AWW Issue 221 January/February 2022


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Wooden Puzzle 11 Introduction – Tangled Rectangles
by Richard Collins
These wooden rectangles are solidly locked yet one must rotate in relation to the other for the rectangles to untangle. Richard reveals their construction in the next issue.

More Muck-A-Bout Canoes
by Dave Giddings
What started as an experiment at Eden Marine High School (AWW #218) assisting students to build three canoes in five days is now turning into a canoe-building programme that may become available Australia wide.

Rob Barclay made an art materials organiser for his daughter Angela from New Guinea Rosewood and Brazilian Walnut; Wayne Herren finally made his version of the Fivve Truck from Jarrah and Oregon; and John Looker built an 18th Century highboy from Tasmanian Blackwood.

HNT Gordon Subscriber Giveaway
HNT Gordon have donated one of their innovative bench Tail Vices and one of their Flat Sole Spoke Shaves as subscriber giveaways.

Club Drumbeat
Leichhardt Community Men’s Shed (NSW) recycles and re-uses materials and repairs furniture and tools; Geyserland Guild of Woodworkers is based in Rotorua, an area known for its strong Maori culture; and Warragul Woodworkers Club (VIC), affiliated with the Victorian Men’s Shed Association, covers a wide variety of woodworking.

Giving Back to the Community
The Dongara Men in Sheds Inc has a novel way of raising funds for local community projects.

Cutting a New Path for Beginners (eBook) by Patt Gregory
Patt has released her popular woodworking book for beginners as a digital book available online.

This Goes With That
A useful guide to matching wheels from local manufacturer, Wooden Bits & Bobs, with the popular Toys and Joys model plans.


Selecting a Bandsaw Blade
by Jeremy Fullerton, Senior Products Manager, Carbatec
Buying your first bandsaw blade can be confusing but this guide should assist you. Purchasing a blade to suit your needs rather than relying on the blade supplied with your machine will improve the results you achieve from your bandsaw.

Woodturning Tips
by George Hatfield (Associate Editor)
Parts 5 & 6 cover the basics of roughing down a blank and then smoothing it to a cylinder. George covers the sequence of steps involved and the traps to watch out for if you want to improve your results and hone your technique.

Buddy the Bear
by Garry Hopps
Having made a model VK Commodore from matchsticks (AWW #213) Garry was also working on this bear keepsake. However, the bear is much more than it seems … with secret drawers, hidden keys and internal mechanisms, all made from matchsticks. Even the photo frames have a secret drawer beneath them.

Making a Cot
by Harry Ellis
Having made a few toy cots, Harry thought, “How hard could making a real cot be?”. Harry designed a cot in accordance with the Australian Standards and built it to a high standard, including a total of 94 mortice and tenon joints. He doesn’t want to build another one but he is very pleased to have built this one. Yes, it was a lot more work.

Caricature Carving – Kaw-Liga
by Peter Kornek
Kaw-Liga, named after the Marty Robbins’ song, is Peter’s second caricature carving of an American Indian brave. Peter discusses the carving processes involved as well as some of the features that differentiate caricature carving from other styles of wooden sculpture.

More on Cutting Coves without Catches
by Mike Darlow
A sudden catch while woodturning will ruin a perfectly good workpiece. Mike continues his search for tools and techniques that almost eliminate catches with the detail gouge when cutting coves.

The Sunlit Cat
by Carolyn McCully
After making several dog images as pyrography pieces for this magazine, Carolyn has finally burnt a cat. The image should appeal to catlovers everywhere and the eyes, whiskers, ears and fur markings make it an interesting challenge as a pyrography piece.

Wooden Puzzle 10 – The Limpet
by Richard Collins
As the name implies The Limpet consists of a rounded circular object fastened to the face of a rectangular block. The method of attachment is fully concealed but the two parts can be separated. Furthermore Richard details a few different locking mechanisms that the maker can use to secure the limpet.

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AWW Issue 221 January/February 2022
AWW Issue 221 January/February 2022