend Airshield Pro
by Brendan Stemp
Brendan tries out this well-made offering in the dust helmet market.

Theo Kampes’ scrollsawn Amiens Cathedral In Silky Oak and another of Tom Willams’ odd bolts.

JET Machinery Maintenance
Further points on setting jointer infeed and outfeed tables for correct operation.

Hare & Forbes PT-300 Planer/Jointer/Thicknesser
by Allen Barrett
This new model has plenty of features and grunt for the price.


Collector’s Cabinet
by Neil Scobie
This is an elegant display cabinet with additional storage in the base. Its small size will suit smaller rooms while it can be readily enlarged if desired.

Improved Tenon Jig
by Neil Scobie
In past issues of AWW Neil has provided both an adjustable and a simplified tenon jig. With this version he has increased the versatility while still keeping the construction and operation simple.

Serviette Box
by Peter Fogelman
This simple woodworking project makes a popular gift.

Light Switches for a Standard Lamp
by Tom Williams
Two ideas for a more convenient light switch.

Notes on Woodturning – Part 4F Turning Beads, Fillets and Hollows (Coves)
by John Ewart
How to correctly shape a series of beads, fillets and hollows with the skew chisel and ensure a sharp transition from one to the other.

Carved Oval Bowl
by John Swinkels
John uses mostly power carving tools to shape these bowls as a diversion from his woodturning interests.

Turning Dinosaur Eggs
by John Rogers
A home made jig is the secret to these eyecatching ‘dinosaur eggs’.

The Kookaburra (Pyrography)
by Carolyn McCully
This monochrome pattern captures the kookaburra in a typical inquisitive pose.

Ship’s Wheel Clock
by Earl Hansen
A ship’s wheel is a challenging project for the turner, involving a fair amount of turning and the need to produce identical components.

Workshop Aids You Can Make
The twelfth in our Beginner Series, we look at how to make a sawhorse, bench hooks, shooting board, mitre box, push sticks and feather boards – all of which are very useful workshop items which are simple to make yourself.

New Products

Book Reviews
Great Book of Woodworking Projects
by the editors of American Woodworker
Big Book of Scroll Saw Woodworking
by the editors of Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Magazine
The Art of Carving Netsuke
by Peter Benson
Making Wooden Chess Sets
by Jim Kape

DVD Reviews
Stay Sharp!
by Mick Hanbury RPT
Fundamentals in Finishing Fundamentals in Finishing II
by Mac Simmons

Issue Number 157 June 2011

Phil Perkins’ version of a Neil Scobie box and John K Looker’s 18th Century style Lowboy in Tasmanina Blackwood.

USER REPORT – Sand-Flee Sanding Centre and Attachments
by Alan Baron
This new smaller Sand-Flee will have immediate appeal for many woodworkers, and the sanding and finishing attachments available make it even more versatile.

Notes on Woodturning – Part 5A Scrapers
by John Ewart
Used correctly, scrapers have their place in woodturning. John discusses the types available and their different uses.

The Three Grandfathers
Inspired by Greek and Roman classical elements, these two grandfather clocks designed and made by Chas Sheehan have been a labour of love.

USER REPORT – Vermec 3-Point Steady Rest
by Brendan Stemp
Considered to be the Rolls-Royce of steady rests, Brendan discusses the features that set the Vermec unit apart from the rest.

Timber & Working with Wood Brisbane & Sydney Show Guide
The Show season has begun. This year there is a new demonstrator and several new demonstrations, plus new products and promotions.

Four Axis Turning
Peter Hromek’s book, wood vessel sculpture, is largely a gallery featuring Peter’s spectacular work, but there is a technical step-by-step section on how Peter produces a four axis turning.

George’s Corner
by George Hatfield (Assoc. Editor)
At the Newcastle Show, George comes across John Ratley’s impressive intarsia, Tiger and Cubs, with around 450 individual pieces.

Battery Truths and Myths
by Paul Briggs, Akkupak
Paul compares the three main types of power tool cordless battery on the market today and how their correct selection and use will assist you to achieve optimum performance from your tools.

JET Machinery Maintenance
Planer table adjustment.


European Bar Table
by Allen Barrett
Adaped from a design that comes in both three and four legged versions, this occasional table is a definite conversation piece.

CNC Woodworking with Carba-Tec
It’s time to toss out those unused lettering templates for the router. Tony Forbes works through an example of how the CNC Shark Pro can produce nameplates in almost any size or font style that you could reasonably want.

Money Postbox
by Tom Williams
Practise your thread-making technique on this simple and attractive money box which will appeal to most children.

The Ultimate Turned Soccer Ball
by Ron Ryan
There’s a lot of maths involved in correctly laying out the components of a wooden soccer ball, but fortunately Ron has done it for you. All you need to do is follow his steps, use his jigs and you’ll have a perfect soccer ball.

Chest of Boxes
by Don Phillips
If you can make a box, you make this very handy storage chest. Don uses simple carcass techniques to build a box of boxes.

Three Manual-Powered Lathes
by Aaron Ehrlich
As a learning experience and a bit of fun, Aaron takes on the challenge involved in making a ‘better’ hand-powered lathe.

The Sandstone Church
by Carolyn McCully
This pyrography of an old building introduces a new range of texturing and shading effects. However, by breaking it down into ‘blocks’, even a novice can burn this image successfully.

Tea Candle Tray/Riser
by Alec Bethnall
Tea candle trays are available through tea candle parties, but you can also make your own to your preferred dimensions and design in the workshop.

Tea Candle Table Candelabra
by Alec Bethnall
Having made the tea candle tray, Alec went for something a bit fancier with this table top candelabra for two candles.

Something to Make – a Charging Centre
The thirteenth in our Beginner Series, we use the information covered so far to make a simple but practical project – a centre for all those chargers we now have in the modern household.

New Products

Book Reviews
Making Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles
by Charles W Ross
Woodworking Machines
A Back to Basics Book
The Workbench Design Book
by Christopher Schwartz & the Popular Woodworking Staff
Twenty Decorative Carving Projects in Period Styles
by Steve Bisco

Issue Number 158 August 2011

Men at Work and Play
The second exhibition by the male artists from the Society of Arts and Crafts of NSW.

by Terry Martin
In March attendees enjoyed another great series of turning demonstrations at Seaworld.

Notes on Woodturning – Part 5B
Using Scrapers
by John Ewart
For successful results, the turner must decide whether the scraper is the most appropriate tool for the task at hand.

Ozzy Mitchell from Yeppoon QLD puts a lot of work into his carved miniatures which can have over a 100 components.

JET Machinery Maintenance
Grinding wheel replacement.

Recycled Blackbutt Furniture
by Andrew Waller
Recycled Blackbutt was used to make durable contemporary furniture with a Western Australian connection.

Club Drumbeat
Blue Mountains Woodturners (NSW) Biennial Interclub Challenge

Sturt of Mittagong
by Mark Viner
After 70 years the Sturt School of Wood continues to thrive as one of Australia’s leading craft centres, particularly in the field of woodworking.

Timber & Working with Wood Canberra Show Guide
The latest on this year’s Shows including a new demonstrator and several new demonstrations, plus new products and promotions.

Festool CXS 10.8V Drill/Driver
by Sean Beedham
This tool is small, powerful and attractively priced. It makes an ideal assembly drill/driver or a compact companion to a larger model.

Confessions of a Compulsive Toy-Maker
by Chris Woolcock
From early childhood to his latest business venture, Chris has always left a trail of sawdust behind him.

Wycliffe Christian School NSW HSC Students 2009/2010


Wooden Seat Dining Chair
by Neil Scobie
Neil follows up on his cushioned seat dining chair with this new design. Made from two contrasting timbers, it has a higher back, different curves and, of course, a wooden seat.

CNC Woodworking with Carba-Tec
Tony Forbes continues to work through an example of how the CNC Shark Pro can produce nameplates in almost any size or font style. The Australian Woodworker logo was cut at the Sydney Timber & Working with Wood Show and can be viewed at the Sydney Carba-Tec store in Auburn.

Homemade Version of the Chinese Erhu
by Aaron Ehrlich
While primarily a fun woodturning exercise, this basic erhu design could be developed into a usable stringed instrument.

European Bar Table – 2
by Allen Barrett
Having made the legs in the last issue, Allen explains how to make the top, shelf and emblem and complete the assembly.

Gluing an 8-Piece Segmented Ring
by Alex Morey
In #155 Alex explained how to lay out and cut an 8-piece segmented ring. However, a conventional clamp band doesn’t work when gluing these rings. Alex explains his method.

Third Generation Laminated Platter
by Jim McConnachie
Cutting and regluing a laminated board three times creates this dramatic design which is then finished on the lathe. While there are alternative methods for mounting the platter, Jim uses a Longworth chuck.

Dragon Portrait
by Carolyn McCully
This is one of Carolyn’s simpler patterns, ideal for the beginner or for the more experienced pyrographer who wants to experiment with the image.

Power Tool Ergonomics
The fourteenth in our Beginner Series, we examine how ergonomics plays a big part in our ability to use power tools accurately and for long periods without adverse effects such as health conditions and ruined projects. We look at some of the features you should consider when purchasing tools.

New Products

Book Reviews
Chris Pye’s Woodcarving Course and Reference Manual
by Chris Pye
Turning Salt & Pepper Shakers and Mills
by Chris West
Taunton’s Complete Illustrated Guide to Bandsaws
by Roland Johnson
The Weekend Woodworker’s Project Collection

DVD Reviews
Hope for Us All
by Simon Hope RPT
What a Relief Seasoning for a Textured Bowl
by Mark Sanger RPT

Issue Number 159 October 2011

Stephen Faulkner’s Walking Tiger and Jumping Tiger (the latter with over 500 pieces).
Ron Croft’s wooden bulldozer started as a competition piece to be built from just one super foot of wood.

USER REPORT – JET JWS-22CS Spindle Shaper
by Alan Bendon
With the variety of off-the-shelf mouldings continuing to decrease, it’s timely to consider what a spindle moulder has to offer, versus its main opposition (at the hobby level) – the router table. This article includes a full review of the JET Spindle Shaper.

T&WW Show Sydney
Carba-Tec’s CNC woodworking demonstration, new promotion and new craft exhibitors all had an impact on this year’s Timber & Working with Wood Show in Sydney.

Turnfest Master 2012
by Terry Martin
Next year’s event promises to be the biggest ever with 40 demonstrators including 24 from overseas. In this article Terry looks at the work of 9 of the international turners.

JET Machinery Maintenance
Make ply or MDF templates from the drawings provided so that you can cut your own abrasive strips for the three smallest JET Drum Sander models with ease.

Club Drumbeat
Formed from an initiative of the late Vin Smith, The Woodcraft Guild of Tasmania Inc recently celebrated its Silver Anniversary.

Notes on Woodturning – Part 6 Parting Tools
by John Ewart
Appropriate selection and use of parting tools are essential if you wish to avoid a rough finish that has to be corrected by other means. These tools also have more applications than simply parting off.

Timber & Working with Wood Melbourne Show Guide
Following on from the other Shows this year, the Melbourne event will have the new demonstrator and several new demonstrations, plus new products and promotions.

Files, Rasps and Rifflers
The fifteenth in our Beginner Series, we look at the role of files, rasps and riffles in woodworking. While the file is a tool borrowed from woodworking, all three tools can be used to hand shape wood and solve a woodworking problem.


The Humble Saw Stool…or is it?
by Rod Chambers
With a little thought and effort, a ‘shop made saw stool designed to suit your specific needs can be a very worthwhile addition to your workshop.

From Chicken Scratchings to Emperor’s Carriage
Ken Wraight discusses how his award-winning turning projects – made on a conventional woodlathe – evolve from rough concept to finished item. He also outlines the array of templates, carriers and jigs required to ensure consistency and a successful end result.

Woodturner’s Whirligig
by Aaron Ehrlich
Made from workshop scrap materials, this is a fun project for the garden. We’ve included a list of books and plans covering more designs for whirligigs.

Woodturning with Epoxy Resin
by Brendan Stemp
By using resin as the binder you can transform a wide range of materials – wood shavings, gumnuts, feathers, etc. – into usable blanks for woodturning.

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar
by Vicky Fraser
This project is definitely a woodworker’s idea of an Advent Calendar – a tree-shaped box with 25 wooden drawers! The main material is MDF for stability and ease of working, but plywood or glued-up solid timber panels are alternatives.

Bowl Embellishment
by Carolyn McCully
Add interest to a bowl or any turned or carved piece by decorating with pyrography or painting. Carolyn discusses how the shape of the item and the appearance of the wood should influence the choice of pattern and its application.

Making an Archery Bow
by Reg Cooke
Used to making musical instruments, Reg applies his talents to make a stringed wooden instrument of a very different kind – the archery bow. In spite of the steep learning curve, the project is a great success.

New Products

Book Reviews
The New Traditional Woodworker
by Jim Tolpin
Blanket Chests
by Scott Gibson & Peter Turner
Lettering & Sign Carving Workbook
by Betty Padden
Natural Edge Bowls
by Bernard Hohlfeld

DVD Reviews
Surface Preparation and Staining
by Hendrik Varju
Hand Finishing and Rubbing Out
by Hendrik Varju

Issue Number 160 December 2011

India’s Sewn Plank Boats
by Barry Scott
On a visit to southwest India, Barry inspects the Hodea, Kettu Vallum and wood fishing rafts still used by Indian fishermen.

Turnfest Masters – the Americans are Coming
by Terry Martin
A dozen demonstrators from the USA will represent the largest overseas contingent at the Turnfest Masters on the Gold Coast next March.

USER REPORT – MicroJig GRR-Ripper Pushblock System
The MicroJig GRR-Ripper is more than a safety device, offering a new approach to cutting faster, easier and more accurately on tablesaws, bandsaws, routers and spindle moulders.

JET Machinery Maintenance
This guide to replacing the rubber tyres on the wheels of a JET bandsaw can be adapted to other brands of bandsaw with a similar system. There’s also a corrected set of template drawings for the abrasive strips for the three smallest JET Drum Sander models.

Notes on Woodturning – Part 7 Gripping the Turning Tool
by John Ewart
The correct stance enables good control but a turner must also decide which method works best for them. John discusses what to consider when you are holding a tool at the lathe.

Club Drumbeat
This year’s Down Under Turn Around on Phillip Island VIC and the work of the Peninsula Woodturners Guild Inc (VIC).

A selection of boxes from Bob Dean including his Tree of Boxes. We also have more examples of Ozzy Mitchell’s carved replicas in wood.

USER REVIEW – Festool TS 55 and Guide Rail System
With a few recent improvements, the Festool TS 55 system maintains its reputation as a very versatile saw and guiide combo.

Timber Suggestions for Your Next Project
We contacted our specialist timber advertisers for their favourite species when selecting a timber for an important project.

Control Your Dust – 1
The 16th in our Beginner Series, we look at the importance of dust control and some of the options for removing dust and debris from the workshop.


Working with the Gifkins Jig
Pt.1 A Simple Box
by Don Phillips
Don experiments with the Australian designed and made Gifkins Dovetail Jig, beginning with a simple jewellery box with a removable tray.

Chuck Gripper Mk.II
by Peter Fogelman
With reduced strength in his hands, Peter went back to the drawing board to design a new gripper for keyless drill chucks – this time it’s made from wood.

Rockin’ Bowl
by Sue Walters
Sue burns a rock pattern onto a plain bowl to illustrate the various methods that can be used to transform a flat piece of pyrography into a three-dimensional effect. You can choose to add anything from subtle tones up to the whole works.

CNC Woodworking with Carba-Tec
In the third and final instalment for this project, Tony Forbes finishes the CNC carving of the wooden nameplate.

Make a Bench Mallet
by Jim McConnachie
If you’ve been following John Ewart’s series on turning basics, you’ll have the skills to make your own bench mallet, following Jim’s description.

Extension Dining Table
by Charles T Orr
This extension table uses removable table top leaves to increase its size when guests arrive. A big advantage in making your own table is that you can dimension it to make the best use of the available space in your dining area.

Further Applications of 8-Piece Rings
by Bob Longford
Bob discusses refinements to Alex Morey’s method of gluing up overlapping 8-piece rings as well as the making of 8-piece sector rings. Both rings are used to provide strong joints in the wooden bangles turned by Bob’s high school students.

Thinking Outside the Round
by Phil Griffiths
Laminating offcuts allows Phil to make better use of his stock. In this case he was able to make a secondary piece from the turned offcuts left over from the project.

New Products

Book Reviews
Timber Bending
by MC Hendrikson OAM
How to Make Workbenches & Shop Storage Solutions
by American Woodworker authors
Turning Segmented Lamps
by Ralph S Buckland
Big Book of Intarsia Woodworking
by the Editors of Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts

DVD Reviews
Using and Tuning Your Bandsaw
by Hendrik Varju

Issue Number 161 February 2012

Harold Manwaring’s Wooden Marvels
Having built a steam locomotive and a steam beam engine, both of which operate on compressed air and are made almost entirely of wood, Harold is currently working on a steam traction engine.

USER REVIEW – RDG Blade Saver Kits
These kits allow you to detect and remove metal inclusions in the wood before they damage your expensive woodworking machines.

Colac Otway Wood Design Exhibition 2011

Turnfest Masters – The Wizards of Oz
by Terry Martin
While Turnfest is known for its international content, this year there will also be an impressive display of Australian talent with 20 local demonstrators.

USER REPORT – Torque Workcentre Universal Machine
by Stuart Lees of Stu’s Shed
As the flexibility of the Torque Workcentre is explored, it is becoming a universal machine, capable of a wide range of applications carried out accurately and with ease.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.8 – A Woodturner’s Posture
by John Ewart
Fundamental to controlling the tool in this manner are your stance and body movement.

USER REPORT – Panasonic 14.4V Li-Ion Cordless Tools
by Mark Nash

Club Drumbeat
Manning Great Lakes Woodworkers (NSW) open their new facilities.

Building a Gazebo
by Christer Lindée
A foray into construction woodworking proved to be a success when this gazebo survived Cyclone Yasi virtually unscathed.

Earl Hansen’s Dozer and Grader, plus Tom Williams’ vase turned on three centres.


Chair Repair
by Harry Ellis
While this was a difficult repair, it demonstrated that sometimes repairing an old chair of good quality is worth the extra effort.

Magic Puddings
by Maurice Passmore
Norman Lindsay’s iconic character makes a great subject for those turning offcuts that accumulate in the workshop.

Laminated Celtic Rolling Pin
by Brian Hall
Keen to win his Club’s rolling pin competition, novice Brian Hall came up with this striking design. Only when the blank is turned is the true shape of the laminations revealed.

Turning Big
by Phil Griffiths
To make this impressive double-sided mural, Phil turned the blank, split it and rejoined it, turned it again and then de-laminated the laminations.

Making a Zograscope
by Aaron Ehrlich
Popular in the 18th Century, zograscopes are just a novelty today but they do present an interesting exercise in spindle turning.

Soccer Balls, Big and Small
by Aynsley Rowe (edited by Caren Barnet)
Having perfected a method for making wooden soccer balls and having enough material left over, Aynsley turned four balls varying from 8″ (203.2mm) to 1″ (25.4mm).

Kangaroo Resting
by Carolyn McCully
A trip to a wildlife park led to this pyrographic portrait of one of Australia’s favourite animals.

Faceplate Fluting with a Symtec
by Rob Wood
Using the Symtec Router Holder to cut flutes.

Set of Six Dining Chairs
by Charles T Orr
Charles makes six chairs to match the extension dining table in last issue. The method for upholstering the seats will appear in the next issue.

Make Your Own Router Table
by Don Phillips
While there are many commercial router tables to choose from, Don shows that making your own is still an option.

Control Your Dust – 2
The 17th in our Beginner Series, we look at the factors to consider when designing and installing a dedicated dust extraction system in your workshop.

