Sharpening and Knife Making
by Jim Watson

150 x 230mm

Published by Schiffer Publishing, West Chester, Pennsylvania USA


ISBN 978-0-88740-118-3

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Extract from back cover of book:

Keeping woodworking tools sharp is essential to the success of a carver. Sharp tools both reduce the risk of injury and time spent, and increase the carver's creative abilities. The simple-to-follow instructions and over 300 step-by-step photographs presented in this book teach Jim Watson's methods to sharpen gouges, knives, parting tools, carvers hooks, micro tools, draw knives, planes, inshaves, as well as the entire making process for three types of knives. You will also learn how to restore damaged tools and recondition sharpening stones. Novice as well as experienced carvers will find useful ideas in his techniques. Jim Watson brings over twenty years experience in metalworking, carving, sharpening and knife making to his readers, and shares his belief that the only thing better than a sharp tool is a sharp tool you made yourself.

Photos: Black & White

Units of Measurement: Imperial



Chapter 1: Tools and Supplies
- Sharpening Stones
- Polishing Wheel
- Leather and Compounds

Chapter 2: Sharpening Your Tools
- Gouges
- Small Gouges
- Veiner
- Parting Tool #12
- Spoon Gouges
- Palm Gouges
- Carver's Hooks
- Scorp
- Micro Tools
- Plane Iron
- Inshaves

Chapter 3: Sharpening Carving Knive
- Draw Knife
- Carving Knif
- Warren Knives - small blades
- Pocket Knife

Chapter 4: Sharpening Your Kitchen Knives
- Butcher Knife
- Paring Knife
- Filet and Fish Knives

Chapter 5: Reconditioning Tools and Stones
- Reconditioning and Sharpening a Chisel
- Reconditioning Sharpening Stones

Chapter 6: Knife Making
- Tempering
- Tools
- Spring Steel Knife
- 01 Steel Knife
- Straight Razor Knife