The Australian Renovators Manual
The Easy Step by Step Guide to Home Renovations

by Allan Staines

(Australian Publication)
7th Edition

210 x 295mm

Published by Pinedale Press, Caloundra, QLD

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ISBN 9781875217083

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Extract from back cover of book:

This book is specifically designed to deal with problems confronted when renovating or altering an existing dwelling. It also shows step-by-step how to accomplish popular renovation projects.

It solves problems such as rising damp, floor and wall cracking, rot in members, small kitchens and bathrooms, leaking shower recesses, and termites. It also describes how to support the roof when making openings in walls.

Illustrations: Black & White

Units of Measurement: Metric


Avoiding the Pitfalls
Safety while Renovating

Footings & Floors
Foundations & Footings Failure
Repairing Concrete Floors, Patios & Stairs
Buying & Mixing Concrete
Resurfacing & Levelling Concrete Floors
Restumping & Relevelling Timber Floors
Rot or Termite Damaged Subfloor Timbers
Lifting & Replacing Floorboards
Controlling Underfloor Rot
Repairing Squeaky Flooring & Stairs
Relaying Tongue & Groove Flooring
Floor Sanding

Removing a Partition
Building Timber Frame Partitions
Forming Openings between Rooms
Building a Recess or Alcove in a Wall
Making Openings in Existing Brick Walls
Brick Veneering an Existing House
Rising Damp & Waterproofing
Fixing Wall Cracks (Exterior & Interior)
Repairing Holes in Gyprock Plasterboard
Gyprock Plasterboard Lining Over Old Linings
Gyprock Joint Finishing
Sealing off a Doorway using Gyprock
Repairing Weatherboards

Roofs & Ceilings
Fixing Sagging Roof Rafters
Fixing Leaking Roofs
Replacing Roof Tiles & Corr. Iron Sheet
Replacing Valley Gutters
Replacing Flashings
Fixing Overflowing Guttering
Replacing Guttering & Downpipes
How to Install PVC Downpipes
Restoring Roofing Surfaces (tiles or metal)
Repairing Rot in Fascias or Bargeboards
Replacing Fascias or Bargeboards
Replacing Soffit Linings
Relining Ceilings with Gyprock Plasterboard
How to Install Plaster Cornice

Attics & Roof Extensions
Some Roof Addition Ideas
Designing Attic Rooms
Attics in Existing Truss Roofs
Supporting Roof Attics & Additions
Installing Beams
Details on Near Flat Roofed Dormer Attics
How to Make Attic Storage Space

Doors & Windows
How to Hang a Pair of French Doors
How to Install Prehung French Doors
Installing Aluminium Sliding Glass Patio Doors
Cutting a Door Down
Enlarging a Door
Reversing a Door
How to Re-install a Door Handle & Latch
How to Stop a Door Rattling
Repairing Sticking Doors
Replacing & Repairing Windows
Installing a New Window
Freeing Up Sticking Windows
Enlarging a Window Vertically
Enlarging a Window Horizontally

Renovating the Kitchen
Kitchen Renovation Solutions

How to Improve a Small Bathroom
Leaking Shower Recesses
How to Install Shower Bases & Trays
Replacing Shower Wall Tiles with Laminate
Dealing with Chipped or Discoloured Baths
Removing a Cast Iron Bath

Enclosing Patios & Verandahs
Building Attached Carports
Attaching Carports to the House
How to Cool Your Home
Improving Natural Illumination
Installing Skylights
Building a Light Well

Tiling or Re-tiling Bathrooms & Shower Recesses
Preparing Floors for Tiling
Cutting Tiles & Making Holes
Commencing to Lay Tiles
How to Lay Wall Tiles
How to Lay Floor Tiles
How to Tile or Re-tile Shower Recess Floors
How to Tile or Re-tile Shower Recess Walls
Laying Large Patio Tiles

Building Storage Cupboards & Shelving
Installing Wall-Mounted Units
Laminating and Relaminating
How to Replace Damaged Tiles
How to Reduce Traffic Noise
Replacing Verandah Posts
Maintaining Your Home (Leaks around windows & doors, cleaning & removing stains).
Dealing with Termites
House Painting
Sealants for Renovations
Adhesivies for Renovations
Fillers for Renovations