Other Features

New Products

Book Reviews
Woodburning Project & Pattern Treasury
by Deborah Pompano
Carving Faces Workbook
by Harold Enlow
Carving 18th Century American Furniture Elements
by Tony Kubalak
Pen & Pencil Projects (A Guide for Woodturners)
by Walter Hall
Hand Planes in the Modern Shop
by Kerry Pierce

DVD Reviews
Using Your Router and Router Table Safely
by Hendrik Varju

Issue Number 162 April 2012

Club Drumbeat
Gippsland Woodcraft Group Inc, Nambrok VIC, make seating for rail trails from bridge decking while the Cooroora Woodworkers Club Inc (QLD) present the new Australian Red Cedar shield for their Inter-Club Challenge.

USER REPORT – Paftec CleanSpace Dust Mask
Australian designed and assembled, the Paftec CleanSpace Dust Mask offers a new solution to an age old workshop problem.

Devised in Australia to suit local school requirements, the Festool4Schools program is one power tool manufacturer’s response to the need to better train and equip the woodworkers of tomorrow.

Peter Olds – An Australian Icon in Wood
by Gloria Banting
Maryborough’s Citizen of the Year in 1999 and ABC Australia All Over Australian of the Year for 2011, Peter Olds is a most worthy subject for Kevin Banting’s latest heavily detailed carving.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.9 – Finishing a Square
by John Ewart
Many spindle profiles incorporate a square or unturned section, for decoration or to accept an intersecting member such as a rail. John looks at the options available to blend the transition between the square and turned sections, and the differing techniques involved.

Well into his 90s, Bill Riley decided to make his first musical instrument – a violin – last year. Meanwhile, Ian Scanlin has a passion for toy vehicles including this wrecker truck with operating booms and independent wheel suspension.

Control Your Dust – 3
The 18th in our Beginners’ Series, this issue we look at ambient dust and the ways of dealing with it, ie. air filtration devices (both the box-type rectangular collectors and the Microclene cylindrical units) and dust masks, both powered and unpowered.


Un-identical Twins
by Alann Brown
Inspired by the slots formed by the Festool Domino, these stools – one from New Guinea Rosewood, the other from New Guinea Rosewood and American White Oak – would grace any contemporary kitchen, dining or bar area.

Making the Wheels for the Emperor’s Carriage
by Ken Wraight
Ken explains one method for making the intricate routed wheels he used on his turned Emperor’s Carriage.

Upholstering Dining Chairs
by Charles T Orr
Having built the dining chairs in the last issue, Charles now upholsters the seats with traditional methods using flocking and coil springs.

Beginner Project – Compact Mirror
by Ken Wraight
Using a minimum of tools and equipment, Ken demonstrates the woodturning necessary to convert a metal fitment into a wood-embellished compact mirror.

A Box in the Shaker Style
by Phil Griffiths
Using a steam box, wooden mould and plenty of hose clamps, Phil makes this distinctive style of oval storage box.

Scrap Wedges
by Reg Cooke
Reg shows how even small offcuts may have a second life rather than being consigned to the bin.

Butterfly’s Rest
by Carolyn McCully
This insect’s injured wings gave Carolyn a rare opportunity to photograph a butterfly ‘at rest’, enabling her to develop this attractive pyrography pattern.

An Alternative Method for Mounting a Bowl or Platter
by Alan McNaught
Hotmelt glue and a faceplate ring allow Alan to turn bowls and platters without the usual spigot or recess in the base.

Finger Jointing Jig
by Richard Collins
The need to finger joint long boards without the configuration limitations of a typical jointing jig prompted Richard to develop this design for a homemade jig.

New Products

Book Reviews
Woodcarving Magic
by Bjarne Jespersen
Woodturning Today: A Dramatic Evolution
Creative Wooden Boxes from the Scroll Saw
by Carole Rothman
Woodturning Evolution
by Nick Agar and David Springett

DVD Reviews
The French Collection
– An Introduction to The Bedan Tool
by Jean François Escoulen
The French Collection
– An Introduction to The Escoulen Mk3 Eccentric Chuck
by Jean François Escoulen

Issue Number 163 June 2012

Graeme Palmer – Tackling Almost Anything
by Gloria Banting
Trained as a carpenter & joiner and later as a builder, Graeme Palmer also delights in woodworking as a pastime – from turning and carving award-winning pieces to fabricating wooden components such as steering wheels, wheel hubs and even a full body for an old ute.

Club Drumbeat
The Hastings Woodworkers Guild Inc (NSW) have a unique location with their clubrooms located inside Wauchope’s Timbertown. Innisfail Woodworkers Guild (QLD) look forward to their Weekend Festival of Woodworking.

Intarsia Master
by George Hatfield Assoc. Editor
George details the latest work of Intarsia by John Ratley of Newcastle. With a total of 31 animals, his Jaguar Jungle contains too many pieces to count.

T&WW Show Brisbane
The 2012 season of the Timber & Working with Wood Shows kicks off in Brisbane over the weekend of 18-20 May. The theme of this year’s Shows is Come (to the Show), Try (out the tools and equipment) and Learn (about all aspects of woodworking). The new format promises to be more interactive for visitors.

Turning Escape 2012 Blue Mountains
The ‘weekend of woodturning’ style of event comes to the Sydney region.

Felder Machines enhance Avondale School’s Trade Training Centre
The use of trade quality equipment and a production style machine layout has enabled Avondale to double their student intake without increasing their workshop space.

Woodcut Negative Rake Scraper
by Brendan Stemp
While negative rake scrapers have been in use for woodturning for some time, the Woodcut version is believed to be the first commercially made tool specifically designed for this purpose.

Festool Domino XL
by Alex Brennan
Designed for bigger jointing tasks, from large boxes and chairs, to tables and outdoor furniture, the new Domino XL will plunge cut up to 70mm and handle Dominoes 8-14mm thick.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.10A – The Detail Gouge
by John Ewart
Often referred to as a spindle gouge, the detail gouge is much more versatile than the name implies. In this first instalment, John discusses the different types of detail gouges available.

Sharpening Edge Tools
The 19th in our Beginners’ Series, this issue we look at one of the most important subjects that a novice must learn – how to sharpen tools. A sharp tool is essential for good results, but there are a myriad of ways to sharpen tools and each one has its devotees. We provide an explanation of the sharpening process and an overview of the equipment and methods available.


Un-identical Twins – 2
by Alann Brown
In this issue Alann completes the seats and decorative rails and assembles the two stools.

Beginner Project – Desktop Calculator
by Ken Wraight
Introducing the use of the vernier calipers in this series, Ken demonstrates the turning of a figured wooden surround for a calculator insert. The same techniques can be applied to other items such as bottle openers and ceramic tiles to provide them with a wooden surround and base.

Brown Stag Beetle
by Carolyn McCully
Carolyn aims for the appearance of an Olde-Worlde entomological illustration with this design for a brown stag beetle, including text.

Working with the Gifkins Jig – 2 – Chest
by Don Phillips
Exploring the upper limits of the basic Gifkins A10 starter jig set, Don designs and makes a 600mm wide chest including, of course, dovetailed joints for the body and lid.

Wooden Pot Plant Containers
by W Lane
A quick fix to hide an ugly plastic pot led to the development of this design to provide an attractive wooden container for standard pots. Bill builds them in a stackable nest of three to suit different pot sizes and make them easier to store when not in use.

New Products

Book Reviews
Building Small Cabinets
by Doug Stowe
Crafting Wooden Lamps
by Ken Burton
Box Builder’s Handbook
by AJ Hamler
Segmented Turning — A Practical Guide
by Dennis Keeling

Issue Number 164 August 2012

by Andrew MacDougall
Based on the commercial machines used to sharpen Robert Sorby hand tools in the factory, the ProEdge may look like a linisher but the construction and belts used are quite different. The result is a different way to sharpen edge tools, with a number of advantages.

John Sully’s entertainment unit, John Rogers’ wooden BMX bike and Phil Perkins’s Queen Anne Lowboy in Queensland Maple.

Club Drumbeat
The Woodturners of Denmark (WA) have their annual exhibition, Redcliffe & District Woodcraft Society Inc (QLD) celebrate 20 years and Ballarat Woodworkers’ Guild (VIC) hold their annual Wood & Craft Show.

Coffs Harbour Furniture Design Course
by John Ewart
With fewer TAFE colleges offering woodworking courses, the North Coast Institute of TAFE (Coffs Harbour campus) bucks the trend, offering Furniture Design Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses since 2000.

MyState Australian Wooden Boat Festival 2013
Now considered to be the largest maritime event in the Southern Hemisphere, this biennial event is a celebration of wooden boats and boatbuilding, held in Hobart in February.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.10B
– Using the Detail Gouge
by John Ewart
Cutting, scraping, slicing and shaping with the detail gouge, a tool woodturners often regard as the most versatile item in their kit.

T&WW Show Sydney/Canberra
The 2012 season of the Timber & Working with Wood Shows continues with the Sydney Show in July (New Venue – Sydney Showground) and the Canberra Show at the beginning of September. The theme of this year’s Shows is Come (to the Show), Try (out the tools and equipment) and Learn (about all aspects of woodworking.

USER REPORT – Bosch Sabre Saw

Honing Edge Tools
The 20th in our Beginners’ Series, in this issue we discuss honing – why it is different to sharpening, its importance and how to do it successfully. We look at honing wheels, strops, bench stones and diamond plates.


Cheaper by the Dozen – a Wooden Pencil Box
by Richard Rees
With the aid of a router and a homemade jig, Richard turned this project into a production run for Christmas presents. The box features a novel twist, slide and rotate action to open the lid.

Beginner Project – Salt & Pepper Shakers
by Ken Wraight
Ken introduces drilling on centre and the use of a jam chuck to turn these shakers. The same approach can be used for bud vases.

Carving a Kookaburra
by Frank Rowe
An Australian icon, the kookaburra is a little more difficult to carve than may first appear, but it makes an attractive sculpture nonetheless. Frank uses both carving and pyrography to capture the kookaburra’s unique appearance.

Micro-Turning with a Dremel
by Aaron Ehrlich
Aaron employs an idea off the Internet to set up a Dremel rotary tool to power a homemade micro lathe. To make best use of the lathe, Aaron also has to make suitable micro-turning tools.

Furniture Repair
by Peter Fogelman
Fixing a chair is relatively easy once the broken dowels are removed from the joints, but how can this be done without damaging the dowel holes? As joint doctor in his retirement village, Peter explains his tried and tested method.

A Simple Lathe Accessory
by Guy Sands
Guy found that by combining a Dremel on its drill press stand with a lathe and indexer, he could make treads on wooden wheels quickly and accurately. This set-up has the potential to be used for a number of applications.

Make a Workbench Tail Vice -1
by Richard Collins
A handy accessory for any woodworking bench, this homemade tail vice is large, well made and easy to use.

The Australian Pelican
by Carolyn McCully
Using a variety of pyrography strokes, layered burns and a touch of colour, Carolyn creates a favourite image from her childhood.

New Products

Book Reviews
Woodworker’s Guide to Sharpening
by John English
Turning Custom Duck and Game Calls
by Ed Glenn & Greg Keats
Essentials Woodcarving Techniques
by Dick Onians
Woodwork for Women
by Patt Gregory

DVD Reviews
Antipodean Adventures in Woodturning — Manta Ray
by Terry Scott
A Burning Ambition — Mastering Pyrography Vol.1
by Bob Neill

Issue Number 165 October 2012

A renovation in Spotted Gum and Black Bean veneer by Andrew Waller Design and Hoffman’s Interiors, Aaron Cooper’s toys from laminated plywood and Carolyn McCully’s watercolour version of her AWW #164 pyrography pattern. 2

We Love Wood Exhibition
Gabbett Machinery added interest to their recent open days with an exhibit of timber items made by their commercial customers.

Woodturning Anecdotes
by John Ewart
John looks back at some of the more humorous moments in his long career in teaching woodturning.

Club Drumbeat
The Lockyer Woodcrafters Group Inc (QLD) open their new Club premises and the Eltham & District Woodworkers Inc celebrate their 25th Anniversary.

Australian Scroll Saw Exhibition 2012
by Neil Schulz
Attracting a high standard of entries, the Scroll Saw Network’s fifth biennial exhibition was hosted by the Gympie and Region Woodworkers Club (QLD) at the Gympie Conference Centre.

New Sand-Flee for Australia
US manufacturer, RJR Studios, has released the Sand-Flee Model 935, made specifically to meet the needs of the Australian and New Zealand woodworking markets.

T&WW Show Melbourne
The finale of the 2012 season of the Timber & Working with Wood Shows is the Melbourne Show in October. The theme of this year’s Shows is Come (to the Show), Try (out the tools and equipment) and Learn (about all aspects of woodworking.

This exhibition of work by NSW HSC students 2011 at the Sydney Timber & Working with Wood Show was viewed by over 2300 high school students as well as general visitors to the Show.

USER REPORT – Festool TS 55 System
by Alan Bendon
While Festool’s new model of the TS 55 isn’t radically different to its predecessers, a number of improvements and innovations, coupled with new accessories, enable this portable power saw to do the work of a Panel Saw, Tablesaw or Mitre Saw.

USER REPORT – Ford Ranger XLT Diesel Ute
by Steven Burrows
Your next station wagon could be one of Ford’s new generation ladder chassis utes.


Getting to Know Your Bandsaw
The 21st in our Beginners’ Series, in this issue we discuss blade selection, adjusting the wheels, sawblade and worktable, correcting blade drift, setting up the blade guides and aligning the fence.

Beginner Project – Stacking Coasters
by Ken Wraight
Ken uses techniques from previous beginner projects to turn a series of coasters that stack. The coasters incorporate the 90mm dia. ceramic tiles available from most woodturning outlets, but the design can be adapted to make decorative all-wood coasters or teapot trivets with a 150mm dia. tile.

A New Old Tool Chest
by Phil Spencer
When Phil wanted a suitable means of storing his collection of hand tools, many from his apprentice days, he chose to make an apprentice’s tool box, complete with internal till, felt linings held down with Blue Glue and a milk paint external finish.

Seed Pot Moulding Tools
by Aaron Ehrlich
A simple and useful turning project for the garden, this handy trio of punch, die and dibber/tamper makes free seed pots from old newspapers.

Notes on Woodturning
Pt.11A – Turning a Coffee Table Leg Using Traditional Techniques
by John Ewart
John combines the steps and techniques covered in previous articles in this series to produce a coffee table leg. The same sequence can be used to make a turned leg of almost any shape to suit any type of table, tall or short.

Machining Mouldings for Clocks
by Geoff Kretchmer
Finding himself with plans but no mouldings for a grandfather clock, Geoff had a go with his home workshop equipment, templates cut from the plans and bearing-fitted router bits. The result was so successful he built another clock with the same methods.

Rustic Chooks Breadboard
by Carolyn McCully
Working with a heavily oiled and waxed board was a challenge, but Carolyn relates how she overcame the problems to produce an attractive pyrography item for the kitchen.

Make a Workbench Tail Vice – 2
by Richard Collins
The second and final instalment on how to make this handy accessory. Suitable for any woodworking bench, this homemade tail vice is large, well made and easy to use.

New Products

Book Reviews
How to Build Electric Guitars
by Will Kelly
Acanthus Carving and Design
by Bob Yorburg and Hans Sandom
Router Jigs & Templates
by Anthony Bailey
Contemporary Woodturning: Techniques and Projects
by Nick Arnull

Issue Number 166 December 2012

George Thwaites
by Phil Spencer
At 50 years of age, George Thwaites moved his furniture making business, including apprentices and plant equipment, from London to the small town of Melbourne. His great great great grandson examines his ancestor’s contribution to the woodworking heritage of that city.

Woodcraft Guild ACT Inc 30th Annual Exhibition
Held in conjunction with the Canberra Timber & Working with Wood Show, the ACT Guild’s annual exhibition continues to be one of the larger and more varied Club competitions in the country.

Neil & Kaye Pedwell’s model of the Studebaker Golden Hawk, Robert Joliffe’s rocking chair from a Neil Scobie plan and two turned and burnt items by turner and pyrographer, Doug Bell.

USER REPORT – SOVIS Speed Controller
by Alan Bendon
Australian designed and made, the SOVIS Speed Controller enables variable speed control of machines with a Universal Motor, ie. the conventional brush type motor.

Woodturning Demonstration Anecdotes
by John Ewart
John continues his recollections of his long woodturning career, this time covering some of the demonstrations he has seen or done.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.11B – Turning a Coffee Table Leg Using Modified Turning Techniques
by John Ewart
If you are nervous about using the skew chisel, John describes how you can make a turned chair leg using alternative tools for most steps.

The Versatile Bandsaw
The 22nd in our Beginner’s Series, this issue we look at some of the operations and advantages of the bandsaw, having covered basic machine set-up in the last issue.


Beginner Project #5 – Cheese & Cracker Platter
by Ken Wraight
Moving up from the coasters and trivets of last issue, Ken uses the same techniques plus new ones to turn this attractive and functional cheese & cracker platter.

Turning Tagua Nuts
by Mike Darlow
Mike turns small bun feet from this unusual off-white plant material, often referred to as an alternative to elephant ivory.

Wooden Treasures
by Alan Logan
Alan’s fellow Club member, Tracey Malady, makes finger rings, by turning small pieces of wood chosen for their grain and colour.

A Rectangular Box That Isn’t
by Denis Hamilton
A trick of the eye, this out-of-square box looks quite normal when viewed at the correct angle. It’s a fun project as well as a conversation starter.

Turned & Carved Kangaroo Flower Pot
by Erich Aldinger
Challenge your freehand turning technique with this ‘modern’ sculpture of a kangaroo.

Segmented Top Hall Table
by Charles T Orr
Charles dresses up a hall table by fluting the turned legs and segmenting the table top.

Flaming Pine
by Maurice Passmore
The Granite Belt Woodies have a go at solving the resin problem associated with using Pine as a cabinet timber.

The Devil’’s Marbles
by Carolyn McCully
Keen to capture the bright blue sky of the Northern Territory and the vivid white of the desert trees, Carolyn blends painting and pyrography to create the desired effect.

Turning Spillicans from Offcuts
by Aaron Ehrlich
Lengths of 5mm square Huon Pine may look like fire kindling, but Aaron finds a good use for them with this age-old game.

Working with Gifkins Jig – 3 Laminated Jewellery Box
by Don Phillips
Inspired by one of Roger Gifkin’s designs, Don makes this striking box with dovetails that neatly align with the laminations.

New Products

Book Reviews
Big Book of Christmas Ornaments and Decorations
by the Editors of Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts magazine
Best Workbenches
by the editors of Fine Woodworking
Woodturning Christmas Ornaments
by Dale L Nish
Joinery Tips & Techniques
by the editors of Popular Woodworking magazine

Issue Number 167 February 2013

John Looker’s wooden geared clock built to the David Bryant DB335 plan and Maricha Oxley’s Rod Point Sailing Club trophy.

Torimba 2012
by Gloria Banting
Now in its 43rd year, the annual Torimba Festival in Ravenshoe QLD attracted a variety of excellent entries in different categories, many from younger woodworkers.

Robert Sorby Micro Turning Tools
by Aaron Ehrlich
A keen turner of miniatures, Aaron trials the new set of Sorby modular micro tools including the Sandermaster and Spiralling tools.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.12:
Turning a Job Using a Steady Rest
by John Ewart
John explains the function of a steady rest when turning long thin items and when and how you should use one on the lathe.

Sutton Tools Four-Fluted Auger Bits
by Bob Barrington
Bob tests Sutton Tool’s alternative to the traditional spade bit.

Turnfest Masters
by Neil Scobie
Celebrating a ten year journey, Turnfest 2012 had an outstanding line-up of international and Australian demonstrators.

