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Geoff Hannah’s Latest Creation
by Paul Gregson (Associate Editor)
Titled the Jubilee House, Geoff’s lastest masterpiece is a jewellery casket in the form of a scaled down Georgian Mansion. The mansion alone is 1300mm wide and sits atop a decorated table of South American Mahogany with Queensland Butt Maple veneering.

Club Drumbeat
Huonville Men’s Shed (TAS) has an open door policy with men and women members, Albany MenShed (WA) has a number of retired farmers among its membership and Umina Beach Men’s Shed (NSW) is the little shed with a big heart, carrying out its activities from a leased garage.

Hannah Cabinet Finds a Home
by Paul Gregson (Associate Editor)
Completed in 2009, the Hannah Cabinet has been purchased and will go on permanent display at the Lismore Art Gallery.

Billinudgel Woodworks for Sale
After 40 years in the business, Stan and Noelene Ceglinski are selling Billinudgel Woodworks. Stan will still be attending regional shows with his new business, Stan’s Music Factory.

Greg Smith – Carver, Turner and Pyrographer
In spite of having only one hand, Greg Smith from the Mackay Woodturners Club has become an accomplished woodworker in his retirement.

David Flintoff adds to his collection of wooden fire engines with this modern US fire truck.

Wooden Model of the Myrtle Burgess Ketch
Based on the prototype which was representative of Tasmanian fishing ketches, as well as playing a specific role in Tasmania’s fishing history, this detailed model has been donated to the Maritime Museum of Tasmania.

How to Save Money as a Woodworker
In the 57th instalment of our Beginner’s Series we look at ways in which you can reduce your expenditure while still making the most of your woodworking.


Wooden Puzzle 4 Introduction – Single Cross
by Richard Collins
Richard reveals his single cross puzzle. Its construction and solution will be explained in AWW #211 June 2020.

Controlling Dust in Your Workshop
Depending on the size of your workshop and the type of woodworking you do, you need to consider how you keep sawdust out of your lungs and collect for disposal the shavings and dust you produce. Ideally there is also room filtration to remove airborne dust. In this article we look at the products available and how they work.

Making a Modern Lyre
by Bob Dean
Seeking a diversion from making boxes, Bob built his first musical instrument, an eight-stringed lyre loosely based on the Medieval version.

Bandsaw Based Segment Sled
by John Swinkels
John describes a segment cutting sled for the bandsaw, developed by Lionel Thornton and based on a design for a table saw version by Jerry Bennett. The purpose of the sled is to speed up the cutting of accurately sized segments for use in blanks for segmented woodturning.

Stackable Bowls
by Heinz Haselroither
Unable to find a suitable profile on the Internet for stackable bowls, Heinz developed his own and turned four nut bowls from Tasmanian Blackheart Sassafras.

Notes on Woodturning Part 51 – Turning a Patera
by John Ewart
John describes how to turn a flush or recessed patera, a technique that may be required if you are restoring older furniture or architectural detail.

Wooden Puzzle 3 – Locked Blocks
by Richard Collins
Two simple rectangular blocks are joined together, long edge to long edge. Richard explains how they were made and how you can separate them. The puzzle mechanism is entirely made of wood.

Marketwares #35 – An Adjustable Bookstand
by Alice Border
For those who still love a good book, an adjustable bookstand to hold the current collection of books being read, or to be read, is a useful acquisition.

by Carolyn McCully
This pyrography piece is based on a photograph of a male Satin Bower Bird, taken at the Mogo Zoo on NSW’s South Coast which was threatened by the bushfires after Christmas 2019.

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AWW Issue 210 March/April 2020
AWW Issue 210 March/April 2020