AWW Issue 201 September-October 2018


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Newton William’s Colibri 2
Having built an all-wooden version of Colibri, an animated sculpture designed by Derek Hugger, Newton went on to build Colibri 2, a motorised version that includes a number of form and motion changes compared to Hugger’s Colibri.

Rob Day’s 1960s Fordson Super Dexta
Rob has built wooden models for over 30 years and his latest is a 1:4 scale Super Dexta tractor, Fordson’s last model before the British brand was renamed Ford. Based on a purchased plan, the model has been super detailed after a visit to a surviving Super Dexta.

Australian Scroll Saw Exhibition 2018 – Mitcham SA
At their eighth biennial national exhibition, the members of the Australian Scroll Saw Network produced an extensive display of work created with the scrollsaw.

Darren Tumney’s Chess Set
This eye-catching chess set was made from solid acrylic, a material more commonly associated with colourful turned pens.

Bowna Turnabout 2018
The successor to the Wagga Wagga Turnabouts, this year’s Bowna Turnabout was another successful and well attended event.

Club Drumbeat
The Northland Woodworkers and Woodturners Club Inc (NZ) is believed to be the second oldest woodturning Club in New Zealand, the Lake Macquarie Woodworking Club Inc (NSW) started out as a Triton Owners’ Club and the Hand Tools Preservation Association of Australia Inc was initially set up with the assistance of Stanley Tools Australia.

Working from a Museum plan, Fred George built five wooden Cobb & Co coaches to 1:4 scale.

Sydney Timber & Working with Wood Show 2018
This year’s Show had significant changes with new organisers, new venue, new website, a new activity and new products.

USER REPORT – Wizard 5 Metal Detector
by Aaron Barker
Essential for detecting metal in recycled or milled timber before it passes through your woodworking machinery, the latest version of this detector features automatic tuning and a laser.


Bandsawn Box with Yosegi Marquetry Facings
by Bob Dean
Bob begins with a freeform design for the box and then enhances the drawer fronts with a selection of Yosegi marquetry slices.

Bevelled Biscuit Barrel
by Don Phillips
Not content with designing a box with 16 sides, Don also tapered the sides. By alternating them a roughly cylindrical shape is achieved and with a few innovative techniques the shape can be made into a practical biscuit container.

V-Cutting and Bead Rolling
by Mike Darlow
With diagrams and photographs to illustrate his reasoning, Mike offers a new approach to forming V-cuts and beads.

Mistakes and GAAD Woodworking
In the 49th instalment of our Beginner Series we look at ways to salvage a project after the initial result is deemed unsatisfactory.

Three Bears
by Judi Docen
Judi describes the progression from the design for a single bear to a family trio of bears (pyrography) and how they were burnt.

Homemade Wood Drying Kilns
by Carolyn Rutherford
Carolyn shares her experiences in converting sawn timber, cut on her parent’s property, into seasoned blanks and slabs.

Turned Bird Feeder
by John Swinkels
After a redesign halfway through the project, John was able to produce this attractive and practical bird feeder, using turned wooden components.

Market Wares #29
by Arnold Brayshaw
If you have access to a bandsaw, Arnold shows you how to convert offcuts of attractive timber into sought-after wooden bookmarks.

Notes on Woodturning Part 42 – Candlesticks
by John Ewart
Wooden candlesticks remain popular but if incorrectly made, they are a known fire hazard. John addresses the practical and legal requirements for a wooden candlestick, and describes the turning of candlestick with a metal holder and drip tray.

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AWW Issue 201 September-October 2018
AWW Issue 201 September-October 2018