Complete Woodburning Kit
- Portrait of a Tiger

by Sue Walters

Softcover, Cone bound
210 x 275mm

Published by Sue Walters


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Extract from back cover of kit:

A Complete Lesson in a Bag

Our Woodburning Kits are carefully developed to provide the avid pyro artist with a full "Lesson in a Bag". Each kit comes complete with all the materials & instructional guidance required to produce an impressive work of pyrographic art with any woodburning system.

Internationally renowned author of Pyrography Workbook & award winning pyro artist, Sue Walters, shares her expertise and masterful techniques in a fully detailed step-by-step instructional manual.

Complete with photo layouts, helpful tips & texturing techniques, a troubleshooting guide for those problem areas, as well as a full size original Sue Walters pattern and additional full colour image of the finished project, this manual is designed to meet the needs of any level of woodburning artist...from novice to veteran.

In addition to the extensive instructional manual, each kit contains a carefully selected quality hoop pine plaque, a 400 grit piece of sandpaper to finely buff the wood, an additional ready to use loose-leaf pattern and a piece of transfer paper to easily transfer the pattern to the wood. All ready to use at the opening of the bag!

The Sue Walters line of Woodburning Kits has been designed to offer the pyrography enthusiast a comprehensive lesson in a bag. Each individual kit contains an original Sue Walters pattern and follows Sue on a step-by-step journey in effectively transforming this pattern into a realistic work of art.

But so much more than this, Sue's goal is to encourage artists to utilize the techniques and practices she teaches in each kit to further develop their own personal style & skill level. The lessons have been specifically designed to teach the artist how to capture the many moods of nature in all its beauty... from the highly realistic fur and feather burning of your favorite wildlife subjects to detailing natural surroundings such as pine needles, cones, rocks, grasses, etc.

Our objective is to explore new and exciting subject matters in each and every kit made available, demystifying and unlocking the keys to pyrography.

Kit #5 - Portrait of a Tiger
The tiger is one of the most beautiful members of the large cat family. Its calm elegance can be both frightening and a wonder to behold. The deep seated intensity of its eyes, the beautiful symmetrical striping of its fur, the soft whiskered muzzle... all warrant its standing as a favourite subject for many a wildlife artist. In this lesson the student will learn fur burning techniques and how to create eyes that reflect the emotion within. In addition, a special section has been devoted strictly to the method of depicting white whiskers... an absolute must learn for any animal or wildlife burner! And remember, this technique can be carried over into other subjects (ie. trees, blades of grass, etc) that require white imagery.

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Kit #5 - Portrait of a Tiger

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