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Club Drumbeat
The Melville Group is the largest and most central group in the Woodturners of Western Australia, the Northern Woodturning Club in Melbourne encourages newcomers to visit the Club for a few weeks before taking up membership and the Redcliffe and District Woodcraft Society Inc (QLD) covers virtually all forms of woodcraft among its members.

Fred Gee presents his design for a non-turned non-scroll-sawn chess set. Following up on his fire trucks in AWW #203, David Flintoff has built an Ahrens-Fox 1927 fire truck. A similar vehicle was purchased by the NSW Government in 1929 and is now preserved in the Museum of Fire collection.

The Australian Wood Design Exhibition Orbost 2020
by Scott Campbell-Smith
After an eight year hiatus, the Australian Wood Design Exhibition is back and regaining its earlier popularity. The Exhibition requires a minimum of 75% Australia timber in the entries and does not permit any rare or endangered species (except in the Reuse-Recycle category).

Reading Drawings
In this 55th instalment of our Beginner Series we look at the basics of reading woodworking drawings as they may be presented in a book, magazine or stand-alone plan.

Turnfest 2019
by Dave Thomas-Drake
A turning demonstrator himself, Dave attended his first Turnfest this year and came away deeply impressed by the variety of demonstrations, the free interaction between demonstrators and attendees, and the ‘family’ feel of the event.

Selecting a CNC Machine
by Geoff Roy
With small CNC models costing less than a table saw, they are being purchased by woodworking groups, schools and hobbyist woodworkers. They are a very useful addition to the workshop, but to get the most out of your purchase, you need to understand the advantages and limitations of these smaller models and the choices that can affect your machine’s suitability for the work you want to do.


Rectangular Cheval Mirror
by Allen Barrett
Being made for a child, this monogrammed Cheval Mirror required design features to suit the child’s height and maximise safety. The mirror was repurposed, giving an heirloom quality to the piece as soon as it was completed.

Building a Barn Door
by Harry Ellis
If you are known in the local community as a ‘woodworker’ you can receive some unlikley commissions. Harry pulled out his textbook on doors before building this internal barn door for new neighbours.

Notes on Woodturning Part 49 – Designing an Urn
by John Ewart
In this two part article (the second part will appear in AWW #209) John discusses how to design and then turn an urn with a lid.

Turning a Triangular Bowl
by John Di Stefano
Described as either a triangular bowl or a bowl with a three-pointed rim, this piece is turned on a lathe by mounting a wooden cube between centres on opposing corners.

Making Your Own Featherboards
by Steve Maskery
Steve experimented with Pine offcuts until he made a pair of working featherboards. These were then attached to a homemade fence with a guard mount for fitting to the proprietrary fence on a table saw.

Child’s Trinket Box
by Don Phillips
As girls grow into teenagers, trinkets of various types begin to take on extra meaning and there is a desire to keep them somewhere safe. Don makes a near identical pair of two-drawer trinket boxes for his greatnieces.

Hardwood Woodware
by John Swinkels
John makes a selection of kitchen woodware utensils from two pieces of discarded Meranti, to show the variety of items that can be made from close-grained hardwood scraps.

Wooden Puzzle 1c
by Eric Lysaght and Richard Collins
Richard presented this wooden puzzle in issue AWW #206 and described how he made it on a router table in AWW #207. In this issue Eric decribes how he made the same puzzle on a scroll saw and the enhancements possible with this alternate method.

Old Gentleman Magpie
by Carolyn McCully
This image came from a series of drawings Carolyn generated from daily prompts. Carolyn liked the Magpie caricature so much that she burnt the pattern as a piece of pyrography.

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AWW Issue 208 November/December 2019
AWW Issue 208 November/December 2019