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A Brief Introduction to Automata
by Marc Horovitz, Editor of Automata Magazine
Marc discusses the origin of automata, their long history, their heyday in the 17th and 18th Centuries when European clockmakers produced many fine examples and the impact of the Cabaret Mechanical Theatre on the modern resurgence of this animated art form which often involves woodworking.

Club Drumbeat
Thirroul Men’s Shed (NSW) rebuild a title-winning surf boat as a bar for the local Bowling Club, Berwick District Woodworkers Club Inc (VIC) open a new purpose-built Clubroom and workshop and Kalamunda Men’s Shed (WA) has reached a membership of 148 in less than a decade.

Chris Coates reveals his latest project, a 1/6 scale wooden model of a 1939 Jaguar SS100 sports car.

A Box for the Camden RSL
Associate Editor, Paul Gregson, designed and made this decorative wooden box for Camden RSL for the purpose of holding the red poppies that are given out at the funerals of Veterans.

Geoff Hannah’s Class of ’17-’19
Held from 18 October to 1 December 2019, the Chesta Drawz and the Low Boys exhibition at the Lismore Art Gallery NSW was a display of the work made by Geoff Hannah’s non-professional students over the past three years.

USER REPORT – The Nail Jack
by Arnie Baker
The Nail Jack is back, being re-released with larger heavier jaws, slightly altered jaw edge shape and cranked handles. The tool is designed to remove embedded nails, staples and screws with a minimum of damage to the surrounding wood.

Ian Denman – Working with Wood and Disability
by Therese Madam, Mackay Woodturners
Being born with cerebral palsy has not stopped Ian from becoming a skilled woodworker, mud buggy champion and record-winning ski jumper.

Wood and Wine
Michael and Judith Mason from the Woodcarvers’ Haven in SA’s Eden Valley operate two businesses from their property – woodcarving and a winery. In addition to running workshops in period furniture, sculpture and rocking horses, they also produce high quality Riesling and Shiraz.


Pine Rocking Chair
by John Swinkels
Rocking chairs are not as commonplace as they once were but a well-made chair is still a pleasure to use. Making your own is one way to have a chair in which you can leisurely rock away the hours. Traditionally a rocking chair is a slim design made from hardwood. John took a different approach when making his Pine rocker. With thicker sections and pinned double bridle joints for strength, the chair may look bulkier but it certainly does the job.

CNC Machining of a Piggy Bank
by Geoff Roy
Geoff explores the potential of CNC by providing another project that would be difficult to make using conventional power tools yet is well suited to the capabilities of a CNC machine.

Koala Intarsia
by Kathy Wise
Based in Michigan USA, Kathy has published over 800 Intarsia patterns. To mark her demonstration tour of Australia in January, Kathy has produced a pattern based on the koala. Included in the notes are suggestions on how to make the grey wood essential for the animal’s fur.

Wooden Puzzle 3 Introduction – Locked Blocks
by Richard Collins
Richard gives a preview of the puzzle he will cover in the next issue. Two simple rectangular blocks are attached to each other as if glued together, yet they can be separated. How is it done?

Notes on Woodturning Part 50 – Turning a Lidded Urn
by John Ewart
John discusses the turning of the lidded urn designed in the last issue (AWW #208) and how to ensure grain continuity across the lid and base.

Notes on Woodturning Part 50 – Turning a Lidded Urn
by Richard Collins
A cube spins within another cube. Richard explains how the puzzle was built, how the smaller cube can be released and how he accurately drilled through the small cube on its opposing corners.

Things That Move When They Shouldn’t
In the 56th instalment of our Beginner’s Series we look at the forces that make a workpiece shift unexpectedly and how to avoid this happening.

Bees, Berries and a Bear
by Carolyn McCully
This pyrography piece provides several images which can be combined or used separately.

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AWW Issue 209 January/February 2020
AWW Issue 209 January/February 2020