Making Scrollsawn Clocks
by Cedric Shorey Ph.D
While Cedric has built a number of different clocks in the past, his latest interest is decorated clock cases made with the scrollsaw.

Dovetails and Log-cutting on a Bandsaw
The 23rd in our Beginner’s Series, we look at cutting dovetails on a bandsaw with a jig and breaking down a log on a bandsaw with a purpose-made sled.

St Therese of Lisieux
by Maricha Oxley
Maricha discusses the challenges in the construction of her 2.5 metre tall religious sculpture carved from Huon Pine and weighing approx. 65kg.


Pocket Screw Joints
by Reg Cooke
Needing to invisibly attach a finger rest to a guitar, while still making it detachable, Reg resorted to an old technique not commonly used today – the pocket screw joint.

Upholstered Footstool & Sewing Box
by Peter Fogelman
Peter’s version of an antique footstool is an interesting subject for upholstering as well as a practical and attractive furniture item.

Rotating Bookcase
by Charles Storey
A sure winner with the bookworm in the family, this modern take on the traditional mobile rotating bookcase is a handy unit that can be built one or two shelves high.

A Cherished Memory
by Carolyn McCully
A pyrography of a treasured pet can make a wonderful and lasting memento. Carolyn describes the burning of a portrait of her sister’s dog, Storm.

Ye Olde Treasure Chest
by Alan Bendon
Keep your treasures, whatever they may be, in this themed jewellery box. The trick is in making the lid which has several arched components.

Making a Camera Obscura
by Aaron Ehrlich
This device, used for centuries in the time before plate, film and digital cameras, makes an interesting project and still has its uses today.

Beginner Project #6 – Cheese Knife
by Ken Wraight
While a knife is a relatively small item to turn, Ken shows that there’s a fair amount of design and technique involved in producing this cheese knife.

Wall-hung Corner Cupboard
by Don Phillips
With only a room corner for storage space, Don designs and builds a cupboard for the coffee cups and glasses used on special occasions.

Folding Candleholder
by John Swinkels
Based on a similar item sold in plastic, John makes these candleholders designed to take four tealights

New Products

Book Reviews
Fresh Designs for Woodworking
by Thomas Haapapuro
Turning Wood with Carbide Tools
by John English
14 Boxes You Can Make edited
by Jim Harrold
Whittlin’ Whistles
by Rick Wiebe

DVD Review
Sharpening and Tuning Hand Planes and Chisels
by Hendrik Varju

Issue Number 168 April 2013

Hans Weissflog – One of a Kind
by Terry Martin
An occasional visitor to Turnfest in Queensland, Hans Weissflog is one of a growing number of international turners whose unique work is becoming well-known to the hobbyist as well as the professional. His signature work is ‘pierced’ boxes produced on the lathe and more recently, bowls displaying moiré patterns.

Club Drumbeat
The activities of The Traditional Tools Group (TTTG) based in Sydney and the establishment of the Hunters Hill – Ryde Men’s Shed, also in Sydney.

More Woodturning Anecdotes
by John Ewart
John tells a few stories about identities such as Tiny Hayes, Mike Reid, Ballina’s Bag Man and musical woodturners.

USER REPORT SM20 Dremel Saw-Max
by Anatole Beauchene
Using a carbide cut-off wheel rather than a traditional toothed blade, the SM20 is an unusual portable woodworking tool but as Anatole discovers, it has a number of features that make it a worthwhile consideration for your toolbox.

Making Finger-Joints on a Tablesaw
The 24th in our Beginner’s Series, we look at a simple jig for making finger-joints on the tablesaw. Finger joints are commonly used for boxmaking and small cabinetry items and offer an alternative to dovetail joints.


George III Mantle Clock
by Phil Spencer
Starting with an English plan for a George III Period Bracket Clock, Phil details how he sourced the materials and overcame the obstacles to producing his first mantle clock.

Making a Skateboard
by Glenn and Nic Roberts
Father and son, Glenn and Nic, collaborate on a skateboard project which involves the use of veneers, epoxy adhesive and vacuum forming. Glenn gets to keep the vacuum pump and press arrangement for future woodworking projects while Nic has a longboard skateboard to his own design.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.13A – Turning a Bun Foot from Dressed Timber
by John Ewart
Bun feet are a useful item to be able to turn and they can be turned in two ways, depending on the preparation of the blank. In this first part, John looks at the method used to turn a bun foot from a thicknessed blank that has both faces dressed.

Carving a Heart Necklace
by Maricha Oxley
This is a simple but elegant carving that requires little wood and only a few carving tools. With no experience and some patience, you can make a cherished keepsake for someone special.

Portrait of a Draught Horse
by Carolyn McCully
With the eye, harness and dark blinker, this image is an exercise in burning different shades of ‘black’ to provide the desired contrast and texture.

Bespoke Turning Stool
by Aaron Ehrlich
Bad back or weak legs making it difficult to enjoy your woodturning? Aaron investigates what is required to make a satisfactory stool so that you can sit while you turn at the lathe.

Lattice Laundry Basket
by Don Philips
Throw out your ugly plastic laundry basket and replace it with this attractive wooden unit. The lattice is machined from a single panel, creating a mesh that won’t warp or fall apart.

The Swallow Pot-Pourri Pot
by Erich Aldinger
To make these pots, the timber blank is first turned and then carved to its final shape. The result is an unusual and attractive design where each pot is unique, being hand shaped in the final machine carving phase.

Ye Olde Treasure Chest – 2
by Alan Bendon
This themed jewellery box can be used for a variety of purposes and makes a great gift. In this article Alan adds the slats and other features that give the box its character.

Beginner Project #7 – Confectionery or Nut Bowl
by Ken Wraight
After a number of non-bowl projects to teach a variety of techniques, Ken has relented and produced this design for a small confectionery or nut bowl. Ken notes that a bowl should be attractive and functional rather than being the biggest shape one can turn from the blank provided.

New Products

Book Reviews
Turning Modified Slimline Pens (Beyond the Basics)
by Don Ward
Routers & Router Tables
by Editors and Contributors to Fine Woodworking
History of Lovespoons
by David Western
Segmented Bowls For the Beginning Turner
by Don Jovag

DVD Review
Hand Planing Techniques
by Hendrik Varju

Issue Number 169 June 2013

Woodworking Projects for Juniors – Australian Scout Jamboree 2013
by Gloria Banting
Setting up and running woodworking activities for 8000 Scouts was a mammoth task for the Maryborough Woodturners, but one that brought a lot of joy and provided plenty of insight into how to interest the younger generation in woodworking.

Vale Barry Black 1928-2013
A man of many interests, Barry will be remembered by woodworkers as the Dremel Man, the man who carved the miniature boot display at Bungendore Woodworks and a prolific pen-maker (cover story AWW #120 April 2005).

Impossible Joints
by Norbert Babel
Following on from recent interest in Keith Hudson’s rolling pin with an ‘impossible dovetail’, Norbert shows how he makes these on a home-made jig, as well as displaying some other ‘impossible’ joints.

A Blues Guitar
by Ted Smith
A visit to the Melbourne Timber & Working with Wood Show last year led to an instrument making course in Billinudgel on the NSW North Coast.

Peter Finocchiaro’s whirl bowl in the style of Hans Weissflog, Neil’s pedal sports car and Bonnie Schulze’s pyrography.

Carroll’s Has Moved!
After 18 years in Drysdale on the Bellarine, Carroll’s Woodcraft Supplies, one of Australia’s leading woodworking suppliers, has moved to much larger premises in Moolap, a suburb of Geelong.

Timber & Working With Wood Shows Brisbane & Sydney
The Timber & Working with Wood Show season for 2013 starts this May in Brisbane and features new demonstration programs by many exhibitors. Come, Try, Learn & Buy at this year’s Shows.

Trend Open Days March 2013
A long-standing tradition, the Trend Open Days are a mini woodworking show that offers plenty to see and watch, plus free admission.

Improving Safety in the Wood Industry
WorkCover NSW has launched the Wood Products Manufacturing Industry Action Plan to make woodworking workplaces more productive, healthy and safe.

See the Money – Review
Mike Darlow’s latest publishing venture is an accounting book intended for non-accountants, which should interest woodworkers running their own business.


Making a Skateboard – 2
by Nic Roberts
Nic transforms the moulded plywood blank from Part 1 into a decorated, personalised and effective skateboard.

Beginner Project #8 – Round Box with a Hinged Lid
by Ken Wraight
The eighth in Ken’s series of interesting practical projects for the novice to intermediate woodturner, this is a small box with hinged lid that develops basic skills in hollowing end grain.

Between the Lines – Making the Transition from Line Work to Detailed Image
by Carolyn McCully
Carolyn describes how this issue’s pyrography project, a Dusty Coral Pea, can be burnt as linework, a detailed monochrome, a monochrome with background or a coloured piece of pyrography.

Burning Timber – More Options for Pyrography
by Alison Eiser
Alison describes her experiences in burning different timbers, from Jacaranda and Silky Oak to Paperbark and White Beech.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.13B – Turning a Bun Foot from Sawn Timber
by John Ewart
Though more time-consuming than the approach in Pt.13A, this project develops useful techniques that can be applied to other turned items.

Turning Faux Bamboo
by Mike Darlow
Emulating an antique style that was once very fashionable, Mike turns a faux bamboo mirror frame from Australian Ash.

Turning Bone on the Lathe
by Aaron Ehrlich
Lack of material restricts the use of bone to small items but it is useful for turned embellishments.

Working with the Gifkins Jig – Pt.4 Pagoda Box
by Don Phillips
Don builds a three tier jewellery box using the well-known Gifkins Dovetail Jig of techniques.

Coping with Mistakes & Mishaps
The 25th on our Beginner’s Series, this time we look at how to ‘fix’ those inevitable mistakes or misfortunes.

New Products

Book Reviews
Hogbin on Woodturning
by Stephen Hogbin
Learn to Carve in the Round
by Andrew Thomas
The Foundations of Better Woodworking
by Jeff Miller
Whittling Pencils
by Randy True

Issue Number 170 August 2013

Paul Gregson – Facing New Challenges
After 25 years in Thornleigh’s shopping centre in Sydney’s northern suburbs, Paul Gregson’s business is now based in the grounds of historic Studley Park House in Camden.

Riyan Nurhadi’s River Red Gum television cabinet, Nic Robert’s skateboard pyrography and Erich Aldinger’s Gidgee dalek.

Woodworking with Geoff Hannah & Laurens Otto
Two of Australia’s most highly respected woodworkers, Geoff and Laurens, conducted their second annual week-long class in April.

Tormek SVH-320 Planer & Jointer Blade Jig
by Stan Ceglinski
Stan finds that the SVH-320 is for the professional as well as the hobbyist.

Record Power Returns to Australia and New Zealand
After a decade absent from the local scene, iconic UK brand Record Power returns with a new name and new ownership.

Club Drumbeat
Formed 20 years ago, the Sydney Woodcarving Group meets regularly in four different locations – three in Sydney and one in Wollongong.

Woodturning Lathe Survey 2013
We list over 50 lathes and their specifications. John Ewart discusses the features to be considered when selecting a lathe.

T&WW Shows Sydney & Canberra
The Timber & Working with Wood Show season for 2013 continues with the Sydney (July) and Canberra (end August) Shows. There are new demonstration programs by many exhibitors and Come, Try, Learn & Buy is the theme.

Learning to Carve Thai Style
by Barry Scott
Making the most of a holiday in Thailand, Barry booked a three-day residential course with internationally known traditional Thai woodcarver, Nopphadol Kamlae.

MortisePal Loose Tenon Jig & Templates
by Geoff Birtles
This vice-held jig converts a conventional handheld router into a mortising machine for the placement of loose or floating tenons.


Making Chessboards
by Alan Benton
In a quest for a good-looking chessboard, Alan tries three different methods and gives his verdict on their pros and cons.

Planer & Thicknesser Secrets
by Hendrik Varju
Author of 10 DVD-based workshop courses, Hendrik covers some of the main points from his original course that entails the use of the planer and thicknesser to produce dressed stock for accurate easy-to-build quality furniture, boxes and the like.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.14 – Hollowing End Grain
by John Ewart
John considers the challenges involved in hollowing end grain, eg. shaping the inside of a goblet, and the various tools and techniques which may be employed.

Cutting Segments on a Table Saw
by Alan McNaught
With a table saw, Incra Mitre Gauge and home-made jig, Alan now cuts accurate segments for his segmented turning blanks, instead of the trial and error method he previously used on the bandsaw.

Beginner Project #9 – Combination Salt Shaker & Pepper Grinder
by Ken Wraight
When making a practical turned item for the home, it’s often the availability of the metal hardware that dictates the outcome of project. Ken discovers a salt & pepper mechanism that requires blanks no longer than 100mm, making it suitable for smaller lathes.

Woodcarving by Numbers Pt.1 – Six Basic Techniques
by Mike Davies
Mike discusses the basic techniques for making a successful cut and describes a few practice exercises which will help you get a feel for the use of carving tools.

Getting the Best Out of Your Tablesaw
The 26th in our Beginner’s Series, we look at how to set up and regularly check your table saw to ensure that it cuts as accurately as its design and construction will allow.

New Products

Book Reviews
Best Workshops
by the editors of Fine Woodworking
Learn to Burn
by Simon Easton
Relief Carving Workshop
by Lora S Irish
Bookcases, Cabinets & Built-Ins
by contributors and editors of Fine Woodworking and Fine Homebuilding

Issue Number 171 October 2013

Harold Manwaring’s Traction Engine
Having built air operated models of a steam locomotive and a stationary beam engine, Harold is back with a traction engine. Like his previous models, everything ‘works’, reflecting his skills in woodworking and fitting & turning.

Joey Richardson – Turned Wood Art
Joey promotes her pierced, textured and coloured pieces as artistic woodturning and is keen to have woodturning recognised as an art form.

USER REPORT – Marcus Art Water Based Shellac
by Paul Gregson (Assoc. Editor)
Paul trials an aqueous varnish in different applications.

Woodworking Blogs
by Tom Sheppard
A fan of woodworking blogs, Tom explains the differences between blogs and web sites, what to look for and how to start your own.

John Meikle’s spinning wheel and John Hamilton’s wooden chain, complete with swivel link.

Great Australian Crosscut Saw Race
After 126 shows over 22 years, Stan still excites audiences and participants alike with his saw races.

Mark Parkinson – From Antiques to Modern Clocks
Born in England and now living in Perth, Mark has had a varied career in woodworking, from making period style furniture to selling furniture on the Internet to making modern clocks of metal and wood.

Club Drumbeat
After 33 years, the Yarra Turners have called it a day. One of Victoria’s oldest Clubs, in its heyday it had a great influence on the development of turning in Australia.

Melbourne T&WW Show
At a new venue this year, the Melbourne event is the final Timber & Working with Wood Show for 2013 and continues the Come, Try, Learn & Buy theme.

by Neil Scobie
A maker of high quality custom made furniture and a woodworking teacher, Neil has an interest in blades that cut well and leave a clean finish.

A Glimpse of History
Bryson Gale has written a history of the Edward Hill furniture company, Sydney (1917-1964).


Working with the Gifkins Jig – Pt.5
Sewing or Hobby Box
by Don Phillips
This laminated box overcomes the resawing limitations of a smaller bandsaw and offers an unusual sliding half lid design which can be used for other projects.

Beginner Project #10 – 3½ Minute Egg Timer
by Ken Wraight
Egg timers can be a simple spindle turning project, but Ken provides a challenge by turning this interesting design on two different centres. The timer makes an ideal introduction into the possibilities of multi-centre work.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.15A
Turning a Goblet – Preparation
by John Ewart
In this two part article John explains the steps involved in setting up for and ultimately turning a wooden goblet.

Woodcarving by Numbers Pt.2 – Sharpening Carving Tools
by Mike Davies
Before moving on to basic carving projects, Mike discusses the very important practice of keeping your hand tools sharp.

Decorating Turning with Metal Spinning
by Aaron Ehrlich
Softer metals such as copper and aluminium can be spun onto turned wooden forms to embellish them.

The Fruit Platter
by Heinz Haselroither
Heinz gives a number of tips on how to turn a variety of wooden fruit for an attractive permanent fruit platter display.

Mastering a Rustic Mortice & Tenon Joint
by Anne-Marie George
During a visit to the Maleny Wood Expo, Anne-Marie learned a basic skill involved in the making of rustic furniture – the mortice & tenon joint.

Terrible T. Rex
by Carolyn McCully
This dramatic image of a dinosaur is a pyrography exercise in stippling.

Getting the Best Out of Your Tablesaw – 2
The 27th in our Beginner’s Series, we look at some of the more challenging cuts which can be done on a well set up and maintained tablesaw.

Other Features

New Products

Book Reviews
Zany Wooden Toys Reloaded
by Bob Gilsdorf
The Complete Guide to Joint-Making
by John Bullar

Issue Number 172 December 2013

Bandsaw Survey 2013
Since the bandsaw can be the most important and most used cutting machine in your workshop, it’s worth looking at the options before purchasing one.

Dixie Biggs – Carved Turnings
A feature demonstrator at Turnfest 2014, Dixie specialises in intricate carvings on turned shapes.

Vic Wood Receives US Award
Vic’s contribution to woodturning over several decades was recognised by a Lifetime Achievement Award presented at this year’s Utah Symposium.

USER REPORT – Arbortech TURBOplane
by Maricha Oxley
Maricha trials the new power carving attachment for 100-115mm angle grinders from Arbortech.

Club Drumbeat
The Ipswich Woodcrafters Inc celebrate 25 years.

A Black Wattle Ladder at the Chelsea Flower Show
by Brendan Stemp
A long-time association leads to an Australian turner building a seven metre long ladder for the world’s most prestigious flower show.

Restoration of a Horse-drawn Sulky Seat
by Reg Cooke
Reg assists in the restoration of his great grandparents’ sulky for the local museum.

USER REPORT – Perma-Grit Flexible Strips
by Maricha Oxley
Something different in the way of abrasives, this very longlasting tungsten carbide material can be cut with scissors so you can make your own sanding tools.

Hit & Miss Engine
by Ron Girdler
Replicating metal machines and contraptions in wood offers a variety of challenges for the woodturner. Ron has had a fascination with this type of project and this time he has made a ‘hit & miss’ combustion engine.


Market Wares – 1 Christine’s Trivet
by Adam Browning
This is the first in a series of woodworking projects, designed to be suitable for production/multiple use, for sale at local markets.

Bone Turning
by Greg Ellis
Greg explores the world of bone turning. It employs similar techniques to woodturning, but due to the limited size of the raw material, most items are small or miniature turnings.

Decorative Towel Rail
by Harry Ellis
Since wood doesn’t rust, Harry made this replacement towel rail inspired by the Arts & Crafts and Art Nouveau styles.

Beginner Project #11 – Table or Mantel Clock
by Ken Wraight
Ken turns a clock mount based on the design of the lid for Vic Wood’s signature boxes.

Dowel Joints – 1. Joint Design
by Richard Collins
Like all woodworking connections, dowel joints are most effective when designed correctly and used for suitable applications.

Little Swamp Critter
by Carolyn McCully
After last issue’s serious T-Rex, Carolyn offers this simpler whimsical pyrography piece.

Woodcarving by Numbers Pt.3 – Flat Carving
by Mike Davies
Having covered tools and sharpening, Mike moves on to the first type of carving to be covered in this series – flat carving, a style associated with decorating furniture.

Kid’s Clocks
by Don Phillips
Three clock ideas for personalised Christmas or birthday presents.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.15B Turning a Goblet
by John Ewart
Having prepared the blank last issue, John turns the goblet to its final shape.

Getting the Best Out of Your Tablesaw – 3
The 28th in our Beginner’s Series, we look at cutting tenons on the tablesaw.

