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Pat Johnson – The Travelling Woodturner
After several career choices, Pat become a professional woodturner and Turnfest demonstrator. He has now taken to the road with his wife and caravan and is touring Australia, providing demonstrations to various woodworking Clubs, Men’s Sheds and schools.

Club Drumbeat
Warrnambool Men’s Shed (VIC) is seeking to expand their premises to cater for more members and activities, Murrayland Turners (SA) uses innovative project events to increase the interest of members, and the Redland Woodies (QLD) enjoy being a Club without a Club structure.

Cooroora Woodcraft Show 2018
In spite of a change of date to later in the year, the Cooroora Woodworkers’ Club 29th annual show and competition was a great success.

Making a Mike Dunbar Windsor Chair
Internationally renowned chairmaker, Mike Dunbar, closed his school, The Windsor Institute, in 2016 but his classes live on in a YouTube channel. The original introductory class, the Sack Back Chair, has been uploaded and more classes from the Windsor Institute program will follow.

The Properties of Glue
In this 53nd instalment of our Beginners’ Series, we look at the various types of woodworking glues available, including their benefits and limitations. While we all tend to stick to the glues we know, it is useful to be able to access other adhesives for problem applications or to change preferences when you find a product that works better for you.

Sculpting in Wood
by Peter Steller
Initially a woodturner, Peter experimented with cutting out sections of his turnings to create more sculptural designs. This led to his membership of Sculptors Queensland and a transition to fully carved pieces.

Sharpening Angles for Turning Tools
by Mike Darlow
Mike researches 23 woodturning publications to answer the question, ‘What are the recommended sharpening angles for turning tools and why?’.

Centenary of a Forestry Milestone
by Paul Gregson (Associate Editor)
A hundred years ago Richard T Baker had his acclaimed forestry book, The Hardwoods of Australia and Their Economics, published by the NSW Government.


Saddle Surface Vases and Bowls
by Bob Aitken
Having seen an example of a vase with a saddle-shaped upper surface, Bob proceeded to develop his own method for turning multiple saddle-surface bowls from a single large blank.

Boxed Candleholder
by John Swinkels
This project combines boxmaking and turning techniques to create a tealight candleholder, storage box and snuffer, all from a single block of wood.

Marketwares #33 – Cookbook Stand
by Alice Baker
Alice makes a cookbook stand, updated to take a book, tablet or smartphone. The use of attractive contrasting species enhances a simple design.

Working with the Gifkins Jig – Pt.8B Angled Dovetails
by Don Phillips
Having successfully made a pair of boxes with 7.5° sloping sides (AWW #200 August 2018), Don experimented with a larger angle, ie. 30°. He discusses the challenges involved and the limits to using any jig for this type of work.

The Chinese String Puzzle
by Geoff Roy
Geoff details the layout of this type of Chinese puzzle and gives the solutions to solving it. It can be made by hand or power tools, but since the multiple rings are identical, it is a candidate for being made on a CNC router. Geoff describes how to make the puzzle, from initial drawing to finishing and assembly. He uses the project as a hands-on introduction to CNC routing, explaining each step of the process and pointing out the advantages and limitations of CNC machining when applied to a specific project.

Notes on Woodturning Part 46 – Converting a Vessel into a Lamp
by John Ewart
John describes how to turn a wooden plug and base to convert a ceramic vase into a lamp. The wiring must be done by a licensed electrician but the design and the rest of the construction form a practical woodturning exercise.

Mogo Zoo’s Regal Serval
by Carolyn McCully
The serval is a mid-sized wild cat found in the sub-Saharan areas of Africa. Having spotted and photographed one at Mogo Zoo, Carolyn burns rthe image of this regal-looking animal. The cat is basking in the sun so its eyes are closed, making it a good subject for those who struggle to capture the appearance of the eye. Carolyn explains a layered method for building up the colour of the cat’s coat and spots.

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AWW Issue 205 May-June 2019
AWW Issue 205 May-June 2019