New Products

Book Reviews
Handplane Essentials
by Christopher Schwarz
Christmas Ornaments for Woodworking
by Rick and Karen Longabaugh

Issue Number 173 February 2014

Dremel Won by SA Reader
Hanna Law won the Dremel MotoSaw, worth $129, in last issue’s giveaway.

Handsome & Co School of Fine Woodworking & Design
Blurring the lines between hobbyist and professional, this new enterprise offers workspace and tuition to novices and aspiring furniture makers.

SAND-FLEE 900 Competition
Name SAND-FLEE’s new curly sanding mops and you could win a SAND-FLEE 900 Drum Sander.

Feast Watson Giveaway
Feast Watson are giving away 12 timber care product packs, worth $125 each, to AWW readers. This issue we’ve published the first four winners.

A Touch of Fantasy
by John Roberts
John produces a wealth of carvings, mostly of castles and dragons, using a very small workshop based on Dremel rotary tools.

Restoring the Shape of a Waterstone
by Stan Watson DMT
For those who prefer to use a waterstone to sharpen their tools, a diamond lapping plate still has its uses.

Geared Wooden Clocks with a Coil-Driven Pendulum
by Bob Webb
These clocks were popular a century ago. Making a modern version requires skills in woodturning, clockmaking and electronics.

USER REPORT – Arbortech Mini-TURBO
by M Nash
What started out as a small brother to the TURBOplane has become a versatile woodworking tool with a variety of unexpected applications.

Club Drumbeat
by Associate Editor, George Hatfield
The Sydney Woodturning Guild celebrates its 30th Anniversary.

Jason Breach’s Boxes
A feature demonstrator at this year’s Turnfest, Jason has made his name turning his Orbital Arc Box series and stacking Pagoda Boxes.

The Stanley 72 Chamfer Plane
by Harry Ellis
Harry explains his fondness for the Stanley 72, a tool he often uses when making his woodworking projects.


Market Wares – 2. Drink Coasters
by Adam Browning
Drink coasters are relatively simple to make. The trick is to make them appealing and develop ways to produce them in quantity efficiently.

A Segmented Vase from a Different Angle
by Alan McNaught
Inspired by a photograph of a vessel by Peter Arenskov, Alan developed a method for making his vase which represents a departure from the typical divided ring form of segmented turning.

Dowel Joints – 2. Workshop-made Dowel Jigs
by Richard Collins
In this issue Richard explains how he makes his own dowel jigs for accurate drilling of joints with multiple dowels.

Bear at the Zoo
by Carolyn McCully
A family outing provides the subject for this issue’s pyrography project. For this piece, the background is far more detailed and challenging than the animal itself.

Getting the Best Out of Your Tablesaw – 4
The 29th in our Beginner’s Series, in this issue we look at what’s involved in shaping raised panels on the table saw.

Woodcarving by Numbers Pt.4 – Guilloche
by Mike Davies
Originating in ancient Greece and Rome, these days the guilloche decoration is more widely associated with the popular Celtic carving motifs. Mike describes how to set in and layer these patterns with intertwining bands, using the starter carving tool set.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.16A – Turning a Platter from Dressed Timber
by John Ewart
John details the turning of a platter with finger grip and top mould, noting the technique required to cut with and not against the grain.

Beginner Project #12 – Desktop Organiser
by Ken Wraight
This attractive and functional organiser is relatively simple to turn, but accuracy in setting out and assembly is essential.

New Products

Book Reviews
Old Time Whittling
by Keith Randich
Pyrography Basics
by Lora S. Irish

Issue Number 174 April 2014

USER REPORT – AEG 18V Multi Function Tool
by M Nash
This powerful 18V Li-Ion power tool with six detachable heads provides a lot of woodworking for a modest outlay.

Feast Watson Giveaway
Feast Watson are giving away 12 timber care product packs, worth $125 each, to AWW readers. This issue we’ve published the second four winners.

Making a Mandola
by Reg Cooke
Reg looks at some of the challenges in making this Balalaika shaped mandola and why instrument making should be of interest to woodworkers searching for something different to make.

Vale David Laird
by Darrell Smith
A familiar face to many woodworkers, David was involved in the formation of the Ornamental Turners Group of Australia and was a regular demonstrator at woodworking shows around the country.

The Australian Woodturning Exhibition 2014
Details of the Exhibition in June as well as photographs of some of last year’s entries.

Woodturning New Zealand International Symposium
by Ian Connelly
A look at the International Symposium held in New Zealand in 2012 and details on the upcoming Symposium in October 2014.

Club Drumbeat
Celebrating its 20th Anniversary, the Hastings Woodworkers Guild (NSW) recently took on a major project in the form of a six metre diameter water wheel for Wauchope’s theme park, Timbertown.

Installing a Spiral Cutter Block in a PT-300 Planer/Thicknesser
by Allen Barrett
Spiral cutter blocks offer many advantages over traditional two or three blade cutter blocks, but how do you retrofit them? Allen successfully installs one into the popular Hare & Forbes PT-300 and is very pleased with the results.

Getting the Best Out of Your Tablesaw – 5
The 30th in our Beginner’s Series, in this issue we consider the challenges in cutting crown moulding at the correct angle on a table saw.


Market Wares – 3. The Trug
by Harry Ellis
Based on the traditional Sussex trug, this wooden basket has a shallow profile, making it very handy in the garden. It a great gift idea but if done in batches it is also a worthwhile item for the markets.

Dowel Joints – 3 Shop-made Dowel Sizer
by Richard Collins
In this issue Richard explains how to make your own dowels from square section stock using a scraper or scraper tool.

A Cantilevered Cake Stand
by Harry Ellis
As a departure from the familiar multi-tiered cake stand with centre stem, Harry makes a cantilevered version from wood. Due to the forces involved, this is a bit more difficult than making a similar design with a metal stem.

Magical Wooden Bottle
by Aaron Ehrlich
This is a very old party trick but it still baffles people – young and old – today. Making the bottle from wood adds interest.

Beginner Project #13 – Weather Station
by Ken Wraight
This weather station looks simple but the large glued up blank and the need to turn three identical spheres creates an interesting woodturning project.

Woodcarving by Numbers Pt.5 – Tudor Rose
by Mike Davies
This rose design originated at the end of the War of the Roses in England. An important decoration on furniture and panelling in the Tudor period, it is an attractive carving that is still used today.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.16B Turning a Cheese Platter from Sawn Timber
by John Ewart
John details the turning of a platter with finger grip and top mould. This is the same design as last issue, but this time it is turned from sawn timber by using a single screw faceplate and a scroll chuck.

The Corella
by Carolyn McCully
Inspired by a photograph from her trip to the Northern Territory, this pattern incorporates interesting detail on the rusted star picket and the shade cloth on the fence.

New Products

Book Reviews
Turning Toys
by Richard Raffan
Wooden Boxes
by Dennis Zongker

DVD Review
Mortise & Tenon Joinery
by Hendrik Varju

Issue Number 175 June 2014

USER REPORT – Laguna 14lTwelve 14″ Bandsaw
by Allen Barrett
Weighing over 100kg, capable of resawing boards up to 335mm and equipped with a number of innovative features, this machine sets a new standard for 14″ bandsaws.

Cardinia Grand Art Exhibition
This year for the first time, the Cardinia Grand Art Exhibition in Pakenham VIC included three categories of ‘wood art’, displaying aesthetic woodworking to an audience more familiar with two-dimensional paintings.

Red Cedar – Red Gold
In his three book series based on the fictional town of Brown’s Landing, Ian Ridgway weaves fact and fiction together to produce an entertaining story of Australia’s forestry and woodworking past. One set has been donated for a reader giveaway.

15 Years of SAturn
by Cate Wrigley
A conflict of scheduling has spelt the end of one of Australia’s longest running woodturning weekends. Cate reflects on the fun and fellowship that the event brought to many turners.

Clear or Fuzzy?
An update of an article that appeared in AWW #155, this guide gives tips on how to prepare photographs suitable for publication in The Australian Woodworker.

USER REPORT – Feast Watson Sanding Sealer
Sanding sealers are often mentioned in woodworking texts but their application is not always understood. We try out Feast Watson’s Sanding Sealer.

USER REPORT – SawStop Professional 10″ Table Saw
by Stuart Duffy
Sitting between the entry level Contractor’s Saw and the heavy duty Industrial Saw, the Professional model from SawStop will suit many hobby and small shop applications while offering the unique SawStop safety feature.

Timber & Working with Wood Show Guide
Details of the 2014 Shows in Brisbane and Sydney.

Club Drumbeat
Wonthaggi Woodcrafters Inc (VIC) celebrate their Silver Anniversary.

Feast Watson Reader Giveaway
Projects from our final four winners.


Creating a Wooden Bike Frame
by Nic Roberts
Nic’s skateboard in last year’s AWW laid the groundwork for his more ambitious project – a wooden bike frame. While it involved countless hours of work, the result is a unique and fully functional wooden-framed mountain bike.

Market Wares – 3. Tube Squeezer and Tea-Light Lightboats
by Peter Fogelman & Alison Burns
Peter describes his simple to make tube squeezer for toothpaste, water paint, etc, while Alison makes an attractive tea-light holder on the bandsaw.

Orchid Fall
by Carolyn McCully
Having created this image as a watercolour, Carolyn uses the pattern to burn a monochrome piece of pyrography.

Woodcarving by Numbers Pt.6 – Letter Carving
by Mike Davies
Letter carving is a handy skill for any woodworker. In addition to the obvious application for wooden signs, carving can also be used to permanently ‘sign’ your woodworking with a distinctive logo.

Magical Wooden Egg
by Aaron Ehrlich
Aaron is back with another magical trick – the egg that slides or stops on the string at your command.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.17A – Making the Stem of a Table Lamp
by John Ewart
John details the drilling and turning of the stem for a table top lamp.

Bandsawn Boxed Candlestick
by John Swinkels
A twist on the conventional bandsawn box, John makes a candlestick with its own storage unit. The design is machined from a single block of wood and requires the bandsaw’s ability to resaw and cut curves.

Beginner Project #14 – Coffee Pod Carousel
by Ken Wraight
This ‘trendy’ project will have even your non-woodworking coffee-drinking friends admiring your handiwork. It is a challenging piece which will take some time and patience to turn accurately, but if you’ve been following Ken’s series, you should be pleased with your finished carousel.

New Products

Book Reviews
False Graining Techniques
by Jim King & Beth Oberholtzer
Make a Windsor Chair with Mike Dunbar
by Mike Dunbar
Handsaw Essentials
by Christopher Schwarz
Hybrid Woodworking
by Marc Spagnuolo

DVD Review
Satellite Bowl
by Mick Hanbury
From a Tree to a Bowl
by Guy Ravine

Issue Number 176 August 2014

Ken Newton’s Twisted Turnings
by Neil Scobie
Australian-born turner, Ken Newton, now a long-term resident of New Zealand’s South Island, has turned his pattern making background into a passion for ornamental turning.

Australian Scroll Saw Exhibition
Held in May this year, the Exhibition marked the 10th Anniversary of the Australian Scroll Saw Network, an Australia wide Club for scrollers.

Howard Combes intricate trinket box with 14 compartments – some hidden, some sliding – and a hidden coin collection tray, plus Bill McLeary’s turned and carved pieces.

Feast Watson Crackle Lacquer
Opaque coatings are useful for transforming workpieces made from bland timber into something much more attractive. Crackle Lacquer gives a distressed vintage look to the piece.

Arbortech Random Contour Sander
by Michael Nash
Designed around an innovative eccentric shaft, Arbortech’s new 50mm dia. sander has a truly random action, with improved access to concave and convex surfaces. It works quickly, leaving a mark-free finish.

Hammer A3 26 Planer/Thicknesser
This compact full-featured planer/thicknesser can be purchased with the Silent-POWER Cutter Block, a spiral cutter design that was specifically developed for the Hammer/Felder ranges to give optimum performance.

Club Drumbeat
The Bega District Woodcraft Association Inc (NSW), also known as the Bega Woodies.

Timber & Working with Wood Show Guide
Details of the 2014 Shows in Canberra and Melbourne.

Drills and Drilling
The majority of woodworking projects require a hole or number of holes to be drilled at some stage, yet a clean accurate hole can be a challenge. In the 31st article in our Beginner’s Series we look at the options for drilling a hole and the choices that are more likely to bring success.

Woodturning Demonstration and Teaching Anecdotes
by John Ewart


Pie Maker’s Tools
by Aaron Ehrlich
Most turners are familiar with the Baker’s Rolling Pin, but what about the other styles of pin and the all-important pie dolly? These items are interesting to turn and make great presents for the chef in your family.

Market Wares – 4.
The Gee Haw Whimmy Diddle
by Reg Cooke
Any woodworker can make this device but not every woodworker can master it. Make one or more for yourself and others and see if you can make the propeller spin at your command.

Hat Stretcher
by Aaron Ehrlich
If you own a hat or two, you’ll appreciate this hat stretcher.

Before You Say ‘Yes’
by Harry Ellis
While it’s pleasing to do a friend or family member a good turn by making something from wood, Harry points out that some jobs are much bigger than they first appear and some caution in saying ‘Yes’ is advisable.

Woodcarving by Numbers Pt.7 –
Acanthus Leaves and Flowers
by Mike Davies
Acanthus motifs are a very traditional design and form a good introduction to flora carving generally. This project also introduces a move towards work that is more three dimensional.

Carving an Owl
by Frank Rowe
Frank describes the carving of an owl, using a bandsaw to rough the blank.

Six Science Fiction Miniatures
by Carolyn McCully
Carolyn provides six miniatures which are quite quick to burn yet cover a number of techniques.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.17B
Turning a Lamp Base with Feet
by John Ewart
John details the turning of both the circular base and the segmental feet.

Beginner Project #15 – Tall Vase
by Ken Wraight
Tall vases are usually avoided by novices due to the hollowing tools required, but this design avoids the problem by using two disc shapes glued together for the vase.

New Products

Book Reviews
Sam Maloof: Woodworker
by Sam Maloof
Chip Carving Workshop
by Lora S Irish

DVD Review
Jarrah Burr Hollow Form with Pewter Finial
by Simon Hope

Issue Number 177 October 2014

Peter Dumensy made a ‘his and her’ pair of replica Ansonia King Clocks from figured River Red Gum, using the plans and parts kit from International Timepieces in Adelaide.

Floorclear is a clear oil-based polyurethane finish for interior timber and cork floors. It has a low odour formulation and is suited to surfaces such as benchtops which may require a higher abrasion resistance than conventional clear coatings.

USER REPORT – Bosch PRR 250 ES Sanding Roller
Intended as a specialised sanding device, this unusual power tool is designed to accept sanding rollers, flap wheels and mops, in a configuration that makes them easier and less tiring to use for extended periods.

Melbourne Timber & Working with Wood Show Guide
Details of the last Show for 2014 – at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre on 24-26 October.

Club Drumbeat
The Melbourne School of Fine Woodworking may sound like a formal teaching organisation, but it’s a Club run by a committee of current members and an Operations Manager. It’s main focus is the teaching of woodworking and it provides a series of tutor groups and short courses. Operating for over 26 years, the Pittsworth Woodcrafter’s Club Inc (QLD) is looking forward to the opening of its new clubhouse.

Good Ideas & Shortcuts
Alan and Peter adapt household electric devices to make electric sanders, Donald makes shelves for holding jars from steel studs and A Rankin solves his scroll saw vibration woes.

USER REPORT – Hammer N3800 Bandsaw
The Austrian made Hammer range has a new smaller bandsaw with the release of the N3800. Designed as a more compact and affordable option to the popular N4400, the N3800 still has the high quality build construction and features of the larger Hammer bandsaws.


Flat Top Treasure Chest
by Neil Scobie
Continuing his popular series of boxes with contrasting panels, Neil has developed this plan for a flat-lid treasure chest. It differs a bit in proportions to Neil’s curved top treasure chest, being slightly wider and longer with slimmed down legs.

Market Wares – 5. Letter Openers/Paper Knives
by Denis Burnham
These openers are turned, trimmed on a bandsaw and sanded to their final shape. Quick to make, you can produce one or a dozen, from whatever timber offcuts you have in the workshop.

by Aaron Ehrlich
The phenakistoscope was one of the early steps in the development of ‘moving pictures’. Making a working example of the device is a fun project and a novel exercise in woodturning.

Hardwood Salad Servers
by John Swinkels
This longlasting salad server has two features that differentiate it from a simple set of hinged spoons. Two prongs act as a spring to open the server when the pressure is released and when the halves are reversed, it folds neatly for storage.

Woodcarving by Numbers Pt.8 – The Barley Twist
by Mike Davies
To form a spindle with a barley twist, Mike turns the blank to diameter and then marks it out on the lathe. The carving of the barley twist can be done with the blank still on the lathe or secured on the workbench in a sash clamp.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.18 – Turning a Gavel and Sound Block
by John Ewart
John details the turning of an attractive two-piece handled gavel and a round sound block.

Horse Spirit Drum
by Carolyn McCully
Inspired by a collection of Schleich horse figurines and a Shaman Drum, this pattern utilises a variety of pyrography techniques.

Dowel Boring Machine
by John Hamilton
Dowelling jigs work well when you have a few joints, but if have multiple components to drill, their use is time consuming. John’s solution is a homemade boring machine based on a portable electric drill.

Beginner Project #16 – Tall Burl Vase
by Ken Wraight
This project is a variant of the tall vase described in the last issue, ie. AWW #176 August 2014. Ken builds on the information provided in the previous article to outline how he makes this more attractive version of the original design.

New Products

Book Reviews
Turning Hollow Forms
by Mark Sanger
Tables and Chairs
by the editors of Fine Woodworking

DVD Review
Honing and Setting Jointer and Planer Knives
by Hendrik Varju

Issue Number 178 December 2014

Router Survey
We’ve compiled a list of 7 brands, 22 models, of portable electric routers, along with their main features. We also discuss what to look for when buying a router and when purchasing router bits.

Nick Abbott’s River Red Gum burl chest of drawers, Cheryl Dal Pozzo’s rusted fabric version of Carolyn McCully’s Orchid Falls and the South-East Chapter of the Irish Woodturners Guild’s traction engine winning entry in the Guild’s 2014 Challenge.

An Unconventional Lathe
by Les White
Inspired by an old book by Frank Pain, Ian took up woodturning. Without actually having seen wood being turned, Ian built his own lathe which he has modified and extended over time.

Junior Reader Giveaway
We have two Dremel 3000 Project Kits to give away to junior woodworkers 8-15 years of age.

The Traditional Tool Group’s Annual Sydney Tool Sale
If you are interested in hand tools, new or old, then you’ll enjoy TTTG’s annual sale.

USER REPORT – Mitre Maker Pro and Spline Jigs
by Renato Spagnolo
Designed and manufactured in Australia, these jigs for the router table enable you to cut mitre joints for box making with ease and strengthen the joints with hidden or exposed splines as desired.

Club Drumbeat
The Hastings Woodworkers Guild Inc (NSW) holds its 20th Anniversary while the Western Sydney Woodturners have their 25th.

More Woodturning Demonstration & Teaching Anecdotes
by John Ewart
John relates more tales from his past when he taught and demonstrated turning around the country.

Dennis Donnelly
by Neil Scobie
Neil looks at the work of turner, Dennis Donnelly, and the impact of his enthusiasm and knowledge.

Choosing a Finish
The 32nd article in our beginner’s series, this time we look at the main differences between finishes such as shellac, linseed oil, tung oil, resin and varnish.


Market Wares – 6. Boot Puller
by Graham Redden
Simple to make but invaluable for the boot wearer, these boot pullers will be appreciated by customers and friends alike.

Beginner Project #17A Natural Edge Winged Burl Bowl
by Ken Wraight
For this project you need to select a suitable burl blank, so Ken starts by discussing what to look for when choosing burls for woodturning projects.

Carved Walking Stick Handle Repair
by Graham Waldon
While it was an unusual solution, a hidden copper ferrule enabled an effective repair for an 1890s ladies’ carved walking stick handle.

Making Christmas Tree Decorations with a Scroll Saw
by Phillip McKerrow
Phillip presents six decorations of his own design and then discusses at length how to make the best use of your scroll saw. This article is not only topical for the season but is also a very good primer for those taking up the scroll saw.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.19 – Turning a Wooden Bangle
by John Ewart
Round wooden rings have a multitude of applications, including bangle jewellery. John details how to turn these shapes.

Night Visitor
by Carolyn McCully
Carolyn’s second pyrography of a possum, this one makes extensive use of negative burning and a ‘black’ background.

Captive Rings
by Aaron Ehrlich
Captive rings have fascinated non-woodworkers and novice turners for centuries. Aaron explains the technique and then turns a practical application, a molinillo, a traditional wooden whisk used in South America to stir hot chocolate.

Repairing a Spinning Wheel
by Ken Sullivan
From a pile of borer damaged bits, Ken was able to salvage a working Saxony style spinning wheel, built by Joel Miller, an Amish farmer who made spinning wheels in Pennsylvania USA between 1840 and 1875.

New Products

Book Reviews
Classic American Furniture
by Christopher Schwarz and the Editors of Woodworking Magazine
Home Workshop Storage
Editor: Jim Harrold

Issue Number 179 February 2015

Router Accessories
You can make your own router jigs and accessories and there’s plenty of books and magazine articles on the subject. However, there’s an extensive range of manufactured accessories available and we have a look at what you can buy.

Lost Trades
Fair Held for the first time last year and geared up for a bumper showcase of over 60 traditional and rare trades and crafts in 2015, the Lost Trades Fair in Kyneton VIC is a show with a difference and should appeal to anyone interested in handcrafted goods.

Surfboard Classes
Combine your surfing with your woodworking and make your own surfboard. Professional woodworker and keen surfer, Stuart Bywater, combines his occupation with his recreational pursuit by teaching classes where students make their own boards in eight weeks.

Woodcraft Guild Inc’s 32nd Annual Exhibition
Held in conjunction with the Canberra Timber & Working with Wood Show, the Treasures in Timber exhibition was another success for the Guild, with many high standard entries on display.

Niki Marshall
by Neil Scobie
New Zealand woodturner, Niki Marshall, is well-known for her wood-rimmed limestone vessels, but she also turns and carves bowls, vessels and sculptures from wood.

USER REPORT – Diablo and Diablo Demo-Demon Circular Saw Blades
by Scott Yeo
Manufactured in Italy, these two blades offer great value for money. The Demo-Demon is a special blade – designed for woodworking but quite capable of cutting through nails without damaging its teeth.

Winners of the Dremel Junior Reader Giveaway
Readers had to nominate their child, grandchild or relative for this giveaway of two Dremel 3000 Project Kits worth $99 each.

Choosing a Finish – 2
The 33nd article in our beginner’s series, in this article we cover the application and storage of finishes as well as drying times and concerns about compatibility.


Working with the Gifkins Jig #6 – The CrossBox
by Don Phillips
Don tests your dovetailing skills with this unusual box that features inside as well as outside corners.

Making a Walking Stick
by Harry Ellis
Harry enjoys making walking sticks. They require little material and a minimum of tools, are interesting to make and provide a very useful object for the recipient. Harry details how he makes them.

Kokeshi Dolls
by Bill Lane
With his wife’s authentic Kokeshi Dolls as a guide, Bill makes his own dolls on the lathe and leaves the essential painted features to others.

Market Wares – 7. Little Boxes
by Tom Adams
Tom comes up with two approaches for making small plywood boxes that can be used to store pencils, paint brushes and other items.

Woodcarving by Numbers Pt.9 – Patera
by Mike Davies
Mike carves an example of a round furniture decoration known as a patera.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.20 – Turning Serviette Rings
by John Ewart
This is a handy project as it doesn’t require much timber but it does reinforce basic turning skills including the use of a mandrel.

Rubin Vase
by Aaron Ehrlich
An optical illusion made famous by Danish psychologist, Edgar Rubin, the vase can be perceived as a vase or two people in profile. To make a wooden version of a Rubin vase, Aaron used his granddaughter’s profile.

Beginner Project #17B Natural Edge Winged Burl Bowl
by Ken Wraight
Continuing on from burl selection in the last issue, Ken covers the tips and dangers involved in turning burl and goes on to complete the natural edge winged burl bowl.

Southern BooBook Owl
by Carolyn McCully
Carolyn shows how less can be more, by removing most of the background details and using shading, rather than detailing for the rest, to maximise the focus on the owl itself.

New Products

Book Reviews
Animated Animal Toys In Wood
by David Wakefield
Turning Techniques & Projects
from The Editors of Fine Woodworking

Issue Number 180 April 2015

Router Tables
The last instalment in our three issue feature on routers, this time we look at router tables with integrated motors, conventional router tables, horizontal router table, custom router tables, router table accessories and CNC routers.

The Australian Woodturning Exhibition 2014
A review of last year’s AWE held in Nunawading in Melbourne. This year’s event in June will include a new category – Ornamental Turning.

Andrew Kennedy made a Keepsake Cabinet for his wife from Tasmanian Oak, Western Red Cedar, Australian Red Cedar and Poplar.

Club Drumbeat
Gympie & District Woodworkers Club Inc (QLD) and the Wood N Music Festival to be held 29-31 May 2015.

USER REPORT – Bosch GST 10.8V Li-Ion Jigsaw
by Scott Yeo
If you do a lot of panel work or curved cuts, then this small lightweight, yet powerful, jigsaw makes a lot of sense. With enough grunt for the job and complete freedom from cords, the Bosch GST makes cutting curves a breeze.


Big Cabinet – Small Workshop (1)
by Alain Barrett
Building a 900CD cabinet was a major project in itself. However, making it in a small workshop presented even more challenges. Alain describes how the limitations of the workshop have to be considered early in the design. In this issue he builds most of the framework.

Cutting Smooth Circular Grooves
by Reg Cooke
Looking for a better finish for his routed rebated circles (for the inlay on his guitars), Reg devised this homemade scoring tool for splinter-free curves.

Clamp-On Wheels for Large Panels
by Peter Natoli
Determined to work smarter rather than harder, Peter developed a pair of dolly wheels to enable him to shift full size sheets (2440mm x 1220mm) of material from the street to his workshop.

Market Wares – 8. Market Magic
by Andrew Benjamin
Turning wands can be fun and creative as well as providing something interesting to sell to magicians and fairies of all ages at the local markets.

The Milking Stool
by John Swinkels
For his granddaughters John made two milking stools – with four legs for better stability on an even floor. To drill the slanted leg holes he used a homemade jig on the drill press and to rout the design on the top of the seat, he made a pin router setup for a Triton Router Table.

Segmented Salad Bowl with a Floating Base
by Alan McNaught
For larger segmented work a solid timber base can be a liability. Movement in the base can jeopardise the integrity of the whole vessel. One solution is to have the base floating.

Woodcarving by Numbers Pt.10 – Simple Carved Edge Decoration for Woodturning
by Mike Davies
Mike gives examples of how carving can be incorporated into turned items and then demonstrates three forms of simple edge decoration.

Simple Small Picture Frames
by Don Phillips
Using a router table and simple jigs, Don shows how you can make accurate small picture frames without having to cut mitre joints.

by Aaron Ehrlich
Aaron makes an ‘antique’ style table top book stand with tilting mechanism. The design allows Aaron to turn many of the components.

Wild Mushroom Fairy
by Carolyn McCully
This pyrography pattern is based on an image formed by some of Carolyn’s Schleich figurines. Whereas pyrography is often applied to bland timbers, in this case she has used a chopping board and worked the design to accommodate the alternating hues in the wood.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.21 – Turning a Stand for Serviette Rings
by John Ewart
Last issue, John turned a set of serviette rings. This issue, he turns a stand on which to store or display the rings.

New Products

Book Reviews
Beautiful Boxes (Design and Technique)
by Doug Stowe
Weekend Projects
by Mark Baker

Issue Number 181 June 2015

Chairs that Move – The Work of Tim Coffey
Inspired by the comments of a physiotherapist, Tim has spent almost 20 years experimenting with pole chairs that ‘move’, causing people to move rather than sit rigid in their seats. He’s also worked on designs for sitstands, sidels and chair designs for users of smart phones, tablets and the like.

Club Drumbeat
Cooroora Woodworkers Club Inc (QLD) and the Mill Place Log Maze, and Liam O’Neill’s Visit to the Northern Turners (SA).

Cardinia Grand Art Exhibition 2015
by Keith Towe
For the second year running, woodworkers have been invited to display their woodworking as Woodart in what is otherwise a conventional Public Art Exhibition.

Fun4Kids Festival Warrnambool
This winter holiday event for children 2-12 years of age has 15 ‘zones’, one of which is the popular Construct It zone where, under supervision, children grab a hammer and nails and make something from wood.

by Lindsay G Collins
Lindsay relates the use of turnscrews in the 1940s. Now called screwdrivers, they earned their name because screws are meant to be turned, not driven.

Cow Clogs
Camden Cow Clogs makes cow clogs for the dairy industry. They are made from Flooded Gum in two sizes, the smaller to suit cows such as Jerseys and the larger to suit Holsteins and the like. Cow clogs play an important part in curing lame cows.


Magical Vanishing Ball
by Aaron Ehrlich
Continuing his theme of combining woodturning with conjuring, Aaron makes his version of the old trick of a vanishing table tennis ball held in a wooden goblet.

Market Wares – 9. Simple Clothes Hoist
by Harry Ellis
Using a design based on his memories from the Old Dart, Harry has built several hanging clothes hoists, which have proven to be quite popular.

Woodcarving by Numbers Pt.11 – A Lunette
by Mike Davies
Mike carves a half-flower repeating pattern in the form of a Lunette, a common feature on furniture and architecture since the 16th century.

Working with the Gifkins Jig – Pt.7 The HexiBox
by Don Phillips
This attractive and unusual box can be built in four different ways – with or without dovetailed ends, and with a drop-in lid or hinged lid.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.22 – Turning a Baluster
by John Ewart
While most modern balusters are turned in a factory, woodworkers may be asked to turn replacement items or do custom work for a new set of stairs. John discusses the design requirements as well as the turning techniques required in turning your own baluster.

Sewing Tape Dispenser Case
by John Swinkels
While dispenser cases for sewing tapes were common in the past, they are rarely seen today. To complement a wooden sewing box he had made for his wife, John turned his version of a dispenser case from Rosewood.

Big Cabinet – Small Workshop (2)
by Alain Barrett
Having built the frame for the 1595mm long 900 CD storage cabinet in the last issue, Alain finishes the project with the drawer support frames, drawer fronts and final assembly.

Paling Fencepost Candlestick
by Heinz Haselroither
Heinz turns a stunning Red Gum candlestick, using traditional between-centre and faceplate turning and an exceptional piece of painted fencepost!

Awakening of a Dream
by Benjamin Reddan
To embellish his Ikebana cabinet (Ikebana is a Japanese art form involving the arrangement and presentation of flowers), Benjamin used router-based inlay. In this article he describes the design considerations and woodworking techniques involved in the process.

Too Many Chips by the Sea
by Carolyn McCully
For this pyrography piece, Carolyn used the colour and grain of the wood to depict the sun and the sand, while concentrating on burning the figure of the seagull, attracted by the chips.

New Products

Book Reviews
Jigs & Fixtures for the Hand Tool Woodworker
by Graham Blackburn
The Creative Woodturner
by Terry Martin

DVD Reviews
Making Drawers
by Hendrik Varju

Issue Number 182 August 2015

Vale Barbara Burrows 1934-2015

1/4 Scale MG TC Sports Convertible in Wood
Wayne Nicholls’ model of the English-made MG TC is not only an interesting exercise in wood craftsmanship but also a testimony to his exhaustive research and his resourcefulness in making the model so complete, even to the badges, dashboard dials and signature MG spoked wheels.

Club Drumbeat
Canberra Model Shipwrights Society Inc (ACT) – while not officially a woodworking Club, most of the members’ models are made from wood – and the Lockyer Woodcrafters Group Inc (QLD).

InTech 2015
Held at this year’s Sydney Timber & Working with Wood Show, InTech 2015 displayed some of the best projects from the 2014 Industrial Technology course for high school students, including 38 from the Timber and Furniture Technologies option.

USER REPORT – Retrofitted Spiral Cutter in Makita Planer
by Alan Browning
The current revolution in planers and thicknessers – the spiral cutterhead – is now being downsized and designed to suit portable electric planers.

USER REPORT – Bosch PBD 40 Bench Top Drill Press
by Scott Yeo
This new product from Bosch is quite different from the traditional belt-driven drill press and offers advantages in a number of woodworking operations. It is well suited to compact and makeshift workshops where room for a traditional drill press is not available.

The Importance of Being Sharp
In the 34th instalment of our Beginner’s Series, we look at the significance of the sharpening stone and why those who regularly use hand tools will acquire a collection of these stones.


The Baghdad Battery
by Aaron Ehrlich
The Baghdad Battery was once considered to be a primitive form of battery. These days it is no longer considered to be an electrical apparatus of any kind, but with some of his ‘magic’, Aaron has been able to make his turned wooden battery ‘work’.

Market Wares – 10. Glasses Holder
by Harry Ellis
Tired of losing your glasses when you forget where you put them? This simple design keeps them raised above the bench top, where they are easy to spot.

Woodcarving by Numbers Pt.12 – Corbels
by Mike Davies
Drawing on skills from past projects in the series such as the acanthus leaves and flowers in AWW #176, Mike carves a 150mm high corbel.

Elizabethan II Dresser
by Phil Spencer
Initially seeking to build an 18th century reproduction dresser to suit his George III Mantle Clock (AWW #168), Phil finished up with a three-drawer ‘period’ dresser incorporating a number of different aesthetic features.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.23 – Turning a Ball on a Post
by John Ewart
While turning a ball on a post may appear to be a simple matter of getting the ball perfectly round, John explains that there are several points to be considered if you don’t want your efforts to look quite ugly.

Bob’s Unusual Pens 1.Liquidamber Seed Pod Pens
by Robert (Bob) Gibbs
Always on the lookout for something new, Bob delights in making his own pen blanks from materials that are inexpensive or free.

Large Striped Platter
by John Swinkels
Segmented turning often involves the creation of complex blanks, but John and his fellow Club members have had good success laminating simple lengths of offcuts to form the blanks for platters.

An American Banjo Clock with a Wooden Movement
by David Bailey
With a specifically-designed wooden-geared movement, bespoke hardware, hand-painted reverse glass panels and only photographs of original Banjo Clocks to work from, David’s clock has been a very interesting and challenging project.

Copper Scales
by Carolyn McCully
In addition to developing the skills to burn scales, talons, bat-like wings and treescapes, this project involves the application of copper leaf foil. The techniques used can be incorporated into other forms of woodworking for decorative effects.

New Products

Book Reviews
Laminated Wood Art made Easy
by Stephen Carey
Furniture Fundamentals — Tables
Furniture Fundamentals — Chairs & Benches

DVD Reviews
Making Frame and Panel Doors
by Hendrik Varju

Issue Number 183 October 2015

Trend (UK) celebrates 60 Years
Starting from a home attic business in 1955, Trend has become a leading manufacturer worldwide of power tool accessories, specialising in the application of the router. It has over 8000 different products in its range and is revitalising its Australian distribution.

Club Drumbeat
You haven’t done everything in woodturning if you haven’t tried ornamental turning. The Ornamental Turner Group Australia (OTGA) is dedicated to the use and promotion of the rose engine and other ornamental turning machines. Based on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, the Peninsula Woodturner’s Guild held their biennial exhibition in May 2015.

John Hamilton displays three of his recently restored hand planes, while Australian, Jo Meyer, wins a ‘highly commended’ at the Chippendale International School of Furniture‘s 2015 graduation with her Tish Surprise Chair.

USER REPORT – Arbortech TURBOShaft
by Michael Nash
The latest offering from Arbortech is a 20mm dia. x 80mm long steel shaft with small circular tungsten carbide tips on its outer edge. Designed as an attachment for the small angle grinder it enables deep trenching, lettering and other wood shaping tasks, both freehand and template.

Learning About Routers – 1
The 35th instalment in our Beginner’s Series; in this issue we start a new segment on exploring the use and versatility of the router. The feature machine for this segment is the Makita Roumer – a small affordable high-powered hybrid machine with features that relate to both trimmers and routers.

Horizontal Drilling Machine
by John Looker
The horizontal equivalent of the vertical action drill press, the horizontal drilling machine or borer is a useful addition to a cabinetmaker’s workshop. John describes how he built his from scrap, a drill chuck and a washing machine motor.


Bench Seat
by Harry Ellis
A glimpse of an Arts & Crafts style bench seat on a television show inspired Harry to design and build this hall seat as a place for people to sit and put their shoes on. The use of hand tools and traditional joints turn a modest chair into an engaging woodworking project.

Market Wares – 11. Cutting Boards & Platters
by Allen Barrett
Every cook needs a cutting board, so there is a good demand for them at the markets if you can make them attractive without spending too much time on their production. Allen looks at some of the options he has explored over the years.

Toy Sewing Machine
by Aaron Ehrlich
Based on an older style of sewing machine, this is a fun project to make for your child or grandchild. Predominantly a woodturner, Aaron uses his turning skills to make the various wheels and bobbins, while the machine body and base require some profile cutting and router work.

Walking Cane for a Holy Woman
by Maricha Oxley
Using a maritime theme, Maricha carves a walking stick from Plum for her friend, Sister M Joseph. The carvings include starfish, fish, platypus and a dugong handle.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.24 – Turning a Small Vase
by John Ewart
According to John’s anecdote, the inspiration for this specimen flower vase is as old as The Australian Woodworker! While a variety of tools can be used for this project, John limits himself to the square section skew chisel and a detail gouge.

Jewellery Box
by Renato Spagnolo
Renato describes how he built the attractive jewellery box mentioned in his user report on the Mitre Maker in AWW #178. Made from Silver Ash frames, Coolabah burl lid insert, Jarrah and White Beech, the box can be made with the Mitre Maker jigs or with traditional boxmaking methods.

Bead Bowl
by John Swinkels and Charli O’Dell
Combining traditional woodworking methods with a child’s imagination can generate a project that passes skills and the enthusiasm for woodworking on from one generation to the next. This bead bowl was made by John and his grandaughter, Charli.

Behold the Moon
by Carolyn McCully
Creating the moon required many hours of burning deep space, a good photograph of the moon and an ability to ‘draw’ freehand with the pyrography pen. This piece did not work out as originally planned and Carolyn describes how she resolved the challenges.

New Products

Book Reviews
Small Woodworking Projects
by Editors of Fine Wodworking
Alan Lacer’s Woodturning Projects & Techniques
by Alan Lacer

Issue Number 184 December 2015

Furniture from Felled Tree at Government House Victoria
Two teams from Holmesglen TAFE Institute, Melbourne, submitted entries to the Minister’s Student Award, using material from a large Hoop Pine tree that had previously been felled at Government House Victoria.

Collaboration One
For their first collection of this type, renowned Australian hand tool makers, Colen Clenton and Terry Gordon, have brought together their full range of marking tools and planes, and housed them in a cabinet made by Phoebe Everill.

Club Drumbeat
Formed in 1984, the Ballarat Woodworkers Guild Inc is one of the older woodworking Clubs in the country and caters for all forms of woodworking. The Marquetry Society of Victoria Inc is even older, having started in 1977. Dedicated to the ancient art of applying thin layers of wood to an article to create a design or picture, the Society has members throughout Victoria.

Learning about Routers – 2
In this issue we discuss the correct way to feed the router bit into the wood and use these techniques to rout a simple picture frame.

USER REPORT – Festool Vecturo OS 400 Oscillating Tool
by Stuart Duffy
Festool’s take on the multi-tool concept, the Vecturo is a heavy duty tool similar to the Fein SuperCut, but with accessories that currently make it unique in its abilities and versatility.

Turnfest Explained
by David Drescher, South East Queensland Woodworking Supplies Started in 2003, Turnfest is the longest running turning symposium of its type in Australia. David explains what it’s all about, how much it costs and why every turner should consider the benefits of attending at least once.


The Impossible Trivet
by Richard Collins
A simple tweak makes it possible to assemble an ‘impossible’ four piece trivet. Richard then goes on to apply the same principle to other configurations and examines its limits when working with new designs and different proportions.

Market Wares – 13. Mobile Phone Stands
by Alexander Black
Even smartphones can benefit from wooden accessories. Alex presents a number of designs for practical smartphone stands and paperweights.

Box-Making – Working with Angles
by Don Phillips
As Don makes a container which can be used as a wine holder or biscuit jar, he explains a set of techniques that work equally well with octagonal and hexagonal shapes, providing the box-maker with something different from the standard rectangular box.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.25 – Turning a Perfect Sphere
by John Ewart
Whether you are making a freestanding wooden ball for a game or as part of a larger project, the techniques involved are quite different to those used for turning an attached ball (AWW #182 August 2015).

Bob’s Unusual Pens – 2. Peach Pits Pens
by Robert (Bob) Gibbs
A variant on his first pen made from Liquidamber seed pods embedded in epoxy, for these exotic-looking pens Bob uses the dried stones or pits from ordinary peaches.

Woodcarving by Numbers Pt.13 – Celtic Patterns
by Mike Davies
Celtic patterns have been a perennial favourite among carvers. With this project, a traditional Celtic symbol representing ‘family’, Mike introduces the basics of the under and over effect of Celtic carving and the treatment of hard to access areas within the design.

Breakfast Plates
by John Swinkels
Wooden plates are a simple turning exercise with a practical use. John shows how he made his breakfast plates from a Jacaranda log and provides a few tips on looking after the finished plates.

Sir Henry Parkes and His Turned Candle Sticks
by Mike Darlow
A well-known figure in Australia’s political history, NSW Premier and ardent supporter of Federation, Sir Henry Parkes was a bone and ivory turner by trade. For this article Mike turns replicas of candlesticks currently held by the State Library of New South Wales and accredited to Sir Henry Parkes when he was an apprentice in Birmingham.

Desert Donkey Notebook Cover
by Carolyn McCully
Burning an image onto thin plywood is not without its challenges, but by gluing the ply onto the cover of a notebook, Carolyn makes a unique item as a keepsake or gift.

New Products

Book Reviews
The Big Book of Wooden Locks by Tim Detweiler
A Lesson Plan for Woodturning by James Rodgers

DVD Reviews
Steve Maskery Workshop Essentials
Volume 1: Woodworking Jigs & Accessories
Volume 2: More Jigs & Accessories
Volume 3: The Ultimate Tablesaw Tenon Jig
Volume 4: Bandsaw Essentials
Volume 5: Bandsaw Jigs and Advanced Techniques
Volume 6: The Ultimate Bandsaw Tenon Jig

Issue Number 185 February 2016

Hydrowood – Salvaging Tasmania’s Flooded Forests
Inspired by underwater logging operations in British Columbia, Canada, David Wise and Andrew Morgan have launched Hydrowood, a company specifically set up to salvage sunken trees from Lake Pieman, a man-made hydro lake in Tasmania. Logging, milling and drying operations have commenced on a commercial scale.

Restoration & Revival of a Vintage Thicknesser
Italian made, this thicknesser had a full working life, possibly involving the construction of the Sydney Opera House, before being overhauled by its new owner, Adelaide boat restorer, Mark Davis.

John Jordan & Mike Lee – Turnfest 2016
by Neil Scobie
Two of the demonstrators at Turnfest 2016 will be John Jordan from Tennessee USA and Mike Lee from Hawaii USA. A highly respected turner and teacher, John is known for his textured hollow vessels with small openings. Mike explores organic forms, turning the wood and then carving it.

Club Drumbeat
The members of the Blue Mountains Woodturners Inc (NSW) have involved themselves in a variety of projects, from making giant chess sets for local schools, to organising an international symposium and restoring a heavy industrial lathe.

33rd Annual Exhibition 2015 by the Woodcraft Guild ACT Inc
Held each year in conjunction with the Canberra Timber & Working with Wood Show, the Guild’s Exhibition attracts a high quality of entries in diverse categories such as boxmaking, turning, carving, cabinetmaking, marquetry, models, pyrography and toolmaking.

Carving with High Speed Rotary Tools – 1. An Introduction
by Bill McLeary
With its ability to remove material quickly, and cut cleanly across or with the grain without splintering or chipping, the high speed rotary carving tool and its associated burrs have enabled new levels of detail and fineness not possible with edge tools and general carving skills.


Carved Seat Bar Stool – Version II
by Neil Scobie
A redesigned version of a bar stool that Neil released about nine years ago, this one has a thinner seat, more curve to the legs and thinner ends to the legs to give a more streamlined appearance and reduce weight.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.26 – Internet Videos
by John Ewart
Internet videos are an effective means of gaining new skills, but because anyone can post a video online, many of the techniques shown are ineffective or outright dangerous. John discusses the more common failings in Internet turning videos and how to judge a good one from a ‘‘fail’.

The Star Table
by W A Lane
Made from Western Red Cedar, Australian Red Cedar and Australian White Cedar, this occasional table has a segmented top and lower shelf. In spite of its complex appearance, it requires only three different types of segments and assembly is straighforward so long as the segments are sized and shaped accurately.

A Turned Bowl Made with a Home-made Ring-cutter
by John Swinkels
In this article John discusses the virtues of ring-cutters, the use of segmented rings, their assembly into a bowl blank and the jigs involved. The project is a thin-walled bowl, approx. 230mm in diameter.

Learning about Routers – 3
In this issue we examine the use of the trammel in conjunction with the router and make a simple trivet with concentric cutouts.

Market Wares – 14. Fishing Reel Toilet Roll Holder
by Bob Aitken
This fishing reel toilet roll holder is not as easy and quick to make as many of our previous Market Wares, but Bob assures us that they are fun to make and sell very well!

Carving an Eagle
by Frank Rowe
Frank uses a bandsaw to produce a contoured 3D blank from a rectangular piece of wood and then refines the shape with a rotary carving tool. Pyrography and hand-made wire and epoxy legs finish the sculpture.

Whistling Kite
by Carolyn McCully
With an odd-shaped board to work with, Carolyn chose a suitable photograph from her nature collection as the subject of her pattern. The challenge in this project is to get the shading right to give the required alternating bands of light and dark markings on the feathers and body.

New Products

Book Reviews
Wooden Hub Wheels
by MC Hendrikson O.A.M
Woodturning Trickery
by David Springett

DVD Reviews
Handcut Dovetails
by Hendrik Varju

Issue Number 186 April 2016

USER REPORT – Laguna Revo 18/36 Lathe
by Allen Barrett
Featuring a rigid steel bed, heavy cast iron legs for stability and dampening, movable headstock, optional outrigger bed extension and other innovations, the Laguna Revo 18/36 is a new lathe design that has been re-engineered from scratch, offering new solutions and possibilities for your woodturning projects.

Cordless Woodworking with Milwaukee Tools
With a motto of ‘cutting the cord’, Milwaukee Tools is releasing an ever-increasing range of tools based on their 18V and 12V Li-Ion battery platforms. To date they have most of the cordless power tools you would need for a woodworking workshop, including several interesting items that you may not have considered.

Carving with High Speed Rotary Tools – 2. Burrs and Bits
by Bill McLeary
Bill classifies carving burrs and bits into four groups, depending upon their use – Roughing Out, Refining, Detailing and Texturing. Within each group he discusses the options from structured tooth burrs and steel engraving cutters, to ruby carvers and abrasive stones.

Learning about Routers – 4
After a discussion of some the factors that should be considered when purchasing and building up your selection of router bits, we look at a router skill which can be very useful, but is often overlooked – freehand routing. It also needs practice!


A Fair Dinkum Toy Box
by Allen Barrett
Every child’s room needs a toy box. Ideally it should be big enough to hold a fair number of toys, small enough to be compact and stow out of the way, and strong enough to act as a box, seat or table. Allen makes this ‘fair dinkum’ toy box, personalising it with a carved initial on the lid.

Dust Extraction System Upgrade
by Laury Vella
Salvaging the pump from his conventional dust collector, Laury upgraded his workshop dust extraction system with a home-made cyclone for most of the shavings and dust, and a wheelie bin water trap for the fine dust.

Lone Emu
by Carolyn McCully
Working from an image from her NT holiday, Carolyn burns this head shot of the Australian emu and colours it for dramatic effect.

Restoring a Stanley 4½ Plane
by Phil Spencer
After some cleaning, stripping, refinishing and tuning, Phil turned his $40 purchase into a useful handtool for his workshop.

Market Wares – 15. Segmented Letter Openers
by Richard Collins
By using layers of 3mm and 6mm wood in contrasting colours, and producing the items in batches, Richard is able to make these highly attractive and functional letter openers with a reasonable outlay of time and effort.

The Magic Pea Holder
by Aaron Ehrlich
This simple party trick requires three identical ‘sealed’ containers. It is essential that the three wooden containers appear exactly the same so this is good exercise in identical turning, using only a small amount of wood.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.27 –
Unconventional Tools and Cutting Edge Shapes
by John Ewart
In spite of the wide range of woodturning tools available commercially, many turners end up with one or more ‘specialised’ tools in their collection, to suit a specific need. John discusses some of the tools and shapes that are used and how they suit their intended purpose.

Woodcarving by Numbers Pt.14 An Acanthus Panel
by Mike Davies
Continuing to work with the same basic set of carving tools used throughout this series, Mike carves a traditional acanthus leave panel. Mike also describes the design principles involved in drawing an acanthus leaf design and what makes one pattern look right and another look wrong.

Making the Lopez Chess Set Using a Loose Pin Chuck
by Mike Darlow
This is two articles in one – the making of a turned chess set and an introduction to the use of a loose pin chuck (including how to make one). For this application Mike now uses this chuck in preference to the coarse screw chuck mentioned in his book, Turned Chessmen.

New Products

Book Reviews
All New Turning Projects
by Richard Raffan
The Homemade Workshop
by James Hamilton

DVD Reviews
End Grain Table Tops & Cutting Boards
by Hendrik Varju

Issue Number 187 June 2016

Neil Scobie Workshop in SA
by Tim Smeaton
The Northern Turners Inc’s annual workshop last November was particularly memorable with Neil Scobie presenting a wealth of turning and carving knowledge to the audience.

WA Woodturner – Neil Turner
Though a farmer for most of his working life, Neil always had a sideline interest in woodturning. He has sold his work to galleries in Australia and the USA and now turns full-time.

Club Drumbeat
Colac Woodcrafters Guild Inc (VIC) and The Burdekin Woodcraft Association Inc (QLD).

Bosch GSB Professional 18V Impact VE-2-LI Drill/Driver
by Tony Nash
Robust and powerful, the Bosch GSB is designed for the hardworking woodworker or tradie.

Bosch PSR 10.8V LI-2 Drill/Driver
by Tony Nash
This compact lightweight 10.8V drill/driver is powerful enough for a wide range of drilling and driving tasks.

Which Drill Do I Buy?
by Steven Burrows, Editor
Steven explains why there are so many drill/drivers on the market and how, with a little knowledge, you make the best selection.

Vision Australia’s ASSIST Industrial Skills Training
Vocational woodworking courses for the blind and vision impaired are held in a specialised workshop.

The Australian Woodturning Exhibition 2015
Last year’s AWE once again attracted a large number and variety of entries for the 16 categories.


Monogrammed Sofa Table
by Allen Barrett
This functional table has two drawers, two secret compartments, magazine shelf and an inlaid monogram. A similar table would suit a hallway, small apartment or reading nook.

Duplicating Woodturnings Using Shadows
by Aaron Ehrlich
Aaron employs the shadow method to turn two identical wooden candlestick holders.

Saltwater Crocodile
by Carolyn McCully
To capture the menace and power in this image, it’s all in the details. Carolyn describes how to burn your way through the lumps and bumps and add the required textures and touches of colour.

Woodcarving by Numbers Pt.15
Carving in 3-Dimensions – A Swag
by Mike Davies
A swag is a draped carving of leaves, flowers, fruit and other items, often found decorating period buildings or furniture. Mike details the steps involved in making one.

Market Wares – 16. Dog Bowl Holder
by Denis Burnham
The pet industry in Australia is huge and you can tap into this at your local market with this dog bowl holder. It’s simple to make and will make good use of the cut-offs stored in your workshop.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.28. Turning a Couch Leg
by John Ewart
John turns a typical short couch leg using two different techniques. One is the traditional method while the other is a modified approach that is easier, slower and avoids the use of the skew chisel.

Cutting Finger or Box Joints on a Bandsaw
by John Swinkels
John has developed his own method for cutting accurate finger joints on a bandsaw. By using a bandsaw John is able to join long components, whereas table saw and router table methods for making the same joints are better suited to short lengths. To demonstrate the snug fit of the joints he made a one-legged U-frame table.

Learning about Routers – 5 Making a Simple Box
This beginner project covers the basics of making a box and the role of the router in most boxmaking.

500mm High Two Hour Hourglass
by Heinz Haselroither
Having made hourglasses for over 20 years, Heinz enjoyed the challenge of his biggest timer yet.

Carving with High Speed Rotary Tools -3: Carving a Leaf
by Bill McLeary
Bill exploits the full power of the rotary carver to present this delicate wooden leaf as a beginner woodcarving project.

New Products

Book Reviews
Intarsia Birds
by Kathy Wise
Deep Relief Woodcarving
by Kevin Walker
Turning Segmented Wooden Bangles
by Don Jovag
SketchUp A Design Guide for Woodworkers
by Joe Zih

Issue Number 188 August 2016

The Terrifying Trembleur
After being taught how to turn a trembleur by French master-turner, Jean-François Escoulen, Ernie Newman has passed this skill on to a growing group of Australian turners.

2016 Casey/Cardinia Grand Art & Woodart Show
The woodworking or ‘woodart’ categories in this major Victorian Art Exhibition continue to grow each year.

Vale Neil Scobie
An Industrial Arts teacher who went on to become one of Australia’s leading designer/makers and demonstrators, Neil Scobie was well-known throughout the local woodworking community as well as overseas.

Why We Use Wood
One of the most sustainable materials on the planet, wood is also one of the most versatile.

Club Drumbeat
Western Sydney Woodturners and the Central Coast Woodturners (NSW).

Vale Max Jensen
A keen woodworker, Max was also a driving force among the Victorian Clubs for more than 30 years.

Winner of the Milwaukee Giveaway
A Men’s Shed is now the proud owner of the Milwaukee 18V Planer from the #186 Giveaway.

My Choice – Laguna REVO 18/36 Lathe

Learning about Routers – 6
Guided routing – we examine the use of bushes, bearings and templates to make accurate and repeatable designs.

Earth and Beyond in Red Cedar
James Allen took over 2000 hours to transform an Australian Red Cedar stump into this four metre long sculpture.

Australian Scroll Saw Exhibition
by Neil Schulz
This nationwide organisation held its seventh biennial exhibition in Coonabarabran NSW.


Turning a Monaural Stethoscope
by Mike Darlow
While this device has been replaced by its modern counterpart, it does make a nice gift for a friend or relative in the medical profession, or a father to be.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.29 Turning a Standard Lamp
by John Ewart
John demonstrates two methods for making the hollow stem of a standard lamp – boring through a piece of solid wood or routing the inside faces of two halves.

Market Wares – 17. Cannon Toothpick Holder
by Bob Aitken
This turned item has market appeal as both a toothpick container and a toy for young boys.

A Monogrammed Sofa Table – 2
by Allen Barratt
In this second and final instalment, Allen builds the drawers, secret compartments and magazine rack, before finishing and assembling the table.

by Carolyn McCully
A complement to the zebra heads Carolyn described in AWW #152, this pyrography of a giraffe’s head involves close attention to detail and some examples of negative burning.

Woodcarving by Numbers Pt.16 Carving a Linenfold Decoration
by Mike Davies
A popular panel decoration in past centuries, the techniques involved in carving a linenfold can also be used for religious carvings, heraldry and scrolls.

The Lozenge Box
by Don Phillips
To make a short octagonal box, Don is unable to use his favoured router table methods and instead has to machine the sides on a table saw.

Carving with High Speed Rotary Tools – 4: Carving a Cluster of Gumnuts with Stem and Leaf
by Bill McLeary
In his second project, Bill expands the skills of the reader, introducing detailing and texturing. In spite of the complexity and beauty of the finished project, it is aimed at the beginner as well as more experienced carvers.

Electronic Variable Control for Your Single Phase Lathe
by Phil Spencer
While you must use a licensed electrician to wire this all together, you can do the legwork and design your own electronic variable speed control to suit your existing lathe.

New Products

Issue Number 189 October 2016

Frank Rowe’s Red Capped Parrots (carving – White Beech) and Hamish Webstar’s bench-style ‘leaf’ seat with a Windsor chair influence (Olive Ash and Burr Wych Elm).

Club Drumbeat
The Manning – Great Lakes Woodworkers Inc (NSW) and the Richmond Valley Woodcrafters Club Inc (NSW).

Working Safely with Epoxies and Polyurethanes
by David Giddings
As Business Manager at Drive Marine Services, Dave has seen the changes in the epoxy and polyurethane industry in recent years and notes work practices and product selections which can minimise sensitivity reactions.

Boat Crib
This boat crib is one of the more novel projects by a student at the Chippendale International School of Furniture this year.

Learning about Routers – 7
Hold-downs and fluting
We examine the various means of securing the workpiece when routing and make a simple jig so that we can rout flutes on the side of a leg or column.


Carving Lovespoons 1 – An Introduction
by David Stanley
David looks at the history of the Welsh lovespoon, as well as the tools, equipment and techniques required to carve one. He then describes the carving of a lovespoon design in Jelutong, Mahogany or Rosewood, with the traditional Welsh dragon and two hearts.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.30 – Making a Yarn Bowl
by John Ewart
Turners may not know what a yarn bowl is, but every knitter does. It keeps the ball of yarn from rolling away and is a practical and well-received project for any woodturner to make for the knitter in their lives.

Bedside Serving Table
by John Swinkels
Based on the design of hospital bedside serving tables, this unit is not only a handy item for anyone who is sick or invalid in your family, but it is also a follow-up on John’s article in AWW #187 on how to cut finger joints on the bandsaw.

Market Wares – 18. Doorway Decoration
by Adrian Bateman
Wooden doorway decorations can come in an almost endless range of designs. This one was based on a decoration installed on a public building and with the help of a few jigs and cutters, is relatively quick to make.

Turning Leather Handles on a Woodturning Lathe
by John Swinkels
Leather can be laminated, turned and sanded to create comfortable handles for your woodworking tools, but there are differences between working with leather and with wood. John describes how he made handles for a pen, woodcarving gouge and a marking knife.

Bright as Laughter
by Carolyn McCully
As winter gives way to spring, Carolyn chose this brightly coloured specimen for her coloured pyrography piece on two timbers, Acacia and Pawlonia. Both workpieces presented difficulties but for different reasons, and Carolyn details how she overcame the obstacles.

The Lacewood Box
by Don Phillips
Presented with a highly figured piece of Brazilian Lacewood, Don chose to make a box with a framed construction, using the light-coloured less figured wood of the frame to accentuate the colour and pattern of the Lacewood panels.

The First Big Turning Job – Empress Shotoku’s Pagodas
by Mike Darlow
Over a thousand years ago a Japanese Empress ordered one million of these pagodas, some of which survive today. Designed to conceal a prayer scroll, they are a challenging woodturning project with great care required to achieve consistent results, particularly when turning the spire-stopper.

The Wooden Cross Puzzle 1
by Richard Collins
The Cross Puzzle is a simple design. Two pieces of wood are locked together in what appears to be a halving joint. However, there is a trick to pulling them apart. Richard describes how to make the traditional version of the puzzle, which can sometimes be disassembled by luck as much as logic. He then describes a more complex locking mechanism which is much harder to guess.

New Products

Book Reviews
Laminated Wood Art Made Easy
by Stephen Carey
The New Bandsaw Book
by David Picciuto

Issue Number 190 December 2016

Geoff Hannah’s Chinoiserie Cabinet 2016
After 2000 hours of work, Geoff Hannah’s latest cabinet has had its official unveiling. Done in the Chinoiserie style, it contains the incredible detail, master craftsmanship and multitude of drawers and compartments that have become the hallmark of his cabinets (another cabinet appeared in AWW #152).

Geoff Hannah – The Book
Geoffrey Hannah, Never a less likely bloke, is a book just released on Geoff’s life and work.

Club Drumbeat
Albury-Wodonga Woodcrafters Inc (NSW/VIC), Bellarine Woodworkers Inc (VIC) and the Waverley Woodworkers Inc (VIC). 20 Gallery Jeff Fraser’s unconventional spoons.

Shingles for St Stephen’s Chapel, Brisbane
by Stan & Noelene Ceglinski
Having learnt his skills from traditional bush craftsmen, Stan finds his services in demand for new buildings as well as conservation projects. A hail storm in 2016 gave Stan a rare opportunity to work on the same roof twice, having re-roofed St Stephen’s Chapel 25 years earlier.

Vale Alan Wale
Having spent his working life in woodworking and teaching, Alan Wale is best remembered for his role in extablishing the Sturt School of Wood in Mittagong NSW.

Timberbits – Much More than Pens and Clocks
Started in 2008 when its owner was seeking a better range of pen kits, Timberbits has grown into a major supplier of a wide range of woodworking tools and consumables.

Failure of Exterior Clear Coatings
by Dave Giddings
After many years of selling exterior and wet area coatings, Dave has a number of tips on how to avoid early failure of the finish on your woodwoorking projects.

Learning about Routers – 8
This issue we introduce the router table and the use of routers for making dovetails and box joints.


Sputnik Urchin (Pyrography)
by Carolyn McCully
The shell of a Sputnik Urchin proves to be an interesting pyrography subject, full of detail accentuated by strong light contrasts.

Improved Panel Clamping Jig
by Steve McMartin
Designed for gluing up laminated box panels and other small to medium sized objects, this jig will accommodate a wider range of sizes as well as non-rectangular shapes, compared to a conventional movable fence jig.

Turned Drawer Knobs with a Lag Screw Fixing
by Mike Darlow
Sometimes a broken drawer knob is indicative of a design problem and the best solution is a new approach. Rather than turn new knobs to suit the original weak wooden screw fixing, Mike adapted the knob profile to suit a steel lag screw.

Pair of Viking Chairs
by John Swinkels
Known by several names including plank chairs and stargazer chairs, these items are relatively simple to make and offer a good project to be done in conjunction with children or grandchildren. More challenging is the folding footstool which John machines from a single thick board, using a jigsaw, chisel and resawing bandsaw.

Notes on Woodturning Part 31 – Turning a Fruit Stand
by John Ewart
This three piece stand requires two faceplate turnings and a between-centres turning. Unlike a cake stand which would have a flat top, this item has a dished top surface which requires the construction of an accurate friction plate.

Carving Lovespoons – 2 Celtic-Knot-Heart Panel Lovespoon
by David Stanley
Having introduced lovespoons last issue and provided a beginner’s project, David now moves on to a much more challenging design. This lovespoon incorporates a number of features that can be omitted or simplified if required to suit the reader’s skill level.

The Wooden Cross Puzzle – 2
by Richard Collins
Did you make the Cross Puzzle from last issue? Did any of your friends work out how to separate the two pieces? Richard discusses variations to the Puzzle which will stump all but the most determined puzzle solvers.

Market Wares – 19 Chunky Serviette Rings
by Alexander Brown
This idea makes good use of the leftover board material found in most workshops.

New Products

Book Reviews
Geoffrey Hannah – Never a less likely bloke
by Meg Heggen

DVD Review
Finger Joints on the Table Saw
by Hendrik Varju

Issue Number 191 February 2017

Club Drumbeat
West Australian Guild of Woodcarvers, Maryborough Woodturners and Woodcraftsmen Guild Inc (QLD) and the Swan Group of the Woodturners Association of Western Australia.

MakerSpace & Co, Marrickville NSW
In a large warehouse in Sydney’s inner suburbs, an exciting venture celebrates its first anniversary. MakerSpace is providing hobbyist and commercial woodworkers with a very well-equipped and managed facility where they can explore their potential and improve their skills.

The Australian Woodturning Exhibition 2016
by Rachelle Leaver
While the number and overall quality of entries continues to improve each year in this national competition, a highlight of the 2016 event was the skill of some of the newcomers and intermediate turners which certainly attracted a lot of attention.

Trend Improves the Airshield Pro Respirator
Available from a number of stockists, the new improved Airshield is one of the products that Trend UK representatives will be demonstrating in Melbourne in early February.

Choosing Plywoods
by Dave Giddings
As well as selling exterior and wet area coatings, Dave also stocks plywood. In this article he covers what to look for when sorting out the good stock from the bad, for your next project.

Good Ideas & Short Cuts
Recycling plastic supermarket fruit jars as handy storage containers, a technique for removing broken dowels and trophy label displays made from offcuts.


Making a Wheel Back Double Bow Windsor Chair – 1
by Phillip Spencer
Working from a James Mursell plan, Phillip builds an English style Windsor Chair which incorporates bows for both the arms and the back, plus bent wood for the arm supports. The construction of the chair involves the steam bending of wood, the use of uncommon tools such as the scorp, travisher and rounding plane, and the accurate drilling of holes at compound angles.

Turning Wooden Funnels
by Mike Darlow
While we are used to funnels made from plastic and metal, they were once commonly made from wood. Mike shows how to turn your own so that you will always have a funnel of the right size to use.

Reel Time Clock
by Bob Aitken
Working with old, but readily available, Bakelite fishing reels made by Australian manufacturer, Alvey, Bob shows how you can turn one of them into a working wooden reel plus an attractive fisherman’s timepiece.

One of the Locals (Magpie)
by Carolyn McCully
Carolyn burns a pyrographic image of one of our best known local birds, the Australian Magpie.

Notes on Woodturning Part 32 – The Spoon Foot Leg
by John Ewart
If you wish to make a table or chair with cabriole legs, there are a variety of shapes to choose from. One of the easiest to make is the spoon foot or club foot leg because it is fully turned, using two centres. John shows you how to do it.

Carving and Painting an Eastern Rosella (Parrot)
by Frank Rowe
Through his AWW articles, Frank is known for his bird carvings. Usually they are carved and then detailed with pyrography, but the bright colours of the Eastern Rosella demanded a departure from Frank’s usual approach. This bird is fully coloured, though he explains that he found painting a carving much easier than painting an image of a bird.

The Wooden Cross Puzzle – 3
by Richard Collins
Having detailed the Cross Puzzle in differing levels of difficulty over the last two issues, Richard now applies his ingenious locking mechanisms to a variety of other puzzles including Locked Blocks, Cylinder in a Block, Ball in a Cage and a couple of Locked Boxes.

Beginners’ Series #43 Bathroom Stool, an Easy Project
This sturdy, lightweight bathroom stool is proof that you can make a useful piece of furniture without having to machine (ie. rip, plane or thickness) stock that is bought from the timberyard. Made from Western Red Cedar, it uses only stock sizes and (if you wish) can be made entirely with handtools.

Market Wares – 20 Two Quick Projects
by Alan Boston
Having noticed painted mountains being sold as a nursery decoration, Alan developed his own design using contrasting woods. Simple photo holders are another budget item in his range.

New Products

Book Reviews
The Fundamentals of Segmented Wood Turning
by James Rodgers
Classic Whittling
by Rick Wiebe
20-Minute Whittling Projects
by Tom Hindes

DVD Review
Making Tapered Table Legs
by Hendrik Varju

Issue Number 192 April 2017

Exploring Surface Decoration
by Ernie Newman
Ernie’s interest in making wooden bowties has led to a colourful collection of wood treatments and effects. In this article Ernie presents 40 different bowties and their finishes.

John Meikle’s platform rocking chair and the Lockyer Woodcrafters Group’s wedding goblets.

Club Drumbeat
Bunbury Woodturners Group (WA), Cairns and District Woodworkers Guild Inc (QLD), and the Woodturners of the Hunter.

The Picador Pup
by John Hamilton
John has restored a Picador Pup, an all-in-one woodworking machine produced in the UK from the 1950s, designed to be powered by a separate electric motor.

Wood Craft Supplies Spiral Cutter Torque Wrench
by Albert Browne
If you’ve ever been concerned about whether you are setting the individual cutters on your spiral cutter block too tight or not tight enough, then you’ll be pleased to know that Wood Craft Supplies sell a torque wrench for this specific purpose.

A Special Exhibition
by Paul Gregson (Assoc. Editor)
In August last year at the Lismore Regional Art Gallery, there was an exhibition of work by students of Geoff Hannah.

Made in England
With a company history over 100 years old and having been the subject of a management buyout in 2003, Record Power is on track to return the design and where practical, the manufacture of its products to the United Kingdom.


The Molinillo
by Mike Darlow
If your chocolate pot is missing its molinillo, Mike shows you how to turn one.

Giant Turned Wooden Hand
by Mike Boyle
Woodturning isn’t often used for large outdoor sculptures, but to make this three metre long hand, artist Mike Boyle and numerous woodturners from the Blue Mountains Woodturners used a combination of turning and carving.

Make Your Own Wooden Clamp
by Lance Winter
Using tight straight grained timber, you can make a number of these handy glue-up clamps to suit your specific needs without breaking the bank. While there is a fair amount of work involved in producing just one, making them in batches should be quicker and more efficient.

My Old Girl (Dog)
by Carolyn McCully
Previously the subject of Carolyn’s A Boy and His Dog (AWW #137 Feb 2008), Dingus is now 14 years old. Carolyn burnt this image to keep as a momento of her loyal companion. It uses a (burnt) shaded background behind the detail of the coat while the white fur is done in pencil, providing an interesting combination of pyrography and pencil.

Notes on Woodturning Part 33 – Turning a Wooden Wall Hook
by John Ewart
These simple but elegant ’round button’ wall hooks will suit a variety of home decorating styles and are relatively easy to turn on the lathe.

Tilt Skittles
by Aaron Ehrlich
A variant on table skittles, this game uses a spinning top instead of a swinging ball to knock the skittles down. To control the top, the playing table is sprung and can be tilted as desired. The game is fun to play and makes good use of items from your scrap box.

A Smaller Version
by Harry Ellis
Harry resolves a number of challenges in making this ‘onion and potato’ cupboard to match an existing post-War sideboard. He uses hand tools almost exclusively, but a number of his comments apply to furniture making generally.

Making a Wheel Back Double Bow Windsor Chair – 2
by Phillip Spencer
Working from a James Mursell plan, Phillip finishes his English style Windsor Chair in American Ash and Mahogany by fitting the back bow and associated spindles.

Market Wares – 21. Pen & Pencil Trays
by Alex Bartman
With a flat-bottomed bowl tray router bit, portable router and a homemade jig, you can convert scrap boards into handy pen and pencil trays quickly and easily.

New Products

Book Reviews
Big Book of Pyrography Projects
by Editors of Pyrography Magazine
Making Wooden Gear Clocks
by Editors of Scroll Saw Woodworking

Issue Number 193 June 2017

Pegasus – a Kinetic Sculpture
by Bob Hains
Made for the Brisbane City Council Recycled Art Competition 2016, this 800mm long horse with an 1100mm wingspan has a moving head, tail, legs and wings, all driven by cogs and levers running off a single motor.

Accoya® – acetylated Radiata Pine for exterior applications
Very dimensionally stable and rot-resistant, this unique product, processed in The Netherlands and readily available here in Australia, opens up a wide range of applications for timber in exterior and wet area projects.

Club Drumbeat
Knox and District Woodworkers’ Club (VIC), Fine Woodwork Association (WA) Inc and Bayside Woodturners and Woodcrafters (QLD).

by Alexander Black
Don’t throw your older model router away just because you can’t find a guide bush to fit it. Trend UK manufacture a universal sub-base pre-drilled to fit most makes and models of router, and designed to accept Trend UK’s large range of accessories.

Les Morrison’s monster wooden toy tractor is two metres long and weighs 300kg. Peter Fogelman appreciates the use of wood rather than plastic for his back scratchers and John Hamilton displays his Honduras Mahogany utensils and chain.

A Big Lathe
As mentioned in John Ewart’s article in this issue, Courtney Williams from Williams Woodturning in Brookvale, Sydney, uses a ‘massive lathe’ to produce his long architectural turnings.


Notes on Woodturning Part 34 – Split Turnings
by John Ewart
Split turnings offer a solution to a variety of woodturning applications including half-round columns and hollow columns. John describes the making of half round columns for an extended Honour Board.

Precision Planing with Jigs
by Richard Collins
Richard introduces a couple of jigs that he uses to accurately plane rectangular and trapezoidal cross sectional pieces for his projects.

Making a Box Book
by John Swinkels
These attractive and practical box-like books are a good project for introducing your children or grandchildren to the fun of woodworking.

The Camera Clock
by Don Phillips
Technology moves at such a pace that you might have to build this clock quickly before your children forget what a digital camera looks likes. Don describes a trio of homemade jigs that can be used for almost any clock you can imagine.

A Rolling Stool for the Workshop
by John Swinkels
John builds a turned stool from offcuts and four casters. In addition to being practical, the stool is compact enough to store away when not in use.

The Waiter and the Pirate
by Aaron Ehrlich
As an exercise in microturning, Aaron converted two flexible plain wooden dolls into items that are a lot more interesting and colourful.

Router-based Finger Jointer
by John Hamilton
Developed and built by John many years ago, this finger jointer is still a useful and effective machine for accurately cutting a series of finger joints using a portable router or trimmer.

Cow Skull
by Carolyn McCully
An iconic rural image, the cow skull is a useful pyrography pattern for anything with a country and western theme. In addition to working through the differing textures of the horns and the skull, Carolyn describes how to draw straight lines with your pen and burn a wide dark border.

Market Wares # 22 – Small Chalk Board
by Don Phillips
A chalk board is relatively simple to make and useful for parents with young children, fellow market stallholders and people with small retail businesses. Children can draw on it for hours without wasting paper and retailers can set up signage without a power outlet nearby.

Beginner Series #44 – A Simple Mitre Jig
Jigs allow you to greatly extend the versatility of your existing power tools and machinery. Some can be store-bought but most can be made inexpensively in the workshop from offcuts. They may take a little time to make, but carefully stored and operated, they can last a very long time. We look at a simple mitre jig for the table saw which will greatly improve the accuracy and speed of your mitre joints for picture framing.

New Products

Book Reviews
Hardwood Edging and Inlay for Curved Tables
by Scott Grove
New Woodturning
by Helga Becker

Issue Number 194 August 2017

Sam Newmarch’s Wooden Geared Clock
Made as his Higher School Certificate submission in Industrial Technology – Timber Products and Furniture Technologies, Sam’s clock became a journey rather than a project, taking him into new areas of design and woodworking skills.

USER REPORT – Trend Combination Router Base
Designed to improve your portable router’s accuracy and effectiveness in seven different ways, this accessory, like so many products from Trend UK, is designed to fit most router models, any brand, old or new.

Club Drumbeat
Woodcraft Manningham Woodwork Club (VIC) was formed by the amalgamation of three woodworking clubs, the Berwick District Woodworkers Club Inc (VIC) operates out of The Old Cheese Factory and the Cessnock Turners (NSW) have their workshop in the grounds of Mount View High School where they run a student mentoring program.

USER REPORT – Fiskars IsoCore Hammer
Representing part of Fiskars recent entry into the hardware market, the IsoCore range has been developed with a vibration absorbing handle. In the range are three woodworking hammers.

Sharpening Cabinetmaking Tools
by Mike Darlow
Known for his specialised grinding templates for sharpening woodturning tools, Mike turns his attention to cutting edge tools used by cabinetmakers and joiners.

How to Secure a Tabletop (and How Not to)
The #45 instalment in our Beginner’s Series, we look at the problem of movement in table tops and how to secure them while still allowing to them to move rather than break along the grain or joint.


Wooden Wallet
by Richard Rees
His third version of a wooden wallet and the first to accept credit cards, notes and coins, Richard describes its functions and what is involved in making one.

Segmented Chip and Dip Bowl
by John Swinkels
Transforming a metal design into something that could be made from wood required making a prototype to work out the challenges.

Time-Out Stool Timer
by John Swinkels
Based on the time-out stools to be found on the Internet which use soft drink bottle parts for the sand timer, John builds this handy stool which doubles as a timer for games and other activities

Turning the Humble Chicken Egg
by Aaron Ehrlich
The shape of the chicken egg is readily recognisable, but how do you turn a wooden one? Aaron describes the steps required to make your turning look like an egg rather than a distorted ball.

Notes on Woodturning Part 35 – Turning a Plant Pedestal
by John Ewart
Bring the garden into your home with an attractive plant pedestal. Since it has to safely support a pot and plant, there are practical considerations involved in its design.

A Coffee Table in Time with the Meandering Conversation
by Denis Hamilton
Stack cutting with a portable jigsaw allowed Denis to spice up the appearance of his Radiata Pine coffee table top with a meandering ribbon of contrasting Meranti.

Benchtop Chest of Drawers for Cameras
by Phillip Spencer
Pinch and Pull foam was used to fit out this set of drawers designed to store and protect Phillip’s photography equipment.

A Shooting Board for Finishing End Grain
by Richard Collins
In the search for more accurate hand planing, Richard developed this shooting board with a dove-tailed carriage and transverse stop.

Market Wares #23 – The Rocket Clock
by John K Looker
Designed to take a 36mm dia. fit up, the rocket clock can be made singly or in multiples for gifts or sale at the markets. 61 Cable Drum Workbench by Frank O’Connor A recycled cable drum provides a strong core for Frank’s space-saving rotating circular workbench.

Life and Death
by Carolyn McCully
Carolyn revisits her pattern from last issue, adding decoration to the image of a cow skull.

Cable Drum Workbench
by Frank O’Connor
A recycled cable drum provides a strong core for Frank’s space-saving rotating circular workbench.

New Products

Issue Number 195 October 2017

Sanders & How to Choose One
Sanders are not all alike, so knowing how each type of sander works is crucial to being able to select an appropriate portable sander for your needs. To further assist you to make the right purchase, we have compiled a survey of the portable routers currently available.

Club Drumbeat
Altona Woodworkers Inc (VIC) utilises older style heavy duty industrial woodworking machinery to produce their woodwork, Lara Woodworkers Inc (VIC) celebrate 25 years and the Port Stephens Community Woodworkers Inc (NSW) produce a range of woodworking kits which are delivered to local primary schools and nursing homes, to be assembled by children and the elderly.

From Warfare to Woodworking
The slicing action of true helix spiral cutters as found in planers and thicknessers can be equated with the slicing stroke of various curved swords used in warfare through the ages.

Notes on Woodturning Part 36 – Twin Naval Woodturners
by John Ewart
With a disciplined approach to their activities, defence force personnel often become keen woodworkers when they take up the craft. Twins, Chief Petty Officer Col Frampton and Petty Officer David Frampton, are a good example, with Col even taking his midi lathe to sea.

The Moisture Content of Wood
The #46 instalment in our Beginner’s Series, we look at the importance of moisture content when selecting the material for a specific project. Depending on the workpiece, ignoring the effect of moisture content during the design and construction can lead to cracking, warping and other failures.

Sharpening Skews and Detail Gouges
by Mike Darlow
A keen proponent of finding the best way to turn, Mike is concerned at the proliferation of advice that ignores the physics of the turning process. He discusses the sharpening of skews and detail gouges and supports his contention that an understanding of the forces involved in using the tool on the lathe will assist you to sharpen the skew or detail gouge for better results.


Laminated Bowls from a Single Board
by John Di Stefano
While laminated work can be similar in appearance to segmented work, it is made in quite a different manner. These laminated bowls are made from cutting rings from a laminated board and then re-assembling them into a bowl blank (effectively a second lamination). John discusses his method and the software he uses to mark out the rings required.

Turning Musical Percussion Instruments
by Aaron Ehrlich
Many percussion instruments require a turned body or turned components. Aaron illustrates eight traditional percussion instruments which are both easy and fun for the woodturner to make.

A Little Unicorn
by Carolyn McCully
This relatively simple burn provides the opportunity to experiment with your spoon shader and the use of colour. Carolyn provides tips for your pyrography and colouring, based on unexpected difficulties she encountered with this piece.

Market Wares #24 The Napkin Holder
by Don Phillips
A fairly simple design that is easy to make in batches, this wooden napkin holder is a very handy means of placing napkins on a table for easy access by guests while preventing them from being blown about in the breeze.

Wine Bottle Holder
by John Swinkels
Single wine bottle holders which balance the bottle in mid-air have been around for years. There are many examples on the Internet, but John noticed that few designs involved turning. He developed his own design, based on a spindle turning with a captive ring.

Tambour Box
by Reg Cooke
Offcuts from guitar-making inspired this project, though the final piece did not incorporate the original offcuts. The innovative design incorporates a number of unusual features and involved a fair amount of trial and error to get the whole thing to work properly.

Faceted Wooden Bowls – 1
by Richard Collins
While round bowls are typically turned, square and polygonal bowls can be made by cutting faceted segments on a compound mitre saw and assembling them in the appropriate sequence. Richard explains the steps involved.

New Products

Issue Number 196 December 2017

Sanding Machines and Their Uses
Drum sanders, belt sanders, bobbin sanders,disc sanders and edge sanders – which sanding machines do you need and which ones will only gather dust in your workshop? Read our feature to learn a lot more about these important but often overlooked machines for the workshop.

A Pair of Tannoy Westminster Royal SE Speakers
by Toby Croce
Toby made a big jump from using portable power tools to install car audio systems, to designing and assembling these speaker cabinets for a pair of genuine Tannoy Dual Concentric Speakers. The result is a set of very high end speakers at a fraction of the cost of factory units.

Club Drumbeat
Now in its 23rd year, the Koonung Woodturners Guild lnc (VIC) still has its original Club premises. A valued contributor of woodworking projects to the local community, the Bourke’s Men’s Shed raises much of its funds from turning pens to sell to tourists. Previously known as the Woodturners of the Goulburn Valley, the Shepparton based Goulburn Valley Woodworkers Inc holds one of the larger woodworking shows in the country. This year’s event had 40 demonstrators.

Useful Tips for Beginners – 1
Based on a discussion with a number of experienced woodworkers, we begin a list of useful tips for beginners. More advanced woodworkers will know many of the tips, but they may still find something new to learn.

Time Flies (Tempus Fugit) – CMI celebrates 40 years
After four decades in business, Clock Movement Importers Pty Ltd is still an Australian family company specialising in supplying industry, retailers, hobbyists, schools and professional clockmakers with mechanical and quartz clock movements, hardware, accessories, spare parts, complete clocks including grandfather units, specialty clocks such as telluriums and astrolabiums, and timber kits for clockmaking.


Disc Sanding Jig for a Disc Sander
by Steve Maskery
This handy jig can be used to produce wheels, discs, round box lids and bases, circular items for toymaking, etc. without the need for a lathe. Simply cut the disc slightly oversize on a bandsaw or scrollsaw, or with a jigsaw or fretsaw, and sand down to an accurate circular shape using the jig.

Making A Wooden Padlock
by Russell Downie
Russell describes his style of wooden lock mechanism that clicks tight and springs open. The basic design can be adapted to a lock shape of your personal choice.

Notes on Woodturning Part 37 – Turning a Camphor Laurel Bowl
by John Ewart
Classified as a noxious weed, Camphor Laurel trees are regularly felled, providing a good supply of a timber. Often the Camphor Laurel has interesting colour variations, making the wood attractive as well as easy to work. John turns a bowl from a well coloured blank.

Octagonal Trinket Box
by Don Phillips
Making a plain sided octagonal box is fairly simple once you have the cutting angle correct, but an octagonal box with top and bottom trim is more involved. Don describes the use of a sacrificial carrier in the making of the fine trim and a method for cutting octagonal panels.

Market Wares #24 – The 3-Minute Egg Timer
by Heinz Haselroither
Having made a variety of wooden timers, Heinz has found that there is still a demand for the traditional 3-minute egg timer. While turning just the one involves a bit of work, making them in batches speeds up the process so that you can produce them as presents or to sell.

Turned Items for Yarn Craft
by John Swinkels
A selection of short recycled Oregon pole sections inspired John to come up with this assortment of yarn craft items including two storage containers, a spool and a pickup stick.

The Bee and The Magnolia
by Carolyn McCully
The theme of this piece is a bright object against a dark background. Carolyn successfully burnt the dark area, including her signature in a ‘reverse burn’, but she also notes the demands of such an approach. The bee is the opposite, benefiting from a light touch with the nib.

Faceted Wooden Bowls – 2
by Richard Collins
Richard continues his explanation of the methods involved in making faceted wooden bowls with a compound mitre saw. This time he explores the variety of designs possible when the faceted pieces are no longer identical.

New Products

Issue Number 197 February 201

Abrasive Papers and Sanding Devices
Every woodworker uses it but how much do you really know about sandpaper, how it works and the materials from which it is made? We take a close look at abrasive papers, before moving on to various commercial hand and power sanding devices and their uses.

The Bishop Brothers’ Journals on Australian Coachbuilding
by M C Hendrikson OAM
Started in 1890 as The Australasian Coachbuilder and Saddler and Liveryman’s Journal, this Journal continued in publication until 1952. Now preserved and available on a USB stick, the issues of the Journal offer a fascinating insight into Australian woodworking as well as coachbuilding over that period.

Club Drumbeat
The Emerald Woodworkers Group Inc (QLD) has a lower than usual average age for its members, with most still having day jobs. The Eurobodalla Woodcraft Guild Inc (NSW) has its clubhouse on the grounds of a replica gold rush village, while the Bundaberg Woodworkers Guild Inc operates from Bundaberg’s Walker Street Craft Centre precinct.

Useful Tips for Beginners – 2
Another collection of useful woodworking tips.

USER REPORT – Fiskars Hardware Scissors and Snip
by Scott Yeo
Capable of cutting fine paper as well as much thicker, tougher and harder materials, these new cutting tools from Fiskars have a place in the workshop.

Bowna Turnabout 2017
Replacing the Wagga Wagga Turnabout, this inaugural event was a great success but was not without its teething problems.

USER REPORT – Milwaukee ROS 150 E-2 Sander
by Aaron Barker
Aaron puts Milwaukee’s powerful (440W) sander with dual orbit modes through its paces.

The Dolphin Project
A pod of five carved wooden dolphins formed the Club project for the Shellharbour Woodcarving and Pyrography Group in 2017.


Notes on Woodturning Part 38 – Turning a Small Free End Project
by John Ewart
Small items such as drawer knobs and buttons are often made as a series of turnings from a single long blank. John looks at the options involving a scroll chuck and then goes on to turn a drawer knob (with the grain parallel to the lathe axis).

Barbary Sheep – On Top of the World
by Carolyn McCully
This pyrography piece is an exercise in mastering fur, from the short hairs on most of the body to the coarse long hairs hanging from the throat. Carolyn also shows how artistic licence can make a big improvement in the final image.

Sewing Gear Box
by John Swinkels
An attractive turned item to hold sewing bits and pieces, this box includes a number of features that could be adapted to other designs.

A Bandsawn Jewellery Box from a Laminated Block
by John Swinkels
While bandsawn boxes may look difficult, John shows that they are easier to make than you might think. The use of a laminated block and turned brass drawer handles help to make this box stand out from other boxes.

Making a Chinese Padlock
by Russell Downie
Russell explains the construction of two versions of Chinese wooden padlocks, one of which is simpler and easier to make.

Market Wares #25 – The ThumbThing
by Adrian Burke
You may have never seen something like the ThumbThing before but book readers will love you for making it for them.

Combination Salt Shaker & Pepper Grinder
by David Mitchell
Having made many pepper grinders based on the Pen State Industries mechanism, David explains how he has refined the methods involved to make construction faster and more accurate.

Custom Made Machine Vice
by Lance Winter
This wooden vice can serve as a machine vice custom made to suit your drill press, or as a clamp for small woodworking projects.

New Products

DVD Review
Dowels, Splines and Mitres
by Hendrik Varju

Issue Number 198 April 2018

Siena’s World Globe
With the assistance of the Manning Great Lakes Woodworkers, Siena Hindmarsh took on the challenging project of producing a 400mm diameter world globe mounted on a veneered base with drawer, for her HSC school project. Fibre optics illuminate the land areas at night. 2

The Australian Woodturning Exhibition 2017 (AWTEX)
by Rachelle Leaver
Results from the 2017 Exhibition with photographs taken by the Eastern Suburbs Photography Society and Richard Crompton. AWTEX is Australia’s largest woodturning competition and celebrated its 29th year in 2017.

Club Drumbeat
The Orange Women’s Shed (NSW) was set up to provide instruction in trades-based skills for local women, the highly successful Bribie & District Woodcrafters’ Association Inc (QLD) started with a couple of blokes on a verandah and the Hawkesbury Woodcraft Co-operative Ltd (NSW) has a close association with the Australiana Pioneer Village in Wilberforce.

USER REPORT – Bosch GOP Professional 18V-28 Multitool
by John Tebbutt
This powerful cordless multitool from Bosch features the new Starlock accessory mounting which provides a stronger attachment, and safer and faster accessory changes.

USER REPORT – Arbortech Ball Gouge
by Michael Nash
A worthy addition to Arbortech’s range of accessories for 100mm and 115mm angle grinders, the Ball Gouge is an unusual carving tool, which takes some mastering to bring out its full potential.

Peter Wholohan’s Egyptology-inspired jewellery box that he made for his granddaughter.

Cutting Coves Without Catches
by Mike Darlow
Continuing his search for the best woodturning methods, Mike contests that catches are more likely to happen when cutting coves rather than a bead, and then presents an alternative method which should (almost) prevent catches.


A Sort of Bookcase – 1
by Allen Barrett
In addition to the drawers and side cubicles for CD/DVD storage, this bookcase has a number of design features to give it a distinctive look and make it more child friendly.

Notes on Woodturning Part 39 – Turning a Needle Case
by John Ewart
As a small turning, John makes an attractive acorn-shaped sewing needle case, inspired by one of Tom Bartie’s designs.

Potted Plant
by Carolyn McCully
This simple image of a potted plant on some rocks becomes an exercise in shading and textures when converted to a pyrography project.

Off-Centre Turned Salt Cellar
by John Swinkels
This is not a salt grinder or shaker, but a salt cellar for storing cooking salt in the kitchen. To thin the rim between the magnet mounts, John turns the cellar off-centre without the use of special chucks or other devices.

Dovetail Marking Squares
by Steve Maskery
Missing his brass dovetail square, Steve decided to make his own from Bubinga, Ebony and Yew. This is a great project for small pieces of attractive yet quite expensive pieces of hardwood.

Tissue Box Cover and Holder
by Peter Fogelman
Peter demonstrates that everyday objects can be refined and improved when made from wood.

The Painter’s Easel
by Aaron Ehrlich
Miniature turning created this display piece with sentimental reasons behind its design.

Market Wares #26
by Athol Burnett
With a little thought to their design, wooden bookends can be made strong and attractive, without being too expensive to make.

Notelet Box – A Project for Young Woodworkers
by Richard Collins
This box is more complex than it looks, and it will have onlookers wondering how the lid was fitted, yet the actual construction can be done by an 11 year old.

New Products

Issue Number 199 June 2018

Club Drumbeat
Local farmers and a few retirees started the Bairnsdale & District Woodcraft Group (VIC) in the 1980s when the farmers decided that a woodturning club was a better way to spend their time in town rather than discussing livestock prices at the saleyard. For the Wimmera Woodturners Guild Inc (VIC), River Red Gum is the local timber and features frequently in their work. 3

USER REPORT – Fiskars PowerGear Aviation Snips
by Scott Yeo
Big brother to the Hardware Snip reviewed in AWW #197 February 2018, Fiskars PowerGear Aviation Snips is less useful in a general woodworking workshop than the Snip but should interest those who combine metalworking with their woodwork.

Vesper Tools Turns 20
Over the twenty years of following his passion for woodworking and toolmaking, Chris Vesper has built his business from a hobby to a world-renowned brand for woodworking marking tools.

Improving a Box
In the 47th instalment of our Beginner Series, we ask the question – having learnt the basics, what’s next? – and apply this approach to improving a wooden box beyond a basic design.


The Tree Table
by Brian Crossman
Camphor Laurel produces wood with beautiful colour and grain, but it doesn’t usually grow to a size where it can be slabbed to make a table. Typically it is cut into boards, but Brian took a different approach, taking a slab of Camphor Laurel (including the tree trunk profile) and incorporating it into a Tasmanian Oak table.

A Sort of Bookcase – 2
by Allen Barrett
Having discussed the building of the carcase last issue, Allen moves on to the construction of the drawers plus the finishing of this child-friendly storage unit.

Power Carving a Scandinavian Style Bowl
by John Swinkels
John admired the smooth curved shapes of the traditional Scandinavian wooden bowls, but lacked the high quality Swedish handtools required to make them. Instead he improvised, using power tools he had in his workshop, to produce bowls in the same flowing style.

Notes on Woodturning Part 40 – Saving a Shaving Brush
by John Ewart
Replacing a broken plastic handle to a favourite shaving brush with a wooden one gives the opportunity to make something better. It’s also a quirky thing to make as a turning exercise.

Bull Dragon
by Carolyn McCully
Carolyn reshapes a plastic T-Rex skull to form this image of a dragon and dragon skull. The piece requires a substantial use of the spoon shader to achieve the effects required.

Spring-loaded Coin Tube
by John Swinkels
While this turned coin tube is designed to hold $50 worth of $2 coins, the design can be readily adapted to hold other coin denominations, plastic tokens and gaming chips, depending on your requirements. It’s much easier to keep such items readily accessible in such a holder, rather than loosely stored in a bag.

Trenching Jig
by Don Phillips
Most repetitive machine cuts are made easier with the use of a jig. This also applies to housing joints for shelving where it is essential to machine the trenches on the opposing panels in line with each other and of the correct width and depth. Don’s trenching jig, to be used with a portable router, does exactly this and allows you to machine the joints quickly, accurately and with confidence.

Market Wares #27 – Pen Holders
by Don Phillips
When making anything to sell at a market, the cost of the material has to be a consideration. If you can make useful items from the leftover scrap in your workshop, you make a better profit. With this in mind, Don has been making different styles of pen holders, embellishing them with inexpensive pens to improve sales.

Chessboard with Storage Drawer
by Lance Winter
This chessboard has a few features that make it stand out from the other designs. The chess pieces store in a drawer beneath the board, which can be withdrawn from either side – the drawer is held in the ‘locked’ position with magnets. The chessboard itself can be made in one of two configurations – the traditional level board or a tiered board with the more powerful pieces overlooking the pawns.

New Products

DVD Review
Simple Vacuum Veneering
by Hendrik Varju

Issue Number 200 August 2018

Planer and Thicknessers
We cover the use of planers and thicknessers, their design, points to consider when making a purchase and tables listing most of the planers and thicknessers currently on the market.

Helical Cutters for Planers and Thicknessers
First introduced in 2005 by the Byrd Tool Corporation, helical cutter heads have transformed the way planers and thicknessers work, being quieter, easier to maintain and much less prone to tear-out on curly grained timbers than conventional knife cutter heads.

Zina Burloiu – A Game of Shadow and Light
by Terry Martin
Zina has had a remarkable career, from factory worker to engineer to world renowned chip carver and spoon carver. As her friend and collaborator for the last 20 years, Terry reviews her work and her approach to wood carving.

Club Drumbeat
Hervey Bay Woodcrafts Club Inc (QLD) celebrates the opening of their major Clubhouse extension, South Auckland Woodturners Guild has grown to be the largest woodturners guild in New Zealand and in country NSW , Dubbo Community Men’s Shed Inc is proud of its involvement with the men and youth in its area.

by Aaron Barker
Aaron buys the digital angle measuring device, AngleCube by iGaging, and explores its usefulness for accurately setting up machines in the workshop.

Gert Jordaan from South Africa has made eight treasure chests based on Neil Scobie’s design. The chests have been made from contrasting timbers, Kiaat and South African Yellow Wood.

Improving the Quality of Your Woodworking
In the 48th instalment of our Beginner Series we look at the difference between accuracy and precision and the importance of considering alternative methods when trying to improve the quality of our woodworking.


A Brief History of Chip Carving
by Brian Sherlock
A keen chip carver himself, Brian gives a short history of chip carving, followed by an encouragement for hobbyist woodworkers to have a go at this distinctive carving style which requires the very minimum of tools.

Working with the Gifkins Jig – Pt.8 Angled Dovetails
by Don Phillips
Making angled dovetails with the Gifkins Jig is not a new idea. Roger Gifkins mentions it in the manual supplied with the Jig. However, angled dovetails are rarely seen. Don built a pair of angle sided boxes (one sloping outward, the other sloping inward) to explore the possibilities.

Coffee Table
by Heinz Haselroither
When Heinz designed this coffee table with Japanese and Arts & Crafts influences, he didn’t expect the challenges that lay ahead. In spite of its simple lines, the piece was difficult to stain and assemble, though Heinz is pleased with the result.

Make Your Own Wooden Sash Clamp
by Lance Winter
Following on from his articles on making your own wooden F-clamp and machine vice, Lance details the construction of both a medium size (600mm capacity) and mini (150mm) sash clamp, using a sheet of plywood, a small block of hardwood and some simple hardware.

Market Wares #28
by Athol Burnett
To sell at the markets, Athol converts thin wooden boards to soft spatulas which won’t scratch your non-stick cookware.

Notes on Woodturning Part 41 – Turning a Detailed Drawer Knob
by John Ewart
When restoring furniture, you may require a drawer knob with a detailed face such as one with a recess for inlay. John covers the methods required in forming the knob and the detail on the face.

Making a Turned Staved Bowl from a Rectangular Blank
by John Swinkels
If you have a rectangular lump of wood rather than the wide blanks usually required for bowl turning, John shows how you can still make a turned bowl using staved sides and a segmented base.

Laughing Kookaburra
by Carolyn McCully
Carolyn burns this attractive pyrography image of the iconic Australian Laughing Kookaburra sitting on a tree branch. Both the standard nib and the spoon shader are used to provide the detail and colouring found on the bird and the branch.

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